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    Story: Captain Cailyn's Triumph!

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    <>BIG WARNING: This story contains extreme scat stuff (Weirder Scat Stuff)! Only read if you’re into that. If you’re just here for boobs and cock, you should absolutely skip this. You’ve been warned!

    I meant to post this much much earlier, but recent life hiccups got in the way big time. Time to make this piece public! It’s very short, but I’m sure it’ll make corruption and weirder fetish stuff fans here happy. Enjoy!

    <>Premise: Captain Cailyn’s done it again! She’s defeated another scourge of the galaxy, the vile, experimental Venorian aliens! Now the galaxy is at peace and Cailyn is free to relax in her ship alone…

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    Rude Awakenings

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    Rude Awakenings

    Spring break was officially underway and while most students were visiting home or some warm beach, Jake was stuck, for the duration, on campus. His parents were too far away and not wealthy so no trip home or anywhere else. He was trying to take this in stride but his roommates made this difficult.

    With a shared common area and four separate bedrooms, Jake did have run of the place. But with only foreign students and shut-ins left during the break, Jake knew it was be a rather lazy, long, and uneventful week. This was his thinking when he arrived at his dorm after brief excursion to get burgers for dinner.

    When he left twenty minutes ago, his last roommate was just leaving and the room was normal. Now, as Jake was witness, there was an eighteen inch, mottled donkey cock stood up on a rather large set of balls. On the flared head was a simple sticky note.

    ‘To keep you company while we’re all away, XOXO’

    “Jerks,” Jake grumbled. His friends were jokesters and this wasn’t entirely out of the realm of their doing but the detail of the thing meant they really spent some money on this. Giving it a joking wack, the thickness and hardness caught Jake off guard as his hand was left sore.

    He would have to think of a good way to get back of them using this massive rubber donkey cock. Nothing was coming to mind but he had eight days to mull it over.

    For now he picked it up and chucked it on the floor near the couch, preferring to not have view stained by the massive penis.

    The following four hours were spent with eating, watching television, eating a bit more, before heading off to his room. He was about to close the door when he remembered he didn’t have to. For the luxury, he left it wide and gradually stripped down to just his boxers and slipped into bed, tired from the day.

    If everything had been normal, that would have been that.

    But, beneath his comforter, at the foot of his twin bed, there was a long moving bulge. It slithered its way under the covers with ease. Jake was fast asleep on his stomach, arms either side while legs were splayed and his left foot was sticking out from the covers. The long bulge moved slowly between Jake’s legs and to the point his boxers.

    Slowly, the head of it started to push between his thighs and to his taint, where he was able to wiggle through the loose boxers and place it’s flared donkey cock head against his skin. Jake shivered, but otherwise didn’t react. Deep in his own dreams and something of a heavy sleeper, the slow tempo of the first few touches went unnoticed.

    It was when, with a growing amount of force, the dildo pushed harder against the spot that something in Jake stirred. His eyes went from starting to open to wide awake when the dildo thrust itself into Jake’s taint harder than before.

    As it briefly retreated, Jake sat up and looked behind himself to see if anyone was there but he was alone.

    “Ah!” he gasped as the force struck him again, shaking his very insides. When it thrust again, Jake let out a, “Oh,” that was more moan and soon after, his own cock started to harden.

    Before it could push again, Jake threw back his covers just in time to see the self-possessed donkey dildo push itself into his crotch again, causing a strange mixture of pain, discomfort, arousal, and fear. What came out of his mouth was another moan but his senses were shot.

    Rolling over and scurrying back some, Jake saw the dildo laying there and wondered for a moment if this was some weird dream. Then the dildo came alive and without a hand to guide it, slithered quick and impacted the same spot as before. The skin there was sticky with pre which hid the small slit that had finally opened just under Jake’s balls. Unaware of this, Jake was now wrestling with the dildo before it could make another thrust.

    “What are you?” Jake grunted while using two hands to pin the oddly warm and fleshy rod. It squirmed and wiggled and escaped his grasp to again plunge into Jake’s taint. “Oh, fuck,” Jake was reduced to saying as his own hard six inches exploded and his balls kept on pushing out more cum than he had ever seen before.

    Lost in a moment of orgasmic bliss, the cock thrusts six more times. His eyes looking upward, Jake didn’t notice his balls pushed into the growing slit by the dildo or the black vulva he was developing. Jake’s ears were also starting to point ever so slightly.

    As Jake came down from his high and regained some sense, he glanced down and nearly threw up at what he saw. His cock, which had felt so good during the orgasm, was barely an inch and being pulled into something, something between his legs.

    Then the dildo came again, having finally fucked a proper entrance into Jake, and found its mark, even if only a two inches fit, barely. Jake again felt a hot need in his groin but this time it was foreign. He watched it pull out of him, thick pre trailing away, and the skin of the vulva started to almost look leathery, and was certainly bestial as the skin of his crotch was starting to sprout black, coarse hairs.

    “I have to be, HAVE to be dreaming,” Jake said to himself when he also noticed his index and middle finger on his left hand had begun to merge together. Now the fear was starting to override the arousal.

    Before the dildo could strike again, Jake rolled off the bed quickly and onto the floor. On hands and knees, he reached up and flicked on his light to get his bearings. The dildo was still moving towards him from the bed so Jake got to his feet and tried to make a break for the common room. Stumbling, but happy he had left the light on in here, Jake took a second to catch his breath.

    In that second, the dildo was in his doorway and quickly moving towards him. Now truly freaked out, Jake attempted to dart in front of the television when the dildo caught his foot and tripped him with ease. Hitting his knees first and then his cramped hands, Jake made sure to not knock over the big screen on his left. In that moment of care, it struck again.

    Moving even quicker than before, the dildo practically threw itself into the forming cunt and managed another inch. This was lost on Jake as his attention was elsewhere.

    Reflected in the television, he could now clearly see his ears were growing and that there was a bulge in the back of his boxers where his tailbone was. Back down to his hands, nearly all fingers were merged in some way while thumbs were worrying shrinking and pull up his forearm.

    The dildo retreated only slightly this time before sliding in again.

    Jake, caught off guard, yelled, “StoAAWWWWWWW EHHH HAAWWWW!” followed by his tail bursting through his tattered boxers.

    Jake let it get two more thrusts, eyes shut the whole time, and then opened them when he felt the cock sliding out more inches from him.

    “Oh fuck,” was all Jake could muster to say at the sight now reflected in the television. Donkey ears and tail, with the beginnings of a mane, a plumping ass, and spine that looks to be a few inches longer than before. The rumble in his throat was raspy but he knew he couldn’t stop it either.

    “HAWW HAWWWWW!” he brayed, stomping his hands down as they cramp into hardened hooves.

    The odd growth at his waist above his groin was worrisome at first until the shape of an udder came after several more thrusts, and Jake was only left realizing how far from his original gender he now was.

    ‘It’s fucking me into a female donkey,’ he realized, his jaw open as his face begins to push out into a snout and twelve inches of dildo were buried in Jake’s now functioning jenny reproductive system. ‘Why won’t it stop,’ he thought more desperately, his weight now near to four hundred pounds and his tail now finished too.

    Jake managed some steps forward, either to get away or to make room for his growing mass and equine figure, one couldn’t really say. His eyes were staring down a growing snout and as his teeth fell out as the new ones came in, Jake could only hope that this wasn’t permanent.

    With fur sprouting everywhere, Jake’s vision changing, and all eighteen inches deep in him, Jake felt the balls slap up against his udder and he shook down to his core.

    Unexpectedly, the dildo lost all animation and simply slid from Jake’s slick jenny sex and crumpled to the ground.

    Jake, his mind hazy but still somewhat aware, moved away from the dildo but found he was now very she and a donkey. Unsure what to do, Jake shut his eyes and tried to think. As this happened, the lifeless dildo began to glow an odd white light until it was an enveloping flash.

    When Jake opened his eyes again, he was completely confused. In front of him were wooden stables and under him was dirt. Around were some farmhands and behind him,

    “Woah, he’s really into her!” shouted someone before Jake was roughly mounted by a horny jack.

    Jake began to bray and bray loud. This only got him muzzled and held while the jack found his mark.

    As the real, throbbing cock filled Jake he realized he wasn’t going back.

    Over the next ten minutes, the donkey fucked what sense there was in Jake’s head out. By the time it finished, Jake was gone but the jenny remained and was happy to finally be bred.

    Investigators searched high and low for Jake, with foul play suspected once the dildo, teeth, and ripped clothing were ground around the place. Search teams checked forests and even nearby barns and stables. They find plenty of farm animals but no sign of the student.

    Weirder still. It wasn’t the only disappearance in that dorm facility that semester.

    <>Rude Awakenings - by KateMarquetWritesIt

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