Milley committed treason. He should be executed for that. If he is upset over that, well, don't commit treason.


    Firing squad


    The Toronto Sun reports and emergency meeting of parliament after reports of cocaine found on board Prime Minister Trudeau's aircraft. This comes in the wake of the Speaker of the House of Commons taking the fall for Trudeau's NAZI parade. And today a chorus of calls for Trudeau to resign. Will he do it? 


    Grandiose narcissist resign




    Castro junior resign? Hahahahahaha, okay


    That's where you'd be wrong, Joey Mannarino.

    TDS is very real and most of that base is blue or die. They don't give a shit how you try to apply logic or try to make sense of how f'ed up the current situation is, they're in it to destroy the empire.

    PS, 1865 was the year the republic died.

    1913 was officially when it was sold.....to people you're not permitted to criticize.