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    《- Preorders are now open! -》 

    Greetings Little Wanderers!

    Of Ink and Suits: V Fashion Zine is an A5, perfect bound fanzine dedicated to Devil May Cry 5’s newest character:  V as a fashion AU. The zine contains 70+ pages of various content from our 48 contributors! 

    Our store will be open from October 30th to December 1st, so make sure you purchase a copy as soon as you can! To order your copy, you can check out our website:vfashionzine.ecwid.com

    All profits will be evenly divided amongst our contributors after we complete production! 

    All prices are in United States currency. These are the base prices without shipping below. 

    ||Shipping Rates:||
    Europe — $12 
    España — $6 
    The US and the Rest of the World — $16 

    ||Our Bundles Include:||
    Crimson Clouds (Digital Bundle) — $15
    Of Ink and Suits (Physical and Digital Zine Only)— $22 
    Royal Fork (Merchandise Bundle) — $24 
    Little Wanderers (Full Bundle) — $40 

    We also have a mousepad stretch goal item that will unlock after 50 orders! *The first 50 orders that are full bundles or merch bundles get the mousepad for free as an add-on item

    Each item was created by:

  • Cover by @bleaksqueak@halpalform
  • Double-Sided Charm @ran196242
  • Stickers by @duckydrawsart @yuiktmn @Kanonushi @Gamusaur @n8thgogart @poopue
  • Prints @crownandantler @ValeriaFavoccia @gaabovic
  • Stretch Goal Mousepad: @brilcrist
  • And if you missed our link to our lovely contributors, you can check them out here.
  • @fandomzines @zine-scene @zineapps @zineforall@welovezines @zinesubmissions @zinefans @zinefee

    I know i rarely post here but i figured id drop this link!! 

    there are only 2 tiers right now but you can see speedpaints, early access to drawings, wips, and more on here!!

    Meet The Contributors!

    Greetings Little Wanderers!

    The Directors of Of Ink and Suits are happy to present our lovely contributors to you. The team will work hard to provide the best work possible for you all. Please consider supporting them by following their social media accounts, you might even see some nice zine previews soon!

    @fandomzines @zinewatch @zinefeed @zinefans @zine-scene @zineapps @zineforall @zinesubmissions 

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    are your commissions open? ^^

    They are now! here’s the info. it’s going to be open only for a limited amount of time! 

    my twitter will be more updated on the status of everything


    - If interested please send references and a pose or expression of sorts you’d like

    - Send them either by DM on twitter or email to gravitydust.art@gmail.com

    - It’s going to be a mixture of first come plus my choosing so don’t be offended if I don’t pick yours pls!