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    "Detritus is a citizen of Ankh-Morpork and my sergeant," said Vimes.

    "However, he is a troll. Perhaps in the interests of diplomacy you could write a short--"

    "Do I need a pisspot?"

    "A passport...no, Your Grace."

    "Then he doesn't either."

    "Nevertheless, Your Grace--"

    "There is no nevertheless."

    "But it may not be advisable to--"

    "There's no advisable either."

    A few other guards had drifted over. Vimes was aware of watching eyes.

    "He could be ejected by force," said Inigo.

    "Now there's an experiment I wouldn't want to miss," said Vimes.

    Detritus made a rumbling noise. "I don't mind goin' back if--"

    "Shut up, Sergeant. You're a free troll. That's an order."

    Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant