The dreams of Grusch
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2023-01-01 22:50:25

    It was not the best idea to make these riding gestures, when asking her: “I WANNA BE YOUR HORSE”. She said this can be arranged. And she brought a saddle, bridle and bit and a riding crop. “Have you seen a clothed horse? Get naked and on all four. I dare you to disobey.” And she hit me with her crop. So I obeyed. She rode me hard and used the crop every moment. When I broke down under her she got off and whipped me even harder. “Tomorrow, you are back, I will bring my spurs.”


    Well, what do you have to say for yourself?! It’s been 8 hours since I left you here, and the place is still a mess. Now take your whipping like a man and continue with your duty.

    What?! A shovel?!! If you want frivolous things like shovels and brooms you got to earn them first! If you do a satisfactory job of cleaning the stables with your mouth, I might let you use your hands next time. If I am still satisfied with you after that, I might grant you shovel-time now and then…