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2018-04-19 02:03:06

    OMG @justjaredjr and @disneychannel! 😱😱😱 “High School Musical’ TV Series To Debut on Disney’s New Streaming Service in 2019” . “High School Musical will be made into an actual television series!

    The news comes after an investors meeting today with Disney (via THR) and the series, based on the entire film franchise will debut on the streaming service in 2019.

    The only question now is if Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor, Kelsi, Jason, Zeke and Chad will be returning — or will it be the High School Musical 4 characters?

    On top of that, a Monsters, Inc. television series. Looks like Landry Bender called that one!

    The streaming service hasn’t posted pricing just yet, but the plan is “to offer the service for less than the price of Netflix, which currently costs $11 per month for its standard plan.” .

    Disney , please the ORIGINAL cast since the HSM 4 is not …
    Credit : @justjaredjr. Link: http://ift.tt/2ApDeZ2 — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2hYyUce