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    The cum flu


    “Over in Europe, the European Flu seems to keep getting ground more and better. Every European entering the country is forced to go into a mandatory quarantine. Since we still don’t have any tests available, the travellers will be observed for symptoms. The president says that travel limitations will remain in place for at least another two months. He also extended the prohibition on digital contact with the European Union. We are trying to get our correspondents back as soon as possible, but this has proven to be hard.

    Related to his, the European band Meisennbach has just left their quarantine to start their series of concerts throughout the country. Their first concert will be held in Minneapolis tonight, despite conservative protest. Now that their quarantine is terminated they can start their tour. They agreed to strict conditions. Their quarantine was strict and longer than the usual day or two to just monitor for symptoms. They also agreed to not say a word about the situation over in Europe.

    And now we go to Bill for the weather. Can we expect more of the nice weather we saw last week, Bill?”

    Jackson turned the TV off as the camera shifted to Bill. The glittering white teeth of the newsreader seemed to be burned in his TV screen as it slowly went black.

    Jackson sighed and stretched his arms. He should be getting ready to go to the Meisennbach concert. Jackson himself didn’t really like the music of the German metal band. Metal formed too big of a distraction for him as he was studying. However, since most of Jackson’s gamer friends were from Europe, he couldn’t reach them. Instead, he was hanging out with Christian. Christian was just as nerdy as him, but to get rid of the anxiety that his studies brought him, Christian liked listening to Meisennbach. Jackson only agreed to join his friend so Christian wouldn’t need to go by himself.

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    (Mus)Cloville: saving Muscloville

    It took me very long to write, but now I can finally present you a sequel to (Mus)Cloville! It is a sequel so you’d be able to enjoy it the best if you know what happened in the previous chapters, however you should be able to enjoy it without knowing what happened before this chapter.

    Please let me know what you thought of it!

    Henry sighed as he put the dumbells back where they belonged, the gym wasn’t too busy this morning. Henry used this quietness to eye Michel, the beast in the corner he could call his boyfriend for the past year. Henry appreciated the pitch black hair and the large, dark eyes that made his boyfriend have a bit of a babyface. A cute button-like nose finished the look. If you only saw his face, you wouldn’t expect the body beneath it. He wasn’t overly muscled, but he was toned enough to let all his muscles pop under his skin. And then there was the bulge in his grey sweatpants. Everybody could see that Henry’s boyfriend was clearly well-endowed. Sometimes, Henry got overwhelmed by the mere idea of losing this absolute hunk.

    After running away from the horrors in his old hometown, Henry struggled to pick up his life again. The first few months the only dreams he had consisted of him running through the fields again, seeing his friend drop to the ground, getting raped by the meatheads on the farm. After this, his dreams varied, sometimes he would find himself running on the road again. Just like he did back then, stopping the nearest car, only to see it occupied by the new Dylan. Sometimes he would dream about his doorbell ringing, and as he opened it, finding Dylan.

    No matter where he saw Dream-Dylan, Henry always pictured the look on his face the last time he saw him. Saying the exact same words again: “Oh, Henry, we should stop resisting.” Usually, after saying this, Dream-Dylan would spray copious amounts of cum through the air.

    Other nights his dreams were just replaying the events in that horrible village. He had numerous dreams where he would see the fellow members of the resistance, entering his stepdad’s house again. Their muscles were straining their clothes, cocks ready to burst out of their pants.

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    (Mus)Cloville: Saving Muscloville (full story)


    It took me very long to write, but now I can finally present you a sequel to (Mus)Cloville! It is a sequel so you’d be able to enjoy it the best if you know what happened in the previous chapters, however you should be able to enjoy it without knowing what happened before this chapter.

    Please let me know what you thought of it!

    Henry sighed as he put the dumbells back where they belonged, the gym wasn’t too busy this morning. Henry used this quietness to eye Michel, the beast in the corner he could call his boyfriend for the past year. Henry appreciated the pitch black hair and the large, dark eyes that made his boyfriend have a bit of a babyface. A cute button-like nose finished the look. If you only saw his face, you wouldn’t expect the body beneath it. He wasn’t overly muscled, but he was toned enough to let all his muscles pop under his skin. And then there was the bulge in his grey sweatpants. Everybody could see that Henry’s boyfriend was clearly well-endowed. Sometimes, Henry got overwhelmed by the mere idea of losing this absolute hunk.

    After running away from the horrors in his old hometown, Henry struggled to pick up his life again. The first few months the only dreams he had consisted of him running through the fields again, seeing his friend drop to the ground, getting raped by the meatheads on the farm. After this, his dreams varied, sometimes he would find himself running on the road again. Just like he did back then, stopping the nearest car, only to see it occupied by the new Dylan. Sometimes he would dream about his doorbell ringing, and as he opened it, finding Dylan.

    No matter where he saw Dream-Dylan, Henry always pictured the look on his face the last time he saw him. Saying the exact same words again: “Oh, Henry, we should stop resisting.” Usually, after saying this, Dream-Dylan would spray copious amounts of cum through the air.

    Other nights his dreams were just replaying the events in that horrible village. He had numerous dreams where he would see the fellow members of the resistance, entering his stepdad’s house again. Their muscles were straining their clothes, cocks ready to burst out of their pants.

    Of course, he had tried looking for help, but all the therapists laughed in his face or tried to convince him it was all in his head. Henry even started to doubt his own memories; at one point, he tried calling his brother to check. A series of grunts on the other side of the line was enough to convince Henry that it was all true.

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    Big Bro Tyler

    Transformation story

    (Hey, so I haven’t done tf in a while and I thought I would come back to it. I know I have experimented with lots of different genre’s, So before each story, I’m gonna add a short tag so you know what it is and don’t read something you are not into. Hope you guys enjoy the story)


    Tye sneaked into the dark locker room. He looked around, making sure no one was there. The room was empty; he proceeded to take out his phone and turn on the torch app. It quickly darted to one locker in particular, the same one it always went to. Tye quickly ran to Lance’s locker. Lance’s sweaty uniform, shoes were all laid out as usual for his morning practice, but that wasn’t what he was looking for. He opened up a compartment under the seat and found Lance’s spare clothing. Carefully, Tye moved everything about so he could claim his temporary prize for the night, Lance’s sweaty tank top. Lance, like most of the jocks, didn’t wash their clothes or themselves, very much and so they became smelly and moist, which was a turn-on for Tye. Tye was aroused by pretty much the whole team; he loved sitting about and watching them play and train, from a distance. The jocks didn’t take kindly to nerds; they would beat them for laughs, lunch money and make them do work for them. The jocks especially didn’t like Tye as they knew he was gay and they beat him up for being both. Despite their douchey attitude towards him and others, Tye just found it hot. Tye took out the sweaty tank top and started sniffing it. The musk was sucked down to the bottom of his lungs with each breath. His head became fuzzy, the more he sniffed. Odd, this wasn’t a usual feeling. It usually just smelt good. Not only that, but he could feel his cock twitching a lot, before growing out to a bigger size than usual. Suddenly the lights came on and Tye’s vision blurred. “Told you the fag would be here, can’t resist it seems,” Lance said. “Haha, so what are we gonna do with him, beat him like usual,” asked Bryce excitedly. “Or maybe we can be creative, and give him a wedgie and hang him in the school entrance,” Hunter chimed. “Neither bro’s, he would only be into both things. We gotta get rid of this fag and I know the best way,” explained Lance. “How’s that bro?” asked Hunter “Did you bring the box?” asked Lance. “Just like you asked bro. Wait are you gonna do what I think your gonna do?” replied Bryce, smirking at Lance. Lance only sniggered and grinned at the question only confirming his intentions. “Ya hear that fag? We got a treat for you,” Lance yelled at Tye who was coming to, but now in a state of shock seeing Lance. “Wha… what do you guys want?” whimpered Tye. “Nothing much, but how about you strip everything off now?” requested Lance. “What… no, I know I shouldn’t be here, and I’m sorry, but please don’t beat me again,” “Who said anything about beating you,” “Huh?” “You’re taking too long, Bryce, Hunter, strip the fag. I’m gonna get his stuff ready,” Bryce and Hunter lunged at Tye, who stood innocently on the spot. They grabbed his clothes, ripping them off him. In seconds Tye was naked, the two then held him over. “See Tyler not so difficult is it. Now let’s get you dressed proper,” Lance sneered. “I’m Tye, not Tyler,” “Silly Tyler, Tye’s a dweeb name. Anyway, need to get you dressed now,” replied Lance They threw Tye on the ground and sat him up. Bryce held Tye’s arms up to stop grabbing, while Hunter grabbed his legs to stop him kicking. “First things first, Tyler, need to get some underwear on you, can’t be going out with that thing, what would everyone think?” Lance said sarcastically. “My name is Tye,” replied Tye. Lance got out a sweaty jockstrap. He lined up the holes with Tye’s feet and pulled them up to his legs, to his hard cock. It felt weird being placed onto him, but even weirder feeling as his hair was growing around it. Tye felt his dick being pricked by his growing hairs, that had been a small patch that was growing into a thick bush. Not only his hairs but his cock was also growing, he had a small size, but now his cock snaked out to about 10". Lance then got out some sweaty black shorts and shoved it up Tye'e skinny legs. Lance and Hunter let his legs go, and they flopped on the floor as they went numb. They eagerly watched as Tye’s legs inflated with muscle, first his thighs growing into logs, and then his calves turning into powerful runners legs. Two big round bouncy lumps popped out of his backside, as a gigantic bubble butt grew to fill his sports shorts. Tye looked in horror at what was happening. “Oh god, what the fuck is happening to me,” Tye screamed “Your growing bro. Now we gotta get your shoes and socks to make those feet big too,” replied Lance, who got out some large white socks. He then pulled them up Tye’s legs. They were, of course, sweaty as well. Tye felt his feet turn into wet clay that was growing out. Hunter and Lance then got out some big black trainers and pushed them onto his feet, tightening them as much as they could. Tye’s feet grew until they filled the size 13 shoes, then they stopped and hardened. “Woah bro, you are looking good. Now let’s see what you look like with a top Tyler,” Lance joked, ignoring Tye’s pleas for them to stop. “My name isn’t Tyler you fucking idiot and can you stop this, please,” Tye angrily pleaded as testosterone built up within him. The boys ignored and threw on his tank top. Instantly Tye felt uncomfortable; it was sweatier and smellier than any of the other clothes. Tye felt his legs come back to him and quickly got up, but was forced into a corner by the three jocks who were all grinning at their new bro. “Ok guys can you stop please, I don’t want this,” Tye cried “But look at you bro, you gonna be bigger than all of us. Why wimp out here when your gonna be lifting the biggest weights and crushing all the pussy,” said Lance. “But I’m gay and a dweeb,” “Haha fuck that fag shit Tyler, your gonna be a pussy slaying bro like the rest of us,” “N…no… I don’t want to be a dumb bro like you guys. Wait what’s happening now,” said Tye, frightened at his overweight body and deepening voice. His belly bulged out with a large pair of saggy man tits that hung over them, and his arms became thick branches of flab. This added mass continued going up his neck, not sparring any part of him as it made his head rounder in shape.  His the appearance of his face changed from innocent and scrawny, to deadly brutish. Tye looked down and saw as his fat began retracting back into him and turning into solid muscle. His stomach turned from fat into cup-sized abs; his pecs flattened down into massive pecs that shelved his abs. Tye’s branch sized arms thicked and strengthened with muscle, his biceps and triceps exploded out. Tye was now unrecognisable to his old self. “The fuck have you done to me,” He shouted in anger “Ah I see, we’re missing the cap,” Lance said, continuing to ignore Tye. Hunter and Bryce grabbed Tye, while Lance got a cap from the bag. Though Tye should be able to shake the two off with ease, he wasn’t used to his strength and so remained in a tugging battle with them. Lance swiftly pushed it down onto Tye’s head. Tye grabbed at it, but the cap squeezed his head to the point it was glued to it. The pressure from it got so much that started squeezing knowledge and memories out of his head. Bit by bit, maths to science to computers, his knowledge was rinsed out over and over again. His memories became a blurred mess, and he couldn’t remember anything. “See bro, your one of us Tyler,” Lance stated. “I… I’m one of you guys?” Tyler questioned “Yeah bro, your part of the team, your our big bro,” As Lance said that Tyler’s mind began creating new memories of being the big bro of the team and being mates with Lance, Bryce and Hunter. “Yeah bro, you’re also the maddest gym rat, smashing all the high weights. All of course for the game and to make Coach happy,” Lance continued. Tyler’s mind was filled with gym routine’s, workouts; sports play styles and rules. He was the big bro and an absolute sports star. “Yeah bro, you smash weights for Coach and also for pussy. You’re like the biggest pussy smasher there is, and you love it,” Tyler’s mind began visualising a hot blonde chick, how it was to fondle her tits, to smash her puss with his thick meat that was hardening in his shorts. “Mmmmpppphhh tits and pussy,” He said uncontrollably as he began to desire to jerk off. “Yeah bro come sit down, we’re all bro’s here so no homo,” Lance joked The boys all sat down and got out their cocks and started jerking themselves off to some titty magazine. Tyler’s mind was now focused on gains and pussy, nothing else. “This feels good, doesn’t it. Blowing your cock to some standard hoe with your bro’s,” Lance asked “Yeah bro, no homo,” “What would it be bro if it was homo? ” Lance intrigued. Tyler was shocked, would a dude really do something homo. The thought of dudes banging dudes repulsed him, made him angry. “Ew bro that’s disgusting, guys don’t fuck other guys. That’s what pussy is for. I would shove those fags in my pits and let my musk tell em how it is, how it should be,” “Yeah bro, but what if as well they hadn’t any gains? And they didn’t want to hit the gym ever? Like they had better things to have, such as smarts,” Tyler was enraged even more now. Who the fuck thought brains were better than gains, these dweebs needed a hit until they knew what they should be doing, which was hitting the gym and smashing pussy. With all this anger, Tyler jerked his dick harder, his head now fussed on pussy, gains, sports and beating dweebs. This was the life, and no other mattered, he would rule the school with his bro’s. Inside the old memories and thoughts of Tye, tried to grasp and cling onto him, hoping to regain control and end this nightmare. Each pounding of his dick, though, sent the memories further down into his dick until he was ready to go. Tyler kept rubbing, enjoying the feeling as his homosexuality, dweeb memories and knowledge were firmly stored away in his balls ready to be disposed of. “UUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed as he came out his old memories and rid himself of his old life. His other bros followed suit but didn’t produce as much as him. “Haha, no homo bro’s,” they all said, getting up and getting ready for the gym to get swole for the pussy they would smash later.

    Tindr gold


    sorry, this is a bit late, Christmas story is gonna be late too. 

    This story is a rewrite of an old fuckboy story (Tindr Gold), parts of it are mine and parts are of the old one (since it was so good). 

    Hope you all have a good Christmas and new year.


    “Fuck, why don’t you guys respond!” Tom moaned as he fell back into his bed. Another guy had just gone and ghosted him it was the sixth one this week. Tom was pissed and confused at why he was failing with so many guys. It was true that he didn’t have good looks, his face had acne, his brown hair was a greasy mess, his stubby beard was all over the place, and his body wasn’t jacked like most. But what he did have was a strong personality filled with kindness for others and incredible intelligence. These should be able to make up for his looks or was it that no one could love someone who wasn’t to their beauty standards. Tom went back to his phone and looked over his bio and pics, maybe he could change it and that would make him look better, or it could be a waste of time. All the guys wanted was cheap sex with their dreams and that was it.

    Tom saw at the bottom a flashing banner for Tindr Gold, Tom thought it was probably a scam, but he had been so unlucky recently. He pondered for a sec, it cost a couple of dollars, so why not try it. Maybe it could actually work and he could go on some dates.

    He tapped his screen to pay, bringing up the terms of conditions. ‘Who reads those stupid things’ he thought before finalising his payment. He made his decision ad tapped and waited to see what would happen. He looked impatiently as nothing happened, everything was the same. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door and Tom jumped up to go and see who it was. He opened the door and a handsome twink walked in. He was wearing some gold shorts and trendy shoes, no top so he could show off his body. His body was fit with very small muscle in places and abs that barely showed. His skin was beautifully tanned and smooth, like the rest of him had been perfected with many products. His face had been cleansed of any impurities and facial hair, while his golden-brown hair had been gelled up into a neat quiff. Tom was very aroused to the twink who now looked around the apartment before turning to Tom.

    “I am Tinder Gold, professional dater and dating expert and I am here to help you! I assume you are Tom, the one in need of my help ” He asked abruptly. Tom was speechless, he though Tindr Gold was a scam, not this.

    “Well yeah, are you some kind of dating coach? are you gonna get me laid?” “Of course, I am Tinder Gold and I never disappoint,”

    “Awesome, so what’s first?”

    “Well firstly, no one wants some post-college graduate, they want a freshly minted fuckboi…" 

    Did he just say fuckboi? No way was Tom was going to be like one of those dumbasses, who just existed to get laid. But before he could object Tinder began waving his hands. Tom became dizzy and distorted as energy waves from golds hands flew into Tom. His skin vibrated, turning back years. His fat mostly melted away, leaving a little around his stomach from laziness. The hair on his chest receding back into his skin, softening out his pecs. The hair on his legs receded as well but remained spread out for his age. The lines and bags on his face caused by all the stress of college faded from him. His age had gone from being mid-twenties to looking a youthful 18 years old.  

    “What the fuck! This isn’t what I wanted! I look like a dumb teenager!” Tom shouted as he saw his younger self reflected on his phone screen. “Relax, this is the first step to getting you laid. Now we gonna get you yeeted up…” without waiting for a response Tinder started massaging Tom’s arms, infusing them with the same energy. Tom laid back as all he could do was relax in Tinder’s hands. Gold moved his hands carefully across the entire surface of Tom’s skin, everywhere his hands went hair disappeared. After finishing with his arms, he moved to his chest and then finishing with his legs, removing any stray patches of hair.  Once he was done, the only hair left was around his dick, ankles and his pits. Gold focused harder now, causing his hands to vibrate and made a second pass. This time as they swept across Tom’s body they instilled a golden tan with a touch of Italian olive as he rewrote his genetics to make him the perfect Italian-American fuckboy. His hands swept through the mess of Tom’s hair, changing it from its dirty brown into a lighter, crisper brown. Gold continued his Fuckboyification of Tom, now focusing on his face, cleansing it of impurities and perfecting his features. Tom’s nose and mouth shrunk, though his lips grew, and eyes turned brown. Gold poked Tom’s nipples causing them to darken and grow slightly. Golds hands then pushed the energy down Tom, darkening the hairs on his dick and ankles. Tom was now a perfect Italian shade from face to feet.

    “One more thing to make you family!” Gold stepped back and framed his hands sideways as if to take an invisible picture. Then he quickly slammed his hands together. To Tom, it felt like a hammer had fallen on him; all of a sudden he was being compressed - his height fell from 6 foot down to a modest 5'7. His limbs sucked in to meet his new height, feet and hands dwindling down as well. His massive size 11 feet shrank to a cute size 8 and his hands became smaller with stubbier fingers. His loss of height and lack of hair combined to make him look boyish.  How on earth was any of this going to get him laid? Gold smiled, sensing his scepticism.

    “Patience fam, the best is on the way!” Gold took one hand and placed it on Tom’s temple and with the other grabbed his small package.

    “Wait what are you…. ohhh…” Tom moaned as his muscles slacked and resistance faded. He could feel a strange suction as if his brains were being sucked out through Gold and drawn into his stirring dick. The sensation scared him but it was also too pleasurable to fight. Tom’s hair began to change, his sides faded down so you could see his skin, while the hair on the top also shortened, before gelling off to the side neat like Gold’s. Tom’s pecs remained small but the remaining fat converted into muscle giving him a toned look. His arms swelled with strength and pudgy stomach shrank into a faint but hard six-pack. At the same time, his small dick began to grow, gaining inches as his brain shrank. His facial features became more pointed, eyes darkening with hunger and lust in them and his mouth curled into a pouty smile with his lips puffing up into a pseudo duck shape. 

    Old Tom would be embarrassed at him now, but Tommy was swimming in horniness, as he began to lust for boys and sex. Any knowledge he had gained and dreams of careers faded and disappeared into his new massive shlong of Italian meat and were replaced with a desire for screwing every boy in town. Gold sensed his fantasies and his smile transformed into a grin.

    “One last thing to make you a proper family fuckboy!” Gold said as his energies forced themselves into Tommy one last time. The images of boys and pounding their arses began dissolving and spinning like a washing machine. The boys formed from young twinks, jocks and bears into different kinds of hot babes. Pounding men’s buttholes with his massive meat, became repulsive. Tommy was defenceless, who could only smile as his homosexuality was drained down into his balls, growing them into the size of tennis balls. Tommy became hypnotised by swinging boobs and tits, fitting his Italian meat into pussy and seeding every pretty girl he saw with his new fuckboy cum. Two shiny studs pierced his ears, glistening in the sunlight. Bracelets appeared on his wrists. One with a cross that said god is great. Gotta be a saint in the streets to be a sinner in the sheets. As his dick continued to grow, nearing 10 inches hard his tight underwear changed into a loose pair of golden shorts, just like Gold’s. 

    “Ahhhhhhhh fuck boooooooooi!” Tommy gold screamed in his soft yet compelling voice as he came all over his walls. Posters of video games vanished, replaced by posters of girls, cars and rappers or singers. Yeah, his new idols and interests. His computer shrank and changed into a worn-out basketball and books evaporated, replaced with sports and playboy magazines.

    “It’s lit fam!”

    “Fuck yeah it’s lit! Thanks for buying Tindr Gold boy, get out there and get some ass and pussy. But remember you work for us now.” A new app feature appeared on his Tindr showing a map of all Tindr Gold users. “If anyone in your area buys Tindr Gold it’s your job to make sure they get laid,” Tommy grinned at his new ‘brother’ eager to get his new Italian sausage wet and make some losers into hot fuckboys like him, the family was gonna grow…


    Just Another Jock Bro


    It started off a normal day like any other for Isaac, but things wouldn’t end the way they would before. Little did he know someone was plotting their revenge on him. The other day some jocks were teasing and bullying him and snapped at them. He called them big, dumb hairy oafs who will get nowhere in life from being such idiots. He would also frequently tell others, students and faculty alike, about their activities, whether it be bullying, sexually harassing others or whatever else. They beat him up for it and pissed them off. They set up a trap in the lockerroom and lured him there by forcing a close friend of his, Alan, to text him to go there at a specific time. After, they turned on the friend and changed him. Made them one of them.

    When Isaac got there he saw nobody at first but as he was searching the lockerroom suddenly he was grabbed from behind and shoved into the wall. He was shocked as to what he saw. He saw his friend Alan all beefy and jockish. He demanded for Alan to tell him what’s going on here and he responded by saying he doesn’t know any Alan and that his name is Tyler. Tyler then told Isacc that he has been causing problems for the jocks and that the problem needs fixing.

    Tyler pulled off one of the shoes that he was wearing and Alan could smell from the moment he did how horribly it reeked… but there was something… alluring to it as well. Tyler shoved the shoe over Isaac’s nose and he covered Isaac’s mouth with his hand. Eventually, no matter how hard he tried not to, he had to take a breath and when he inhaled, the stench permeated his brain. He liked the feeling that washed over him and took another inhale. Bysaic felt it again, not realizing that not only was he starting to get dumber but his body was tingling as well. Eventually he grabbed the shoe and kept inhaling it all on his own. The more Bryasic would, the taller, hairier, beefier and dumber he would get. His memories also started to change from anime clubs and conventions to playing ball. Bryace’s sexuality also changed. He found he now was attracted to other men like him now. After Bryce fully transformed, he grabbed onto his former friend and now boyfriend Tyler and started making out with him. The lesson here is: don’t piss off a jock, they just might make you into one of them.

    A Helpful Pamphlet

     While searching through a dusty and forgotten box of books and papers that you found in your grandfathers attic, you pull out a small, brightly colored pamphlet that caught your eye. On the cover is a photo of a young, incredibly attractive man in a tank top, grinning up at you in a cocky, seductive, almost hypnotizing way. Above him is a a bright, bold title, reading “The 5 steps of jockification, with pictures!”

    Bemused, you turn to the first page of the packet, and begin to read

    Step 1: Denial

    As the jockification process begins, the new jock will at first not believe what is happening to them, perhaps first dismissing them as mere tricks of the light, or perhaps believing that they just look particularly good today. However, through their obliviousness, the physical changes persist, abs, pecs, biceps and other muscles steadily growing and becoming more defined, face squaring off, becoming more masculine, hair growing healthier and more stylish. Eventually, too the things around them will start to change, their pants becoming much more fashionable, their shirt melting away, or else changing to suit their new physique and appearance. At some point, however, the new jock will inevitably notice the changes in themselves, and realize that this is, in fact, real (pictured below)


    You laugh to yourself, reading this strange passage. Does whoever wrote this really think that things like can actually happen? This must be some kind of elaborate joke, a satire of some kind. Still you have to admire the dedication and descriptiveness of it, so you turn the page and continue reading, interested to see what the rest of the pamphlet holds in store

    Step 2: Examination

    Now that the new jock has realized that what’s happening to him is, in fact, 100 percent real, he begins to, out of curiosity, examine himself and the changes he’s undergone. He lifts his arms up, examining every muscle and flexing them, amazed at their new and impressive size. His eyes are drawn to his deep cut abs, creating a perfect v, bringing the eyeline straight down to his newly enlarged bulge. Eventually, either through a mirror, or perhaps a phone, he’ll begin scanning his face, taking in the square jaw, the piercing eyes, the perfect lips. Of course, through all of this, he won’t notice that the panic that was once overwhelming him is steadily subsiding, and his thoughts are starting to slow down as he’s filled with a sense of contentment (pictured below)


    You chuckle to yourself again, thoroughly amazed at what you’re reading. Somebody really took the time to write up and print out a pamphlet detailing something so ridiculous and improbable. And to spell it all out as if it was pure fact, it makes it even more insane. Still, you had to admit, it was kind of a fun read, and you shift in your seat, adjusting your tee shirt, stretched uncomfortably  tight over your muscles before turning to the next page and continuing reading

    Step 3: Acceptance

    By this point, the new jock has, rather unwittingly, found himself at peace with the changes he’s undergone. He takes another look at himself, taking time to adjust his hair, perhaps toying around with an accessory or two, or tracing his fingers along his hard muscles almost absentmindedly. Thoughts continue to drain out of his head, leaving him nuch dumber than before, and that only helps speed up the process exponentially. Finally, and with a small smile, he realizes. He looks good. REAL good. And with that single thought, without so much as a warning, the final phase of his jockification begins (pictured below)


    This time, you hardly stop to think before turning over the page to the next section of the booklet. You’re very excited to read and learn about what the final phase of jockification is like, and finishing this pamphlet is the only way you’ll ever find that out.

    Step 4: Broification

    At this point, the new jock has undergone all the physical changes necessary to be considered a new jock, but is still lacking the attitude required to truly be one. Luckily, however, with that single thought from the last step, the new jock has unwittingly invited every single change required, giving them open access to himself. As he continues to look at his new body, cocky, narcissistic thoughts begin flooding his head. He doesn’t just look good! No, he realizes as he begins flexing and posing to himself in the mirror, he’s not just good looking! He’s HOT! In fact, in his, he’s one of the hottest guys he’s ever met, if not THE hottest. With that, as well, comes a new appreciation for other bro’s hotness, straight out of nowhere. Of course no one could really understand how hot he is, except for another hot bro like himself. As he thinks that, his brain continues to drain, space that was once reserved for knowledge like math or vocabulary now being filled with thoughts of going to the gym, hitting the beach with his bros, and other such jock activities. Soon enough, the new jock is complete, indistinguishable from any and all of his equally dull, vain friends, completely oblivious to who he used to be before this day. As almost a sort of ritual, nearly every time the new jock will take their phone, raise it up, make a dumb, cocky face, and take a selfie, ready to upload it as the first of MANY new photos of himself about to make their way to Instagram. (Pictured below)


    You smile to yourself before letting out a low chuckle. That was a good read! A bit hard to understand at points (You’ll have to ask your bros what narcissistic and oblivious mean later) but still a super interesting topic and really hot! The idea of a lame nerd becoming a hot jock sounds amazing, but too good to be true. You go to put the pamphlet away before catching a glimpse of the cover again, and slapping yourself in the forehead. There were FIVE steps! You skipped one! (You really can be such a dumbass sometimes). Laughing, you grab the pamphlet back and turn to the last page, quickly reading

    Step 5: Look in the mirror, take a pic, and enjoy!

    Confused at why the booklet would say that, you smile and shrug anyway, grabbing out your phone, and preparing for a mirror selfie. Damn you look good today! Seeing a great opportunity, you decide to show off, lifting your shirt up all the way, revealing your impressive pecs and abs, and sticking your tongue out in a cocky expression that says “I’m sexy and I know it”. You take a couple different versions of the pic, pleased to see how great they all look. You pick the best one, swiftly uploading it to your strangely empty Instagram, already ready for the likes to roll in. Almost ready to leave, you turn back to the pamphlet. Maybe you could make copies of it? You know of plenty of friends who’d probably enjoy it just as much as you did…


    Jason swore loudly and had to resist the urge to throw his controller down, pissed that he kept dying cause of the game's stupid glitches (Also known as own mistakes). Still, he regained his composure, and smiled before saying

    "Alright chat, we're gonna finish up this one and then we're gonna move on to another game. There should be a poll on top for what we do next"

    Jason was a moderately successfully game streamer, averaging about 200 to 300 viewers a night, entirely based on his wit and skill. He knew for sure that they weren't coming for his looks, given his weedy, thin frame, overly pimpled face and large, nerdy glasses. Still, it was enough for him, and he was happy with the progress that he'd made.

    As Jason got himself set up for the next game, he heard a shocking sound from above him. The victory theme from one of his favorite JRPGs was blaring through the speakers, and he came up, staring at the screen in shock. He knew what that sound meant. That meant someone had tipped him one thousand dollars, completely out of nowhere.

    He looked in shock at the notification on the stream, seeing that it was from someone named JockBro69, with the simple message "Can't wait to get to know you better, cutie~"

    Jason was completely stunned. Not only had someone actually redeemed the donation goal that he set as a joke (That being that whoever was stupid enough to tip 1000 dollars got to have a 15 minute private chat with him), it was also someone that he'd never seen in his chat before.

    Thoroughly weirded out, but knowing that he had to honor his commitment, he sent the guy a quick private message.

    "Dude, I don't know how to thank you enough! Guess I'll see ya pretty soon!"

    With that, he sent the man his private zoom link, and said goodbye to the chat, who were still going wild over this turn of events, before pausing,the stream and hopping over to discord for the call.

    Not two seconds after his stream stopped, he got a requested video call on discord from the guy, and he opened it up, giving a second for the video to load, but when it did, he was completely dumbfounded again. He was expecting the mysterious donator to be some fat, sweaty silicon valley nerd with too much and money on his hands, but instead what met him was possibly the hottest man he's ever seen, standing up and looking down at his webcam with a friendly expression.

    "Fuck, bro! Its so good to finally fucking meet you, I've been such a big fan for a long time, and this is a really big deal for me~

    The man had a deep, rumbling, pleasant voice, that shot straight down Jacob's spine and left him feeling strangely... inadequate. Like the fact that his voice wasn't as smooth or melodic as this guy's was his fault, and he should be ashamed of that fact. Still, this guy was pretty pleasant to look at, Jason had to admit. He wasn't gay, definitely not, but he could acknowledge when another guy simply looked good.

    Jason scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, not entirely sure of what he should do or say. Still, this guy spent 1000 dollars on this meeting, so he had to try anyway.

    "So, umm.... I see your username is jockbro69... What's your actual name thought? I don't think I've ever seen you in chat before..."

    The other man actually laughed at this, before looking confused and saying

    "What are you talking about bro? Its me, Ethan! I'm in your chat all the time! Man, I guess what they say about playing games so much is true, huh?"

    At this statement, Jason actually went pale with shock. THIS was Ethan? This was the guy who's username used to be runningLink? Who was an active fan of the zelda series, constantly begged Jason to play them, and bemoaned the fact that no would date him? It just didn't seem right...

    Still, Jason, ever the semi professional, continued on, pretending that he wasn't shocked at the news.

    "Well, thanks for supporting me so much! Seriously, this means a lot to me... Ummm... so I guess tell me some of your favorite things about the channel then!"

    The man laughed again, the sound coming out in a slow, dumb chuckle, before saying

    "What's my favorite thing? Do I even have to say, bro? Its the amazing piece of eye candy I'm looking at right now. You're super hot, bro~"

    At this, Jason was shocked, but he chuckled awkwardly while blushing, and said

    "Really? I don't think I've ever heard a single person say that before. I guess I consider myself slightly below average..."

    The guy looked confused at that, before pressing on

    "Really, bro? You look super hot to me, you got those bright, blinding blue eyes that you can just get lost in~"

    At this point, Jason knew the man was just messing with him. His eyes have always, and will always be a dark, muddy brown, hidden behind his massive frames. Jason was about to respond, when Ethan continued

    "Yeah, and you got that super stylish haircut too, really makes you look super masculine~"

    Now Jason was REALLY confused. The guy was right, he did always get complements on his eyes, the bright, shocking blue visible and striking even through his huge glasses. But his hair was always a long, unkempt greasy mess.

    "Ethan, are you sure you're okay, you're not just seeing things? Cause I don't know what you're talking about"

    Ethan ignored the comment, just continuing to press on

    "And you've got that hot, manly face, with your strong jaw and amazing profile"

    Jason was confused again. Sure, his stylish haircut did help him look much better, but his face had always been pretty androgynous, with hints of baby fat still present in his cheeks. Again, before he could interrupt, Ethan continued,

    "And you've got that smooth smooth skin, that hot stubble, that sexy smirk of yours. You're the full package bro~"

    Jason laughed at this. Ethan was clearly being way too complementary. Sure his face had a great shape to it, with strong cheekbones and a square jaw, but his skin was still acne marked as hell, his smile was crooked and awkward, and he'd never been able to grow any facial hair, no matter how much he tried.

    "I really have no idea what you're talking about Ethan. Sure I've got some good features, but the overall package isn't much to write home about~"

    Ethan smirked again, his eyes lighting up with humor, as if he knew something I didn't.

    "Nah, bro, you're underselling yourself. Plus, you've got that body~"

    "What about my body? I think its pretty average, though I guess I'm a bit on the skinny side..."

    Jason looked down at himself, trying to contemplate what Ethan meant. Sure, he'd been blessed with an attractive, manly face, but it didn't change the fact that his body was still below average at best.

    "Again, bro! Putting yourself down. You really think those massive logs you have for arms are below average?"

    Jason looked down at his skinny arms, and said

    "More like logs than twigs man, seriously."

    "And what about your legs? You've spent so long working on em, you've got thighs and glutes to kill for~"

    Jason laughed again

    "I dunno man! Most people say the exact opposite. They say I spend too much time on arms and not enough on my torso and legs. What can I say though? I love having big, beefy arms."

    "Of course you do, bro? Who wouldn't? Especially when right in between em, you got your big, pillowy chest, your sexy abs, and your super toned back~"

    Jason was seriously starting to wonder if Ethan was on something. Anyone could clearly see from first glance that Jason's body was badly proportioned, his arms and legs being massive from months to years of work, while he neglected his back, pecs and ab muscles. Still, he thought he looked pretty alright honestly.

    "And I especially love how you're not only super sexy, you know it and flaunt it~ I don't think I've ever seen you once wear a shirt. The most you'll wear is a necklace, and even then, not like that covers anything, bro~ Only makes you look sexier"

    Now here Jason had to disagree. He knew that he had cultivated and developed an amazing body over his years of going to the gym, but that was all for his own personal satisfaction. He never flaunted it unnecessarily, especially not during a stream.

    "And I love the fact that you're such a fucking bro, bro. Every other word out of your mouth is bro and dude, you can't go even five minutes without flexing and thinking of fucking, or going to the gym, or hanging out with your other hot bros. We all know that your brain is basically only good for working out and looking hot. No smart's up there. And you've got your deep, sexy voice, too. Makes it even hotter that you're a gay bro, just like me"

    Jason HAD to laugh at that. What the guy was saying was just so ridiculous.

    "What the hell are you talking about? Look, I know that I like to show off my sexy body a lot, but that doesn't mean I'm some kind of dumb jock. And I'm definitely straight, dude. Don't know why you'd think I'm gay"

    Ethan pressed on, completely unabashed by Jason's last comments.

    "But you know the best fucking part, bro? Its that power of yours. The fact that any weak ass nerd who looks at you and your huge fucking muscles grows into a hot, dumb bro like us within seconds~"

    Jason was busy flexing, staring at his own bicep in awe, as if he was shocked by him impressive he was. He looked up at Ethan blearily, saying

    "Sorry, bro, what'd you say? I guess I got a bit fucking distracted. Huhuhu. But who could blame me~"

    "Nah, it was nothing bro. You don't need to worry about it. Now should head back to the stream?"

    Jason gasped in excitement, having forgotten entirely about the fact that there was a whole stream audience full of lame ass nerds, just ready for him to make as sexy as he and Ethan were.

    "You got it bro~ This is gonna be so fucking hot~"

    Jason left the call, going back to the stream and restarting, glad to see that a full 300 people were still watching, even through the extended break. The second he turned his camera on, he could see that people were confused for some reason, saying a stranger broke into his house. How stupid could these people be? How did they not recognize him? Still, not like it would matter for long...

    "Hey bros! How're we all fucking doing? Welcomes to today's stream..."

    He trailed off, looking blankly at the camera, before saying

    "You know what? Fuck video games! Who needs them when you can do this~"

    And as his pecs bounced and bounced hypnotically, the chat slowly transitioned from messages like "What the fuck is happening?" or "Who is this dumb jock?" to "Fuck, bro! Your pecs look so fucking hot today!" and "Huhuhu, I love making my pecs bounce like Jace's~"

    And so the stream continued, Jace showing everyone all the amazing things his body could do, while anyone that was watching, whether they wanted to or not, began to copy him exactly. And as the stream went on, the viewer count rose, and rose, and rose...

    Douchebro Epidemic: Patient Zero

    Maximum Genetic Research Facility: 4:50 PM

    The scientists at the research facility were currently in the process of closing up shop, putting away chemicals, returning test subjects to their cages, and doing tons and tons of security checks, making sure none of the highly volatile chemicals and formulas they were working on were compromised in any way. At least, that's what most of them were doing.

    Eric Swinton had had a long, long day at work and he couldn't wait to be home. Another day, another 8 hours of fruitless research into the head scientist's impossible dream of a so called "vitality serum", which he somehow thought could be achieved with a mix of testosterone and a bath of other chemicals. It was absolutely ridiculous, and everyday Eric cursed being assigned to the project. So, in his bad mood, he wasn't taking much care in putting everything away and locking it up properly, not noticing when he spilled a vial of the formula on the counter, not even when he accidentally ran his hand through some of it. As he left, he noticed his hand was wet, but assumed it was water, wiping it off on his clothes while he raced to catch his bus.

    As he waited for the bus, he felt a tickle in the back of his throat, and coughed slightly into his hand, clearing it for a few minutes before it came back. So he sat there, coughing repeatedly, not realizing that as he did so, they got more and more frequent over time. Still, he was unperturbed by this, assuming that he probably just picked up some sort of bug as he was riding the bus in the morning. Its not like the lab was working on any infectious disease at the moment, so he had nothing to worry about.

    So, Eric remained blissfully unaware of what was happening to him as he climbed onto the bus, still coughing lightly, but completely unaware of the other side effects happening to him. Normally a 50 year old, stocky, balding man, Eric's body was seemingly completely rejecting those facts, as his appearance was quickly shifting towards that of someone half his age or less. The hair on his head grew, the thin, almost nonexistent grey becoming a stylish, thick brown. The fat that he'd built up over years of drinking and not exercising was melting off his body, being replaced with hard, lean muscle. Even his face was looking like that of someone who was at most 22: Smooth skin, nice eyes, and with none of the roundness previously characteristic of the scientist.

    Perhaps, however, Eric wasn't noticing the frequent physical changes , because of the mental changes occurring simultaneously as he sat on that crowded public bus. His thoughts slowed gradually, becoming less and less intelligent, as his reality shifted in his own mind from a respected scientist who had worked at the lab for many years, to a kid who just signed up for a side job at this stupid lab for a couple months. And with the decreased intelligence, came a sudden increase in cockiness as well. Who were those eggheads at the lab to boss him around? Those dumb old fucks wasted their lives researching all this stupid shit instead of living, and they wanted to take that frustration out on him, just cause he knew how to actually enjoy his life. So fucking annoying. You know what? Tomorrow he'd march into that head scientist's office and tell him that if he wanted him to stay, then he could suck his fucking dick, cause there was nothing else at that dead end job worth staying for.

    He slowly chuckled to himself at the thought. The guy would be so pissed if he said that, probably screaming at him to get out, but it would be worth it. Or maybe the guy would blush and say yes, completely making a fool of himself. Not like Eric would actually let him do it, no way he'd ever go for a guy that old.

    And so, by the end of his ride on the bus, Eric was a completely different man, though his cough had finally subsided, and he had a much more enjoyable life to look forward to now. He got off the bus quickly, ready to have a fun night, and probably hit the club's later, when he heard a voice call "Eric, hold on!" from behind him.

    He turned around, to say a very overweight man

    in a suit jacket and a tie behind him, his next door neighbor in the apartment building, Josh. Josh was a nice guy, actually, even if he tried a bit too hard to be one of the young guys, and had gotten Eric the job at the lab, in fact. They often took the same bus home as well, so Eric saw him fairly frequently, though now Josh was walking up to him, worried.

    "Are you okay, I heard you coughing a lot on the ride home. Are you coming down with something, do ya think?"

    Eric laughed his concern off nonchalantly, saying

    "Nah bro, I think I just had something caught in my throat. I'm all good now. Thanks for asking though, bro, you're really nice~" before heading up to his apartment swiftly. Immediately he knew the first thing he wanted to do as well. He stripped off his dumb ass work uniform, put on a pair of hot pink shorts, and went to his bathroom to take a mirror selfie, giving a cocky expression and flipping off the mirror.

    Satisfied with the result, he smiled, opening up instagram to upload it alongside his dozens of other thirst trap photos that had garnered him thousands of followers. As he was typing in the caption, (Last day of work! Gonna quit tomorrow, so fucking excited!), he heard coughing coming from the wall that separated his and Josh's apartment, but he paid it no mind, sending the post off to the world, before heading back to his bedroom to get ready for a fun night...


    I just love growing my friends or family. Gray came to me for help and who am I to deny him.

    We set up a plan to help him grow slowly like a pound more or less per week. It was so hot seeing how his clothes slowly cling to his body in all the right places.

    Then one day he finally got to accidently rip the sleeves and the sides of his shirt. Good thing it happened when we were alone because I got yo worship him then and there.

    Here in the bathroom he went and recorded himself flexing and showed how big he is. Oh and one final thing, he still wants to grow bigger. I wonder if he’ll ever be satisfied and maybe giving him a bit of height make him want to grow even more.