when i see janice its ONSIGHT
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    are you the guy who made that picture of atticus finch shirtless w/tattoos and a 40oz in hand?

    no but what a wonderful image to imagine


    The painting “Menace 2 Sobriety” is by Dave MacDowell, from his show “The Sins of Atticus Finch” installed at the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles from March-April 2009. Show statement:

    “As a kid, I always loved “To Kill A Mockingbird”, and wished Atticus Finch was my dad. To be guided by such ethical wisdom would have made me a better person, I imagine. But nobody’s perfect, and our imperfections dictate the core of this new series, working on both superficial and deeper levels. On the surface is a colorful, humorous romp where we poke fun at celebrity culture and media. Yet the undercurrent is all about how society is bent on correcting wrongs by repressing everyone. It’s always fun to explore how we’re repressed by our parents, “The Man” and the method’s used to repress ourselves.”


    For the last few weeks this fucking thing has been harrasiung me

    wgat is it, why do i hate it, how do i stop it


    my friends have started to torment me by putting it in the vc title mid stream when im distracted so i notice it and Scream


    ill never be free


    it will truly never stop


    who do i contact to get him to stop showing up


    my honest reaction


    Spotify wrapped is normally released on a November 30 or December 1 but this year it was released on November 29, the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People- a day which it was asked for people to increase their social media posts about Palestine to help call for a permanent ceasefire. Instead it is now being overshadowed by people posting about Spotify wrapped…


    top tier character-building device in pokemon games is when a seemingly antagonistic character has a golbat on their team and then later has it evolved into a crobat, which requires significant friendship, thus signalling that the character was always a kind person inside (plumeria), is growing past their issues and learning to be kinder (silver), may hold a spark of kindness that undermines their cold and calculating image (cyrus), etc etc


    Meanwhile, Ghetsis—who is an antagonist who pretends to be an advocate for Pokemon rights—faces off against you with an under-leveled Hydreigon, which in the canon lore of the series only happens when someone forces evolution early, and that Hydreigon uses a full-power Frustration in B2W2, suggesting that it absolutely loathes Ghetsis.


    For any non-pokemon players:

    In pokemon games, there’s a hidden stat called friendship, which maxes out at 255 points; there are two (major) moves that are affected by this:

    Return, which gets stronger the higher a pokemon’s friendship stat is, capping at 102 base power with 255 friendship (for context, hyper beam has a base power of 150)

    And frustration, which does the opposite, getting stronger the lower a pokemon’s friendship stat is, capping out at 102 base power when the pokemon is at 0 friendship

    The EXTRA fucked up thing is, almost NO pokemon has a base friendship of 0. The only pokemon that do are legendary pokemon and buneary. So Ghetsis actively lowered his Hydreigon’s friendship, and the only way to do that in-game is to let your pokemon faint often without using healing items on them

    In other words Ghetsis is a major cunt



    what’s up with buneary???


    Buneary fucking hates you by default. It’s also another friendship-dependent evolution line.


    for others who are clueless in the poking men, this is the tiny bunny that fucking hates you