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    Hello everyone. Its been a tough month for all of us, as you all know I've been raising funds here for my brother's medical needs for food and for my family to have a safer house to live. Unfortunately, my brother died last Nov 10. Even though we are still grieving, I need to move on for my mother and 8 children (my nieces and nephews who are orphans) Im sincerely asking your generousity again to continue supporting and helping my family to finish our house. I already used all the funds i gathered here for my brother's medical needs and funeral. I only need a few more help as its almost done (thank you to everyone who make it possible) and the rest is for my mother's medicine and the kids nutrition and education. My mother always cries at night asking how can we cope up with this loss 😭 it always broke my heart but i need to be strong for ther remaining love of my life.

    Please donate if you can and i will understand if you cannot but please help boost reblog this post please to get more traction and to reach many people. 🙏🙏🙏

    Please send it as " FRIENDS AND FAMILY" in paypal payment option not as ' goods and services' because it deducts big amount please.

    yangyangs most recent fansite @/ flytothemoon0 who has shown sasaeng behaviour since she started taking pictures for yangyang late 2019 is also known as @/markinmyheart (mysterystranger roommate - a known jeno sasaeng) Marks sasaeng from 2017 that closed in 2018/19

    Fansite "Mark in My Heart" is a sasaeng fan of Mark and "MysteryStranger" is a sasaeng fan of Jeno.

  • this was from a recent wayv flight where she bought a ticket to sit beside him and tried to talk to him and made him uncomfortable.
  • yangyang used to follow her on weibo put unfollowed her a few months after she became his fansite (no one knows why) but you can assume it was her behaviour
  • here’s a picture ms uploaded after MIMH moved on from marks fansite name to yy.
  • 2017 - 2018 MIMH is known to hate doyoung and haechan since doyoung told mark to hide from her and haechan told managers that she gave mark a gift at a fan sign,when she wasn't allowed to.

  • she attended his graduation from sopa and this is where mark recognised her. (apparently with another sasaeng (jaehyuns??) she followed mark to sopa and waited from him a lot of times, and other people said mark used to ring his parents if he got worried / and get picked up by staff because of this (even when jeno/jaemin would travel on their own to and from dorms) at this time he was 16/17 when she started
  • Jeno's sasaeng didn't do much to him (to extent as MIMH) though she did help MIMH finding the NCT dorms and wait for them to come out.
  • yeri (RV) once blocked her camera/lense and she got angry and made up malicious rumours about her, calling her a sl*t etc which caused backlash to yeri
  • something similar happened with jaehyun, which caused her to be rude to him at a limitless fansign and throw the album at him.
  • left : mimh at the limitless fansign, right : her own selca uploaded

  • she also followed him home one time and mark walked around for ages because he was worried she was following him and she saw it as mark wanted to spend more time with her? she’s literally crazy.

    this is the most embarrassing thing i have ever done, but i am on my knees and i need your help.

    most of you who follow me probably know him:

    this is sirio, my dog and he needs a surgery. today i went to the clinic and they said he needs three surgeries as soon as possible, otherwise he might not be able to live.

    now, i know he's nine years old, so not the youngest dog in the world, but i really don't want to lose him so soon.

    i don't even want to bring my life's problems up right now, but it sucks that he's always been there for me and i can't do the same.

    the surgeries together are around 1200€, which are money i don't have (i will repost this blog with the certificates as soon as the doctor sends it to me). my mother has been begging my grandma to lend us some money, but she lives alone, it's basically impossible for her to give us anything.

    i turned eighteen in august and have been trying to find a job that pays me ever since, but im on my last year of high school, so nobody is willing to make me work just in the afternoon.

    i am begging everyone, please help me — or at least help sirio. i may lose followers because of this, but sirio doesn't have time and i'm out of money.

    i spent all the money that i received for my eighteenth year for his medications and medical examinations.

    i'm not asking for 1200€, but i need at least 700€ to pay the first part of the surgery, please. even 1€ will make the difference, i'm sure so please, please, please.

    this is my paypal

    i'm begging you — i don't even care for me, just do it for sirio, please please !

    please reblog and spread this, thank you



    Jaehyun must’ve gone through it, for a while. 

    To finally admit it. The fact that he cant even look at the camera until he’s admitting he’s not perfect and how hard he tries to be. 

    He’s telling us this because he wants us to give him our love and support. With his bare face. and not because he’s wearing the sexiest clothes, having the best abs or his face is looking particularly fine that day.

    Having abs, flawless skin and physique and face. EVERYDAY? He’s human. Not a robot. He would waste waste his life away pretending to be otherwise. 

    Stans are always praising Hyuk, Doyoung and Taeil for vocals or Mark and Taeyong for rapping or dancing. But Jaehyun? There’s never a fuss till he makes a boyfriend video or pulls up his shirt. 


    Lets reward his honesty with support. And make this guy fall asleep with a smile because he knows his fans absolutely adore him and not just cause they lust for him. Because they appreciate all the work he puts into perfecting his skills and who he is as a person. And they let him know this.

    Imagine busting sleepless nights to perfect a performance, checking your fan cam and seeing that all anyone talked about was that half second your torso was exposed and nothing else.

    Reduced you to something so superficial. It’s more than okay to fan girl but remember to praise their hard work once in a while. It means so much to them.

    And don’t pretend to support idols but the moment they show you they have flab, scars or pimples like a normal person, you say “This isn’t who I remember him to be” this is who he’s not forcing himself to be.

    Lets stop please putting so many labels on idols that are impossible to fulfill. Like the most perfect face, the best dancer, rapper or singer of the century, the person who’s perfect and never makes mistakes. The idol who can do it all. 

    No one is fully capable. All the time. They are just trying their hardest and trying not to let you see the parts that are less than perfect. 

    Lets support honesty so that idols feel like they can be themselves around fans and not enforce this flawless manufactured doll mentality.


    chubby girls who think they’re better than thin girls because “guys like thick girls” are clowns. thin girls who think they’re better than chubby girls because “guys like skinny girls” are clowns. you’re all clowns, stop letting men turn you against other women (over something so superficial and unimportant!!!). stop letting men “validate” your existence and body type. they dont care about you, they have a fetish.


    The moan that comes out of Taeyong’s mouth the first time you bite down on him is so loud and unexpected that you almost stop out of shock at the noise. 

    “You like that huh?” you ask instead, chuckling a little as you trace delicate lines on his collarbone with your tongue, your teeth only just grazing his skin as you move across him. 

    He squirms beside you in bed, his eyes closed tight as he stretches his body out reflexively, his teeth already digging into his bottom lip. He looks beautiful like this; naked except for his boxers, his blonde hair falling in soft, messy waves, his body taught with anticipation, so expectant and ready for you. You bite down on him again, this time latching onto his neck, and he groans loudly, his head thrown back before his hands suddenly lock onto your hips, forcing you up and off of him, 

    “Get on top,” he grunts, moving you, the last of his dominance slipping away as you catch the heavy softness in his eyes, “Please,” he adds. 

    “If I didn’t know better,” you say, smiling at him as you climb on top of him and take off your t-shirt, “I’d say you liked me being in control…” 

    He blushes, and his eyes look everywhere but at you. He seems particularly interested in the ceiling and proceeds to investigate its design for a good minute while you settle yourself on top of him. It’s cute, but you want to make sure he’s just nervous, not uncomfortable, before you continue. 

    Taeyong~”, you call his name, drawing his eyes to you. He looks at you, and it is such a coyly shy thing that you can’t help but smile at him, grabbing his hands in yours before you lean down, your body weighing heavy on his, skin to skin, feeling the hot stiffness between you both.

    You lips linger on his throat, kissing up his neck gently before you decide to drop the bomb, whispering in his ear, “Do you want me to fuck you, baby boy?” 

    He gasps, but you can’t be too sure if its your words or the way you’ve started to rock gently against him, grinding your hips slowly. He whimpers, and if it’s possible, you can feel him growing even harder underneath you.

    “Tell me what you like baby,” you say, removing your lips from his neck and tightening your grip on his hands, intertwining your fingers and forcing him to look at you again, the connection between you electric as you smile fondly at him, “You know I’ll give you anything you want,” 

    “I-” he starts, but he just swallows air, gulping silently as you lazily grind against him, a warm friction building between your bodies.

    “Would you like me to bite you again?” you ask, tilting your head cutely as he looks up at you, his eyes wide, “Or would you like more than that?” 

    He’s blushing madly now, and if you weren’t so turned on you’d find it completely endearing - but right now its just another way of knowing that you are on the right track. You don’t want to make him embarrassed, but you can’t deny how fun it is to torture him like this.  

    “More?” you ask, and it is only a second or two before you see him nod, his teeth worrying his bottom lip again. 

    You’re touched by his shyness, his vulnerability. You’re not sure you’ve ever seen him this soft before. He’d intially been the dominant one, but now you’re unsure as to how much of that Taeyong was the real Taeyong. 

    So, you take it slow, biting him more, testing out areas on his body, eliciting increasingly louder moans from him. You soon discover that if you hold his hands above his head he’s even more excitable, licking his lips subconsciously as you grind against him. 

    You start to really tease him then, removing his boxers and your own underwear before rubbing yourself along him. You’re desperate to have him inside you, but you are also well aware that you need to be patient, you can’t rush this. 

    Instead, you try your best to slow down, making each movement elongated, sometimes excruciatingly so, all the while coating him in your pleasure. You can’t deny how good it feels for you too, your nerves endings alight as his cock rubs against your wet folds, and you have to breathe deeply to prevent yourself from just ramming him all the way in. 

    “What do you want baby boy?” you ask, rubbing yourself down him so slowly that he’s groaning, the head of his cock slipping almost an inch inside you, before you crouch down to lick a stripe across his nipples. You tug on one with your teeth, drawing his skin through your mouth with slow relish. 

    He’s delirious now, his hair plastered against his temples as he sweats underneath you. The over-stimulation has made him bold though, or maybe its just his desperate lust, but he’s suddenly more vocal than ever. 

    “I want you,” he groans, his voice cracking only slightly as he looks at you, “I want to be in you,”

    “How much do you want it?” you ask, pushing your luck, knowing you wouldn’t deny him in a million years. 

    “Oh fuck,” his eyes roll as you position yourself right on top of him, so close that all he’d need to do is thrust once and he’d be inside. “Oh fuck, I want it so much!”

    You smile down on him proudly, high on the control, and then you push him inside yourself so quickly that he almost chokes. 

    Is that what you wanted baby?” you coo at him over his half-gasp half-cough, and you gulp down your own feelings as his length fills you completely. 

    “Fuck,” he gasps, then, looking in your eyes, “…Can I-?” 

    You nod at him and he instantly thrusts even deeper, and you suck in a breath through your teeth. He smiles at this and you smirk back at him playfully. God he feels good. Like he was made just for you. 

    You ride him then; slowly increasing the pace and allowing him to thrust up into you, working your hips into a fervour occasionally to really test him. He’s moaning every time you draw along him; letting him go to the furthest edges and very nearly out again, then slamming him back in, deep. The sound your bodies make echoes throughout the room and you know you couldn’t be wetter for him if you tried. 

    He’s close, his hands slippery with sweat as he grips your sides, but you don’t want to stop just yet, knowing somehow that you can push him even further. 

    “Would you like to come inside me Tae?” you ask, your voice so quietly nonchalant that he nearly misses it. He doesn’t however miss the way you clench around his cock when you say it, tensing with all of your might as his eyes roll back in his head. 

    His voice is thick and guttural when he replies, “Oh god, yes, please!” 

    “Such a good boy,” you purr, releasing him, “Not just yet though,” and Taeyong mewls back his discomfort, gulping air down greedily. 

    He manages to hold on, and as you feel your own climax starting to overwhelm you, you gently place your hands on his collarbone, your thumbs pushing only slightly on his throat. 

    His eyes meet yours as you raise an eyebrow at him, and his jaw drops open at the pressure. He moans silently, his mouth a gaping o, and you glory in the feeling of power rushing through you. With his consent in place you tighten your grip twofold, and his voice slurs as he cries out loudly as you choke him, riding him viciously, heavily, your bodies moving together in a blissfully frantic rhythm. 

    “Can I- can I come please Mistress?” he gasps, and you feel your own orgasm starting to unfurl at his words, and you know you can’t resist him any longer. 

    “Yes baby boy, come for me” you gasp, surrendering at last, your head thrown back as both orgasms collide within you, feeling him filling you even as you come on him, “…come inside me Taeyong…” 

    - Ask for ‘subbing/pegging’ with Taeyong for Anon. 💕🍦✨


    I am at lost for words.. wow🤧

    Free Apps For Learning Korean

    Memrise: App Store / Google Play

    Innovative Language 101: App Store / Google Play

    Chat to Learn Korean - Eggbun: App Store / Google Play

    PopPopping Korean – Pronunciation: App Store / Google Play

    TOPIK ONE: App Store / Google Play

    Learn Korean - WordPower: App Store / Google Play

    HelloTalk Language Exchange: App Store / Google Play

    TenguGo Hangul: App Store / Google Play

    Naver Korean Dictionary & Translate: App Store / Google Play

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    LingoDeer: App Store / Google Play


    Ride or Die | LJN


    genre: angst, street racer au, lee jeno’s pov

    length: 17k ( i really snapped ig) 

    pairing: Lee Jeno x You

    warnings: alcohol consumption, violence, mentions of narcotics (sleeping pills), making out, mentions of death, he gets a tattoo (?? Idk if it’s triggering but there’s needles involved so)

    summary: a troubled soul, Lee Jeno was born in poverty. He blackens his lungs everyday and consumes himself in drops of alcohol, but he’s mostly intoxicated with the idea of you.

    it’s dedicated to my boy Lee Jeno because it’s his birthday and also to @jaeminhours bc she’s the biggest Jeno stan ever.


    Lee Jeno doesn’t really recall the moment when he last felt safe or wholesome and nor does he recall the last time he had felt at peace completely, without his mind running wild with possibilities of his life turning for the worst. If he does force himself to think about it, it was probably when his mother was still alive and well, and when his father hadn’t turned into an alcoholic that gambled everything away. It was, perhaps, before his sister was born. It wasn’t that he had hated her; it was that she shouldn’t have seen what she had.

    Keep reading


    When I tell you how hard I sobbed.. I’m devastated.

    Please share and reblog please.

    My bf, Jarvest Thomas has been missing since Friday. He took a bus from Montgomery, Alabama to Houston ,Texas. He is somewhere in Harris County. On Nov. 3 he contacted me but hadn’t contacted me since. He is mentally ill and I’m very worried. He’s 6’4 , 180 pounds. Last seen with a blue shirt on. I’m from Alabama and my police department gave me a horrible time trying to make a missing persons report. If anyone sees him please contact me or his family with the numbers left down below

    Contact Harris County Police Department @ 713-221-6000 or 3342353754


    the one with no curtains [1] // m.k.l

    mark lee x reader // university!au // 2.5k words // ½

    summary; in which mark lives opposite y/n and apparently does not own curtains

    requested: sorta

    notes; this is part one of a two-part fic, WITH A TWIST!! instead of having one ending, there will be two; an angst story and a fluff story, so u can choose which one you’d like to read :))

    The first time you saw Mark Lee, he was shirtless.

    You were moving boxes into your dorm room a week before your classes were due to start, and immediately ran to your window to check the view. And you certainly saw the view.

    Your dorm building was mostly linear, but the ends kinked inwards, causing the building to look slightly u-shaped, with a small courtyard in the centre. You had a room towards the end of the straight section, meaning that anyone in the rooms in the curved part of the building had a full view of your apartment. With great reasoning, almost everyone had invested in curtains after moving in. Except one boy in the room across and down one level from yours.

    At first, you had only seen his back, but once you had realised he was changing, you turned back and busied yourself with unpacking your boxes. Minutes later, you were unpacking your alarm and lamp and the boy had disappeared.

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    choose ur fighter:

  • taeil choking on ice cubes and getting laughed at and ignored bc the members thought he was joking
  • ten making dick jokes
  • doyoung getting ran over but refusing to drop his ice cream until he got to the hospital
  • hyuck saying hes god
  • mark not telling his friends he moved to korea and letting them think he died until they saw him in the t7s mv
  • god jisung park
  • taeyong buying rick and morty merch
  • dojae: breathe taeil: LMAO gays
  • doyoung telling his classmates he moved to sweden instead of just telling them he got into SM
  • woah dude that’s greasy
  • chenle apparently getting in trouble bc he sent a meme of mark to the nct gc
  • yuta making sicheng recite the girls lines in anime to him and also other random romantic stuff in japanese
  • johnny teaching ppl what daddy means
  • *car horn* HELLO?
  • kun texting yukhei and telling him not to come to the dorms the day he called him fat kun
  • hyuck and mark dancing to fire truck sirens
  • johnny looking disgusted after taeyong started the incest thing w whiplash
  • chenle not knowing what fucking rent is
  • wxuxi
  • taeil getting possessed in the middle of the night and banging his head against the closet and scaring the shit out of the other members
  • chenle throwing a rock at an innocent child
  • + chenle having WAY too many predebut pictures of him shooting guns
  • johnny fighting air
  • taeyong setting out a can of tuna for the cat that lives on their terrace and yuta seeing it one day and getting confused as fuck but not saying anything just….moving along
  • ten saying hendery looks like donkey from shrek
  • yutas rants about mark farting
  • renjun thinking his room was haunted bc his bottle of water moved but it was actually just jisung and he didn’t want to tell him bc he didn’t wanna get his ass beat
  • johnjae doing pushups while rihannas S&M plays in the background
  • dreamies + ten eating vienna sausages and 2am with mayonnaise instead of ketchup bc they couldn’t find any
  • taeyong trying to pronounce something that sounded like ‘scary’ in japanese and ‘dick’ in thai so yuta and ten were like ?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!???
  • taeyongs insistence that ppl call him kittyong
  • chenle complimenting himself on his chinese and renjun being like “ur literally chinese. what”
  • hyuck insisting his fraternal twin isn’t his fraternal twin
  • jisung getting cold in the dorm so he sleeps……..under a rug in their living room……..
  • hyuck going to wish jaehyun a happy birthday at midnight but johnny was already standing right in front of jaehyuns closed door. like just standing there. and hyuck got scared
  • kindawoozi
  • Ten saying he doesn’t eat fruit because he’s scared of them
  • “So sweet! Carmel salt,,,, I want to hit myself”
  • Johnny biting his lip and going full Thot mode and doyoung just turning towards the camera with an unnaturally large smile, terrified
  • Chenle’s dolphin noises
  • “Hyuck is one of the best cooks in nct” *Donghyuck proceeds to set something on fire, live, right after, and starts freaking out*
  • Jaemin shoving Haechan to the floor to be in front of the camera
  • The Dreamiest tackling Haechan every time he tries to spoil something
  • Mark refusing Haechan’s love violently
  • Jaemin trying to kiss everyone “I promised I would give kisses until I’m 20”
  • Jungwoo getting super close to kissing people, freaking out Confident Gay Jaemin
  • Renjun chokeholding everyone
  • quiteliterallyhotsauce


    EVERYBODY knows (or should) that you DO. NOT. STOP. in Vidor, Texas. 

    It’s best to just run out of gas elsewhere. Whatever you do, black folks, DO NOT STOP IN VIDOR, TEXAS. 

    There’s a good chance you’ll get lynched or just come up missing - and I’m not joking.

    also do NOT stop in Harrison, Arkansas!!!! (relatively close to OK and MI) a nazi town with a BIG KKK organization.

    Reblog To Save Life


    Okay but like reblog to LITERALLY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE


    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please puHLEAAASSEEEEEEE BE SAFE


    They are called sundown towns and there are a LOT of them in the US.

    This website has a clickable map where you can see suspected and confirmed sundown towns by state, as well as information about whether these attitudes are historical or current.




    Just because I know some of my moots and followers are traveling around America atm, please stay safe. And even if you aren’t one of my followers or moots, stay safe. We no longer need bad things happening. Keep an eye out xoxo


    When you lived 1h 30 mins from Harrison 🙃 so glad I left Arkansas.

    I don’t like making posts on my personal shitposting account but

    Leave Jonghyun out of your fucking mouth.

    Jonghyun is not a shield for you to use to defend your faves because they did something wrong and you don’t like that people are calling them out.

    Jonghyun is not comparable to any scandal or rumor being spread/revealed about your faves.

    Jonghyun is a person, a son, a brother, a friend, a idol, a hero to many people and he left us too soon. His passing is not something you insensitive little shits should be using to protect your faves when they fuck up.

    If Jonghyun comes out of your mouth for any reason outside of talking about the importance of mental health in the korean entertainment industry or fondly looking back on the memories, music, comedy skits, achievements, etc. that we have of him, I will personally knock your teeth out.

    Stays, babies let’s have a little chat about boundaries and what is and isn’t okay when it comes to Chan and stray kids.

    First off, baby girls? It needs to die. It was a fun joke but some of you guys are running with it and FAR. It started as a joke but it’s gotten to the point where its lead people to get creepy.

    Secondly, the daddy thing. It was another joke that chan made ONCE and yall are running with it. You can tell hes uncomfortable with it as soon as he says it.

    Thirdly concert & meeting stray kids, a girl called chan daddy yesterday to his FACE and was proud of it and went far enough to say “the face he pulled, if security wasnt there your girl would’ve gotten it”. When he spoke about it on vlive he looked uncomfortable, understandably. Please stop projecting your sexual fantasies onto him. During their concept a fan apparently had a sign that said “chan eat my ass” & another apparently called him baby boy during his speech. Please stop and think about doing these things. How uncomfortable it would be for the members.

    Please stop, I know people will say “if hes uncomfortable he would say something!” But the reality is he probably wouldn’t or wont. He could be afraid of losing fans or upsetting people, hes a kind boy . Chan is Australian, he speaks English he UNDERSTANDS and knows the contexts of where & what all these things means.