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2021-09-22 02:16:45

    Zell Circus!Sona time!!!

    So in the 57th circle we made a funky little circus AU and we were making circus!sonas for ourselves.

    Mine is a girl who washed up on the beach near the circus w amnesia and covered in not-her-blood. She sold her soul to the lovely @ratcandy, ringleader of the circus. Lore is still in development but I wanna be greedy and have multiple acts as a trapizest, knife thrower, an arial act, and maybe a little forgery on the side)

    So here is my original design...

    Cute, right? But missing that Je ne sais que.

    Well [this blogger has requested that their name be scrubbed from the records] and @goosesartblog helped me out a bit and these were the designs that they made...

    From left to right we have [REDACTED]’s design, Cipher design one, Cipher design two, and then [REDACTED]’s modification to Cipher’s design.

    I am going positively feral over their designs, they are gorgeous. Thank you [REDACTED] and Cipher for helping me spruce up the design! I love it ✨✨✨


    Being pinged in this thing, I have decided to share my own addition to the Circus AU as well!

    A posterboy who had sold their soul while positively dying and running from the authorities for multiple crimes such as document forgery and stealing! Not much developed about them yet, but we’re workin on it. They may be the jester! They may be the magician! Still confused on that ngl. But we’ve got a lot more in store about this little AU, so prepare to see incoherent ramblings at odd hours of the night around here!