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    <>Some rando: You should think about stopping your prescription

    <>Me: My pills make me not want to die tho

    <>They: You shouldn’t want to die, that’s not normal

    <>Me: Yeah that’s why I’m taking my pills

    <>Again: But you aren’t the *real* you when you’re on your pills

    <>Me: I’m the alive version of me

    <>An actual doctor, once: “Relying On A Chemical Crutch For A Hormonal Imbalance Denies The Fortitude Of The Human Soul”

    <>Me: Cool so like I’m agnostic

    <>They: “But you might be on pills the rest of your life!”

    <>Me: “So?”

    Good! That means that I have a “rest of” my life to continue living!

    Thanks to the pills.

    <>Meanwhile, no person ever: “You should think about giving up your insulin/antiretrovirals/beta blockers/anti-rejection drugs/prosthetic legs/daily multivitamin, because using those your whole life is bad for some reason”

    Oh no, they do that too.

    I have a kidney transplant. A woman once told me she didn’t believe in organ transplants and that people should just die when they’re meant to. 

    Sounds like a great set-up for a murder

    People who are fully healthy, fit and neurotypical seem to think they are that way because they’re doing something right that the rest of us haven’t thought of, and not just because they got lucky

    furthermore, neurotypical/healthy people are literally 100% dependent on the same chemicals and hormones as those of us on medication, it’s just that their own bodies are capable of supplying them without aid. if a neurotypical suddenly lost all their serotonin, they would ALSO be severely depressed. 

    needing medication to find the equilibrium that healthy/NT people can supply themselves with doesn’t make you weak or a failure. honestly, let’s just be grateful that such medication exists rather than shaming ourselves for needing it.

    fat girl: wow it sucks that everyone looks down on my body type :/ loser ass dude: thats not true…i would use you for sex


    the amount of men and skinny people mad at this isnt shocking they never learn how to not make shit about themselves

    Fat girl: wow it sucks that I feel devoid of value or emotion while I repeatedly fail to lose weight despite trying (hard) and failing often due to things outside of my control and sometimes because I get tired of wanting to kill myself and give up

    Skinny People: do you know how hard it is to be told to EAT a SANDWICH?!? while the entire universe aligns itself to my size?

    I have a complicated emotional relationship with Javert where like– I WILL write a million posts about the tragedy of his story, but any time someone says “Javert wasn’t that bad!” I’m like “nahhhhh he was That Bad. He was definitely That Bad. He was 100 percent absolutely the living embodiment of That Bad. If you look up ‘That Bad’ in the dictionary, you get a picture of Javert.”

    One character Javert reminds me of a lot is Azula, from Avatar the Last Airbender!


    Azula and Javert  enthusiastically defend an evil society with a CARTOONISH level of drama and cruelty. They both represent extremely Loaded concepts– Azula and the Fire Nation symbolize imperialism/colonialism; Javert is a symbol how there is no way to be a “good” police officer because the system the police enforce is inherently cruel.

    But both of them are tragic and sympathetic in a lot of ways? Azula is Zuko’s foil and a child soldier; Javert is Valjean’s foil and I’ve been Sad about him a lot, most recently here and here and here.

    Despite how tragic they are, neither of them gets a redemption arc.  Instead, they both have mental breaks and self-destruct.

    So because they’re written as tragic characters who begin to realize they’re Wrong but never truly get “redeemed,”, there’s tons of fanfiction/meta exploring how they could redeem themselves! Which I love!

    But any time I see someone like Andrew Davies in the BBC miniseries act like “Javert wasn’t that bad, he was just enforcing the law!” …….It feels like saying “Azula wasn’t that bad, she was just trying to spread the glory of the Fire Nation!” The whole point was that the systems they were enforcing were bad, and they were bad for enforcing them.

    And just like Azula, I feel turning Javert into a “softhearted woobie who was secretly nice the whole time” makes him a lot less compelling….like he may not be The Villain™ of Les Mis, but he was at least on the villain’s side until he let Valjean go.

    Idk if this is coherent but like. I do really sympathize with these characters, and would’ve loved to see them redeemed. But I feel like a redemption arc isn’t about “learning you were secretly never wrong and were Good the whole time” but “accepting you were Awful and Wrong, and striving to be better”

    “When they were little girls, they decided that they would be best friends forever. A whale never forgets a promise.” -Anneliese Juergensen


    i have now died. of joy.


    I don’t think I’ve seen art of an old mermaid (mermatron? mergranny?) before.

    I love it!

    Oh look it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

    This is really amazing but I have to say, I read “mermatron” not as mer-matron,” but asmerma-tron“ and I was just like MERMATRON. AUTOWHALES. SWIM OUT. and I’m ruined my brain is ruined I’m so sorry