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    The Special Place II

    The interactive sissy story The Special Game (Special Place II) is nowhere near finished, but due to it being too popular to ignore - and also me not having enough time to dedicate to it - I've paused the Patreon site that was hosting it.

    The good news is I've posted it to here so everyone can now try it in it's unfinished glory! Ignore the bugs and the abrupt end and you might enjoy it. :)

    Hope you like. Would love some feedback. Who knows, it might prompt me to write more!


    The amount of work this must have taken is astounding. We are so lucky to have access to this. Thank you so very much.


    Being forced into diapers was bad enough. Being dressed in knee high socks and childish shirts with no pants made it worse. But Lyla never imagined her parents would change higher her little sister to be her babysitter and allow her sister to expose her to all of their friends.

    It’s not like telling the whole school about her sister’s anxious habit of sucking her thumb was that bad. Until her sister came home crying because people had hung pictures of her sucking her thumb from Lyla’s social media post all over the school and kept calling her a baby and kept asking if she wore diapers too, and stuffing diapers in her locker or slipping them in her purse and backpack.

    Come on, how could she not tell everybody such a thing when her little sis started becoming the most popular girl in the school.

    Now Lyla will finish the year treated as a baby at home and diapered and wearing skirts that boys kept trying to get a look up over her thick diapers and diaper cover to prevent leaks during the day.

    Now Lyla’s senior year has become a humiliating nightmare and nobody even remembers her sisters thumb sucking

    Come on baby brother it’s time for you to get out of here. Say bye bye to your big boy room. We’ve got all the stuff downstairs to turn this into your new nursery!

    Oh stop that silly. How could I forget that you’re older. You made sure to point that out well before our parents got married, but now that you’re back in diapers and on the regression regimen it’s important to recognize that you’re just a baby now. This is why it’s so important that you go to GamGam’s for the weekend. I mean how can you accept that you’re a baby when you’ve got a TV and Xbox in your room, when your closet is filled with clothes from your old life, and when you have all these big boy posters on the wall.

    None of these is fit for the overgrown toddler you’re turning into, but don’t worry big sissy, mommy, and quite a few of our friends are going to help! First we’re going to cover up these boring white walls with some adorably wallpaper! Oh you’ll love it, it’s got cute little baby animals, balloons, and clouds! Then we’re going to put a nice soft rug down so that you can spend hours crawling around and playing on the floor. We’ve got a toy chest that we can fill up for you, and we have enough baby clothes to fill your closet full! Hey no tears baby it gets even better. We’ve got a big crib to assemble so you’ll be safe and secure for nighnigh and naps, and right where this desk with your tv is we’re going to put your changing table! Oh and I’ve got a super special surprise for you. You’re getting your own adult baby bouncer put it! Now you don’t even need to worry about standing up all the time. You can just bounce bounce away while those sweet hypnotic nursery rhymes play

    Now you can imagine the cost of this, so I helpfully suggested to mommy that we don’t go for a top of the line diaper pail. Sure this one probably wont stop the smell of your soaked and yucky diapers, but as I explained to mommy that’s all for the better really. Think about it, in a few days you’ll we back in here, staring at the cute duckies on the wall, bouncing away in a full diapy, and smelling all the diapers you’ve been changed out of, all while that adorably regression nursery gets your further and further away from your big boy life.

    Hey don’t get cross with me mister. Plenty of grown men are getting regressed back to babyhood these days. I mean when you move back in to the house you grew up in what are you really telling the world anyway? You might as well move all the way back to a crib and diapers. Just because I recommended it to mom doesn’t mean you get to act naughty around me. Hey look down, do you see that super wet diaper hanging off your hips? Yeah it was dry when I walked in here. You’ve been peeing in it the entire time I’ve been talking. Uh huh and here come the tears. Listen up baby, you need to go downstairs and ask your mommy for a diapy change before she takes you off for the weekend. You don’t worry you silly little head about anything else. The grown ups are here to take care of all these big moves.


    Why am I doing this?

    I have to admit I'm kind of nervous to do this, lol. I've seen a few people jump on, and for some reason, I feel compelled to join them.

    It's like a "choose your own adventure," but I don't choose, and its diapers, and the outcome is wearing diapers.

    I will remain diapered 24/7. These will determine how long my bottom stays crinkly.

    1 like = 1 day

    1 reblog = 3 days

    1 comment = 3 days

    1 follow = 5 days

    I'll leave this post up from now until the 30th of January and tally the total as need arises.

    Also my birthday is this month! I'm assuming I'm going to need more diapers thanks to this.


    Well, this has gotten out of control fast, including the new followers. I'm at 356 days at this moment. It's not even been 24 HOURS! What are you doing to me!

    You've all made Mommy pretty happy, not going to lie. I never expected this kind of dedication to reducing me to diapers.