Berrod’s been suckered into wearing a special Starlight outfit by – well. It doesn’t really matter who tricked him into it. He’s not a fan of it, especially the damn hat. 

    This piece is part of a christmas special along with a group of other artists! Of course, Christmas = Starlight in Eorzea, so I had to mess around with the names a bit!

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    Thank you to the artists of the Everec group for their creations!

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    Christmas model

    The golden light of the setting sun was illuminating the room through the high windows, shining the varnished woods that covered three quarters of the walls. A matte white paint extended them to the ceiling where long neon lights were hung. The slats had slightly tarnished on the aging floor of the room and crackled at the passage of people who entered gradually. The students took their places in front of one of the canvas scattered in, greeting each other. They all were directed towards the center of the room where their teacher was waiting for them. Benjamin Forni was sitting on a tall bar stool made of light wood. Behind thick wide-brimmed glasses his hazel eyes watched them calmly, mentally enumerating them to see if everyone was present. With a calm expression on his slightly elongated face, smooth and beardless he looked younger than the thirties he had just reached.  His light browned wavy hair falling down to the level of the shoulders was framing his face. He would have been dressed entirely in black if the shirt was not printed with blue checks on its dark surface. When everyone had arrived and settled, he stood up to speak to them. - As I said during our last session, we’re now finished with the study of still life. His announcement was soon followed by sighs of relief, as well as whispers about what was waiting for them next. The students’ gazes questioned each other in silence, seeking to know if any of them had the answer. It soon came as the young teacher calmly spoke again. - From today on we will continue with the study of nude models. New whispers could be heard, mostly by beginner students. Some began to speculate on their sex. The young man’s gaze turned to them to get their attention back. - I will ask those who have never done this type of exercise to be courteous to the models, and to avoid any remarks that may be disagreeable during the sessions. His eyes seemed to fix some of them in particular. - If that were to happen, I would be obliged to send you out from this course. Is it clear? His face was serious and showed a slight hint of severity as he scanned the entire room to verify that everyone had taken into account his warning. When he had confirmation that all the students had understood he spoke again. - Then, we’ll be able to start. The teacher left the center of the room and walked to a door in the back corner. - You can come in, he said as he approached it.

    The door opened, showing a shadow appearing in its crack. It seemed to reach at the chin of the teacher, causing some murmurs of victory that quickly turned into long sighs of disappointment as the model entered the room. Unlike the expectations of young men beginners, the model turned out to be a man, which on the other hand seemed to greatly delight the girls. Some displayed victorious smiles while looking at their colleagues, sometime making slight chuckles. As Christmas was approaching he was wearing nothing but a simple red bathrobe with white furry edges and a Santa hat. The outfit seemed far from suiting his build. Due to the man’s height being below the average the bathrobe was touching the floor. On the other hand, it was difficult for it to make the complete tour of his rather stocky chest, showing his swollen torso. The model seemed to pull firmly on the waistband of the robe to close it as they seemed to part at each of his steps, trying to reveal his body before time. Arriving at the center of the room the beefy man had not met eyes with a single of the students around, his eyes seeking to avoid any contact with them. He turned to the stool close to him and, after taking a deep breath, opened the sides of his bathrobe. He then pulled with effort on each sleeve to slide them down. Once undressed, he put it down with the hat and took a pose, placing himself back to the windows his right hand on his hip while the other arm rested along his body.

    The most experienced students remained calm upon his arrival, starting their charcoal sketches as soon as he took his posture. As for the others, they continued to observe the body which had just been revealed to them. The model that appeared to be in his early forties now had a phlegmatic face. His outline was broad, with a jaw and a large chin whose cheeks were covered with a stubble. His small dark brown eyes were hidden under thick eyebrows and were now fixing an invisible spot on the wall behind them. Short dark brown hair was disheveled on his head, letting two small locks fall on his forehead. The man as a whole was short-waisted, his broad torso covered in dark body hair that was growing back from a previous shaving. His arms and legs were also quite large compared to their lengths and his hands seemed big enough to grad their whole faces. The model’s appearance was particularly muscular, especially his bulging pectorals. Many eyes had begun to look down the trail of dark hair that was widening between his abs, to end at his pubes. It was at this moment that an insistent throat clearing could be heard as the teacher passed behind, telling them to get started. Grabbing their charcoals, they began to catch up with a shaking hand.

    Benjamin had begun, as usual, to go around the students to analyze their work. Many had started by roughly defining the contours of the subject, then pursuing a more detailed study from top to bottom. He picked up one of them, however, who had started directly by making a clean drawing of the face at the top of his sheet. Inevitably, some students came to focus their attention on the part that could provoke envy or jealousy, not without an air of amazement for the youngest. The penis they discovered was hanging limply between the thighs and partially masking a loose hairy bag. Like its owner, it showed a certain generosity in its width compared to a most respectable length. However, although at rest, the limb already had a substantial volume, making it appear an outrageous size on the model’s body.

    Arnaud Delfour never had the habit of revealing himself like this, and began to regret his decision to participate in this session. Although he wasn’t modest, being proud of his presence, he didn’t expect that the eyes of so many different people turned entirely to him could embarrass him as much. The model could feel them going through the slightest reliefs of his body, especially guessing the insistence of some on his most intimate part. However, unlike those thrown when he was at the pool, he didn’t have one of his tight speedos to provide a semblance of privacy. To try to forget them, the man had decided to fix the wall in front of him, focusing his attention on trivial things like the shopping list or the TV program of the evening. He noticed at times the look of the teacher who crossed his while he walked towards him, smiling with amusement. It provoked in the man some nervous tensions, triggering contractures in his muscles numbed by the absence of movements. He suddenly noticed that he was standing right in front of a girl from the first circle, which seemed to be the same age as his own. She blushed timidly at the sight of his manhood who was placed two meters from her. Her eyes were turned regularly towards it while she tried to reproduce the foreskin covering the large glans. It was then that he saw her jump slightly, and the man quickly guessed the reason. His body had begun to react to the teacher’s mischievous eyes, causing in him hot flashes. The model felt that his penis was slowly growing. A trail of cold sweat ran down his back, realizing that other students must have noticed it too. This was quickly confirmed by a few chuckles from the amateurs’ corner. Arnaud felt a wave of heat running through his face, his embarrassment certainly becoming visible to those who studied it. Trying to pull himself together, he took a deep breath and focused again on the evening that was waiting for him, hoping that it would come as soon as possible.

    - The time is over, finally said the teacher. We will continue on friday. The young man’s voice had broken the silence in the room, taking him out of his reverie and triggering the occasional tumult of the students who began to put away their things. At the announcement of the end of this ordeal, Arnaud quickly put on his red robe and then walked back to the annex with a quick step that he hoped seemed relaxed despite his rush. He did not even try to hide his penis, which had gained a few inches since the beginning of the lesson, allowing him to sway heavily in plain sight between his thighs. The swinging door closed behind him, leaving only to guess his dark silhouette behind the opaque glass in the center. Secluded in the protective darkness of the small room, he could hear through the poorly soundproof walls the salacious comments and sarcastic laughter of students that were leaving. - Did you see that monster? The women must feel it, a young man said. He could also hear female voices speaking. - He really had a nice ass. -Yeah! And he’s even cuter when he blushes. A male voice then burst into the adjoining hallway and the last remark he heard made him tick. - So Camille? Will you recover from having seen that mammoth? The man guessed that Camille must have been the girl who found herself in front of him. Arnaud felt relieved hearing the voices gradually moving away, sarcasm disappearing to finally give way to a relaxing silence. It was then that he heard a squeak in his back. Turning around, he noticed that the teacher had just entered the room, blinding him when he turned on the ceiling lights without a warning. The model clumsily closed his bathrobe, crossing his arms in front of himself as a protection. - No need to pay attention to their nonsense Arnaud, they’re only kids. The younger man was speaking to him in a calm and soothing voice as he approached him, his eyes focusing on his. - It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve heard that kind of remarks, he replied with irritation. Rather, it was the way that some were watching my body that bothered me. He stared at the other man intently to make him understand that he was part of them, causing a slight laugh from the teacher who was now almost against him. - Come on, you’re not going to sulk at me for so little. Not after a year that we’ve known each other. He smiled at him lovingly, sliding his hands under the model’s shoulders so that he could spread his arms. Hugging him tenderly, he lowered his head to place a kiss on his forehead. The man was trapped between him and a storage rack, preventing any possible escape from him. - It’s time that we formalize our relationship to your daughter. After all, it’s thanks to Aurélie that we got to know each other. - Indeed… Aurélie, whom he had the custody of since divorcing his wife three years ago, was surprised that his “sexy” father was still single. The nineteen-year-old girl had encouraged him to find a new lover, claiming that he was still young enough to found a new family and have other children. Arnaud was still anxious to announce to his dear child that he had found love, much to his surprise, in the arms of the art teacher she had been following for a year.

    Seeing from the uncertain pout that his companion was concerned, Benjamin gently put his lips on his. Then, once he regained his attention, he pulled back and released his embrace. - Let me change your mind. Not waiting for him to understand, he placed his hands on the firm chest, starting to caress it. Then he lifted his hands to the shoulders, sliding them under the spongy cloth before guiding them on the arms. Pushing down the bathrobe, it fell with a muffled noise, leaving the rugged man completely naked. - Not here! You damn pervert. What if… His remark was abruptly interrupted by a tongue that had slipped into his mouth, responding instinctively to its intrusion with his. The fiery kiss broke, before feeling a light breeze in his ear. - Don’t worry. I locked the doors. A malicious nibbling was then felt on his lobe, followed by a few kisses along his neck. The model then saw the teacher’s head going down, feeling at times a few licks well placed on one of his nipples or navel. The next sensation was the one of the mouth that took his still soft dick fully. He recognized the talent shown by the younger man who skillfully slipped his tongue under the fold formed by his foreskin to uncover the glans before playing with the orifice at its tip. It stimulated so fiercely his manhood that it gradually swelled in the wet cavity, the blood began to flow in abundance in the spongy body. Two greedy hands had begun at the same time to massage his ass, kneading the firm muscles with tenderness. Arnaud then noticed the head undertake long back and forth on his turgid cock, pumping energetically on its length. One of the hands had returned to the front and seized the large purse that swung between his thighs, massaging it delicately between his fingers. His breathing was panting at the expert treatment, making him throw his head back. The man came out of his ecstasy, his eyes wide when he felt a touch between his butt chicks. Grunting in protest, he turned his angry gaze down. One of his lover’s fingers had slipped into the hole that had loosened, moving with ease to the find the prostate. The sensation that went through him was undeniably pleasant, indisputably bringing his cock to the top of its form. He clenched his teeth, enduring the both pleasant and uncomfortable situation. Arnaud had always been reluctant to deal with the remains of his heterosexuality. His rectal intimacy having always been intact until his meeting with Benjamin, he had never accepted more than one finger.

    The young man had always been attentive to him since their first meeting, having never made fun of his size or stout appearance. The model had gradually begun to feel affection for him, hardly admitting that it went beyond mere friendship. Two months later, they shared their mutual feelings, although he didn’t really know where this could lead them. For the last six months that they had been intimate with one another, Arnaud had always kept a bitter memory of his first experiences with him. The touching coming from another man was hardly tolerable, after more than fifteen years spent with his ex-wife, feeling lost in unknown lands. But over time, he gradually got used to it and learned more about being intimate with another man.

    Feeling the pressure rise dangerously in his dick, the model seized the head of Benjamin. He brought him back to his lips and kissed him languidly, his tongue binding to its twin. Arnaud recognized the flavor of his own seminal fluids mixed with the. With his broad rough hands he nimbly unbuttoned the shirt in front of him, casually throwing it to the floor when it was done. The model next worked on those of the tight jeans and then plunged his hand into the opening to release the dick he began to masturbate. Putting his other hand in the teacher’s back and went in with difficulty to reach the still hidden hole. He gradually slipped his rough index finger, causing a slight grimace on the face he was lovingly contemplating. Benjamin soon expressed his carnal pleasure when he was ready for him to add his middle finger which was quickly accompanied by the ring finger. Arnaud had learned to work the anus of his companion, not wishing to hurt him later as it had happened once. Meanwhile, the teacher had gently pushed away the hand holding his cock. He brought it against the other one, unquestionably wider than his, before seizing them again with his slender fingers. The man then began to move the hips and the two manhoods were rubbing on each other. No longer holding up after so many stimulations, the father pushed his lover against the table behind him. Holding his hips, he pivoted him swiftly and then pressed with a firm hand the smooth torso against the fresh surface. With the other he managed to reveal enough of the bouncing buttocks of the younger man, swearing between his teeth after the tight pants that resisted him. Then grabbing his cock firmly, he straightened slightly on the tip of his feet, placing his prominent glans against the quivering anus. Unceremoniously, he penetrated the previously prepared orifice that accepted him with ease despite its girth. Arnaud started to pump feverishly, making moan in delight the teacher who had turned his face to him. - You want to make me pay, right? For having you come as a model… For only answer, he was shaken mercilessly by the more violent pounding, the large balls slamming heavily on his. Between two groans, he managed to express himself. - For that… And for teasing me during the class. Keeping his hold over the hips of the teacher, the model continued his fierce mating with even more enthusiasm. He knew very well that Benjamin enjoyed having it a bit rough from time to time, something he had never allowed himself to do with a woman before. This feral aspect that could sometimes take place between them allowed him, on occasion, to evacuate his stress in a more carnal way that pleased him greatly.

    While he was expecting the furious assault of his lover to soon end in one of his copious orgasms, Benjamin was surprised that he left. After releasing his hips the man went to a wooden chair on which he sat lazily, exposing his erection obscenely between his widely spread legs. - Why don’t you come and sit on Santa’s lap? - Do I really deserve such a big present? asked playfully the younger man. - Now that you’ve been punished it’s time for you to play. In response to the lecherous look Arnaud gave him, the teacher removed the rest of his clothes and approached him with a grin. Placing his legs on each side of the muscular thighs, he then grabbed the hard manhood to guide it back into his greedy hole while squatting.  Benjamin began to ride his stallion in a slow pace, seeking to provide him with maximum pleasure by moving sensually. His hands were placed on each of the shoulders to take support, his eyes sinking into those of the man. The younger man then fastened the pace to bring him to orgasm, but as usual it was not in his favor, the older man was controlling his impulses with greater ease than him. His breathing was deep but steady while his was now erratic. The teacher then felt the large hands rest on his waist to seize and lift him effortlessly, and saw with astonishment the gaping mouth close on his cock. The small moves and the still clumsy licking of his tongue finished the work. The semen suddenly flooded into the model’s mouth before he was ready, starting to drip of the corners of his lips under the pressure exerted by each shot. Benjamin saw him trying to somehow swallow it a little reluctantly, having never done more than tasting it on his fingers or lips. When the spasms that shook his body had finished, he left from the mouth. Sitting on his hairy thighs, he wiped the stained face with one of the clean bathrobes he had taken on a nearby shelf, then placing a light kiss on the lips as a reward for his effort. The young man knelt again in front of his model, firmly decided to relieve him of all his tensions. Again welcoming the large cock in his mouth, he began to masturbate with an energetic gesture of the wrist on the rest of the length. He could soon feel in his other hand the balls tightening around the two large orbs it contained. Benjamin swallowed greedily the seeds that poured out, knowing fully well that his lover was doing everything bigger. He continued to extract the precious fluid to the last drop, releasing his grip only when the cock began to soften.

    More than an hour had passed since the end of the class, and the two men had just finished getting dressed. - It’s time we leave, I think. Aurélie may be surprised by your delay. Arnaud jumped looking at his watch that indicated 20:13, and rushed to put on his jacket. - Oh no! I was supposed to prepare dinner before her return. - She’s a grown up, you’ll just have to find a good excuse for tonight. The young teacher was smiling at him lovingly. - Saturday everything will change. The man in front of him looked at him anxiously, somewhat afraid of his daughter’s reaction about his new relationship. Chasing his doubts, he affectionately kissed his lover. - Yes, it will be a great day.

    Hi everyone, We are the Everec group and this is our christmas special for you. Can you find the christmas hat in our creations?! - Your Everec group

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    ~Happy Halloween~

    Last year, Snow had a chance to know how dominate a werewolf could be so I thought this year, Chris will have that honor.

    This also a part of my video “The story of Pumpkin man” i’m currently working for my patrons. The video will also have Leon (RE6), Geralt (The Witcher 3) and Randy Orton.

    Joining this special event, we all would love to bring you some fun-horny-evil of Halloween spirit. Make sure to check all awesome art as well from:

    @f0-star, @Greeneyedwolfking, @Waghran, @cummytomato, @reflectionsafterdark, @dereksfm, @SletaGiant, @JackJackaj @MichiFreddy35, @jetbararemix, @greatbigboyblue

    Well here’s a big bad wolf that be wouldn’t mind being swallowed by. :3

    HEY Long time no see, this was from a Halloween art theme that we did for the discord group called Everec, I hope you enjoy the fortnite werewolf and his long thic tongue. Wishing you a naughty Halloween.

    @f0-star , @greeneyedwolfking , @Waghran, @cummytomato , @reflectionsafterdark , @dereksfm, @SletaGiant, @JackJackaj @MichiFreddy35, @jetbararemix,

    Caught in a dream

    The tall purple haired man was standing in front of the nicely decorated looking glass held on its stand. But it wasn’t his reflection that he could see in the magical artefact. In its place some clouds of shimmering colours were shown. The fluffy tail of the oneiric being was waving slowly as he looked at them. Suddenly Chester’s cat ears twitched as one of them caught his attention.

    Unlike the others this cloud looked darker, generally the sign that it could become a nightmare.

    - Why not cheer that guy’s night. I remember that the last one I tried was great.

    His role in dreams being to lift up men’s mood through sex, the cat considered that this particular dream could need his help more than the others.

    - Okay! I really hope you’ll fuck me hard too.

    After making sure that his dark grey suit was fitting him correctly, Chester touched the mirror and began to pass through its surface.

    Once inside he floated in direction of the cloud growing progressively while he approached to dive in. But as he was about to reach the core the cat felt entangled as in some kind of web. Leaving the cotton like cocoon he discovered that his arms, legs and chest were wrapped with what resembled slimy ropes that continued to move around him to restrain his moves.

    - Chester? asked a deep voice behind him. What are you doing here?

    Turning his head to look in direction of the man that had spoken, the cat was surprised to discover one of his peers. With black hair falling to his neck and a full beard covering his face the oneiric being looked similar to a thug but wasn’t as bad as one. His ears ending like some fins hinted that he was more like a nautical creature.

    - Well I was hoping to have some fun with this dreamer.

    - In a dream as bad as this one? You should know that nightmares are drawn to them.

    - Maybe I could have improved that, replied the cat with a wink. But how come you’re here too?

    The bright blue eyes of the other man glared at him.

    - My job, obviously. I’m trying to prevent nightmares from entering here.

    Indeed the dark skinned tentacles that were holding Chester captive seemed quite effective. The cat noticed that they were coming out from gills on his friend’s sides. The short sleeveless jean jacket he wore was certainly allowing them go out with ease, also showing his hairy muscular chest. The other man looked in his thirties but was in fact much older than that.

    - So Karkhan. When are you going to release me?

    The man seemed lost in thoughts as if he was unsure it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, an agglomeration of clouds formed next to them and slowly let place to a young man that was barely twenty. The dreamer who had just appeared was looking at them hazily.

    A grin appeared on Karkhan’s face that slowly brought his cat friend closer to him.

    - I think I have a better idea.

    - Hey! What are you scheming?

    Not answering, the man opened Chester’s pants and as he expected found directly his bare manhood.

    - I knew it. Going commando in this clean outfit is typically you.

    He soon seized it in his hand to stroke the growing and hardening length.

    - Of course, moaned the entangled man. It saves time.

    Chester had to admit that his friend knew how to push his buttons as the thumb was teasing the tip of his glans. His foreskin was pushed down when he started to masturbate him with eagerness.

    Meanwhile, a couple of tentacles had begun, with more agility than he would have thought, to loosen his stripped tie before removing his vest and opening his white shirt. One of the appendages was playfully rubbing his sensitive nipple. All the attention made his cock rock hard and leaking seminal fluids.

    The cat felt the grip over his cock diminish until his whole body was tipped over to leave him facing Karkhan’s groin and his buttocks lifted high. After unbuttoning his jeans, his friend brought out his own manhood in front of his face. Its size certainly surprised him.

    - Are you kidding me? Why does a nightmare catcher have a bigger dick than mine?

    Karkhan smirked at the comment.

    - It’s just another tool to punish nightmares… or naughty dreams. Why don’t you work a bit on it now?

    The hunter was already quite hard and presented his covered glans to Chester’s mouth. The other man did not look too reluctant as he opened it wide to receive the manhood. The tongue quickly worked on the length despite having some problem at first with the impressive girth. But it was in Chester’s nature to be adaptive and he was soon able to handle him completely. Karkhan moaned as he appreciated his friend’s techniques and the wonders his raspy tongue did. He tensed a bit as one of the sharp canines slightly grazed the sensitive skin.

    The tentacles took the opportunity to remove Chester’s shoes and pants before some ventured close to his buttocks. One of the tiniest slide in the orifice and began to pump in it slowly. He could feel another join in and they worked together to stretch him. On the other side Karkhan had seized him at the base of his ponytail to keep his head steady while he pushed his manhood down his throat. Luckily the cat wasn’t born with gag reflex but it was still uncomfortable.

    Watching them silently from the side, the dreamers approached and seemed to whisper something in the hunter’s ear. Chester was slowly manipulated and had his back laid down on one of the fluffy but firm clouds that only the dreamer was seeing as an object. There he was held with his legs spread open. The young man went behind the hunter and had him move forward. The large manhood of Karkhan was next guided by the dreamer in direction of the cat’s exposed orifice.

    - Wait! What is he doing? I’m supposed to be fucked by him, not a brute like you.

    - You know we can’t go against a dreamer’s will. Now it’s time to give him the show, he wants grinned Karkhan.

    Chester grunted when his sphincter was stretched by the bulbous glans. Karkhan inserted his cock progressively in front of the mesmerized dreamer watching the scene. Once half of the length was in the nightmare hunter began to move in and out at a low pace. With each thrust more was pushed in the cat that started to moaned.

    - Look at you enjoying my dick.

    - Just shut up and continue your “job”.

    The cat couldn’t help but enjoy the situation somehow as it made him hornier to have the dreamer watch him be defiled by his friend on his own orders. The young man was clearly appreciating it too since his clothes began to vanish to show his naked body. He had strictly no control on the way the gargantuan cock was heavily pounding his ass, neither on the fact that he began to purr.

    Karkhan’s heavy balls soon slapped noisily between his ass cheeks as he finally reached a faster pace. He was ramming his long cock of all its length, rubbing the sensitive prostate with each thrust. The hunter had grabbed the cat’s tail to keep it from moving and saw how frustrating it was for him.

    After a while the young dreamer came to give some more directives. Chester felt somewhat empty as his friend left his anus. He was rolled to stay on all fours before his friend positioned himself behind him. Chester moaned loudly when the manhood penetrated him again.

    Karkhan enjoyed dominating the older and taller oneiric being. And the fact that he was surpassing him with his imposing manhood was all he needed to boost his confidence further. He soon leaned over his back, completely overpowering him.

    - Look at you Chester. Maybe you’re enjoying this punishment too much, whispered the man in his friend’s pointy ear.

    All to his bragging the hunter had not noticed that the young man had moved behind him until he felt his jeans pushed down. His hairy ass was suddenly exposed and a strong pressure was done against his orifice.

    - Hey! I’m not here to be fucked you dumbass, roared Karkhan as he gave a menacing look to the youngster.

    - You can’t go against a dreamer’s will, said the cat looking at him with a cocky grin. Time for you to enjoy some dick.

    It was now the tanned man that grunted loudly. Unlike Chester whose body was more suited to that kind of situation, his had to be prepared but this step was clearly forgotten. Even if the dreamer wasn’t as endowed as them it was not as easy for Karkhan to take him rough. He wasn’t much accustomed to do it with another male and only played with his hole by using his tentacles or fingers.

    The hunter hated the sensation of being penetrated by the other man as his orifice was forcefully stretched. All this was in fact siphoning his strength as he wasn’t supposed to interact with a dreamer. Even the hold he had on Chester was starting to loosen.

    This made him soon enable to move and the young man firmly grabbed his hips to fasten his pace. The dreamer pounded wildly the helpless Karkhan who didn’t hide the fact that he was not enjoying being abused by him. Chester could feel the powerful thrusting of the dreamer as the hunter’s cock was moving in rhythm with him.

    Karkhan managed to have one of his tentacle slid in the young man’s anus. With all the strength left in him he stimulated his prostate and soon brought him to orgasm. The dreamer pushed his hips strongly and poured his semen deep in him. Luckily the young man felt satisfied quickly and vanished, leaving the hunter’s orifice filled with his semen.

    - To put tentacles in his ass so he cums faster, that’s cheating said the cat still under his friend’s body.

    - I’m not into being fucked, especially by dreamers, replied harshly the man. That’s your job, not mine.

    - Alright. Why don’t you finish “your” job then?

    Now that he was finally free, Karkhan was regaining some vigour and moved slowly. Unlike before he had become gentler in his way of mating and tried to reach his friend’s mouth. They next kissed passionately as he released him of all restraints. One of his hands went under Chester’s belly to grab his cock and masturbated him.

    With the accumulation of pleasure on both his manhood and prostate he soon began to convulse. His seeds were sprayed over the clouds under him while his anus tensed erratically around the large cock in his ass. This quickly made his friend empty his heavy balls deep in him with each thrust.

    Once finished the hunter removed his softening dick and rolled beside Chester to rest on his back. The cat instinctually came closer to cuddle him, passing his finger on the hairy chest.

    - That was fun. Maybe I should visit you more often at work said the man with a smile.

    - No way! I won’t fuck you in another dream to have the dreamer steal my energy.

    The cat seemed a bit disappointed and pouted.

    - But we can always do it outside if you want.

    This immediately cheered him up and he straddled Karkhan to grab his jacket by the collar and kissed him languorously.

    - I’ll let you recharge with the nightmare coming our way then.

    Both men stood up and dressed up before Chester left the dream to let his friend do his job. Knowing that he would meet him again soon made the cat quite happy as he went for another dream to sexually satisfy his owner.

    This story is part of the Halloween event for the Everec group.

    Chester and Karkhan are my OCs. The wonderful illustration was done by my friend @greeneyedwolfking​

    Please make sure to check out other friends of mine, talented artist have joint this event too: @f0-star​, @greeneyedwolfking​​, @cummytomato​, @reflectionsafterdark, @dereksfm​​, @sletagiant​, @jackjackaj​ @michifreddy35​, @jetbararemix, @greatbigboyblue​​

                                                 Halloween 2018

    Halloween is coming! i had that in mind! for the halloween special of @f0-star and @greeneyedwolfking!

    The other participant of the special Halloween are @Waghran@cummytomato @reflectionsafterdark @dereksfm @JackJackKaj @MichifFreddy35 @jetbararemix @greatbigboyblue @greeneyedwolfking @f0-sta

    hope you’ll enjoy!

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    My PC is dead!

    Hi guys, really sad to let you know that my PC’s broken down! All works are pending until it fixed.

    I’m so sorry that you may get nothing this Halloween!

    I sent my PC to repair station but not sure it is possible to fix or need any replacing part I may can’t afford at this moment. Bad case is I have to buy a new one.

    Anyone who love my works and wish me get back to my feeds as soon as possible can support me by re-blog this post, support me at Patreon, Derek store or buy me a coffee here:

    The next project made by new PC will be free!

    Thank you