KID WATCHING THE VIDEO: This guy’s not not tied to his rope… this - dude, this guy’s crazy, does he have a death wish or somethin’? Oh my gosh! Doesn’t he have like a wife and kids at home???

    [parachute opens up to reveal it is rainbow]

    KID, IN EXACT SAME TONE: Doesn’t he have a husband and kids at home???


    I remember the first time I saw this video. When it hit me, like a weight slamming into my whole chest, that this was going to be normal for kids now. When I was his age, I couldn’t have imagined people being so casual about this. When I was his age men couldn’t have husbands in the eyes of the law!

    We have a whole generation growing up which says his husband and her wife with utter casualness. Which uses they/them and neo pronouns, and doesn’t even bother to wonder about the gender of a “partner”.

    Happy pride everybody.


    This gif is outrageous


     ■ The so-called “blood explosion” which punctuates the conclusion of Akira Kurosawa’s 1962 movie Sanjuro remains one of the most memorable and influential special effects in film history.
    Production designer Yoshiro Muraki would later recall this scene was filmed in a single take. No such effect had ever been attempted before, as movies of the time rarely showed violence with graphic detail. Filled with uncertainty, Muraki worried the blood spray he’d rigged up wouldn’t impress Kurosawa, so he added an extra 30 pounds of pressure to the fluid pump. At the moment the pump was activated, the additional pressure caused the compressor hose attached to actor Tatsuya Nakadai to blow a coupling which created a slight, unintentional delay before the fake blood began to spray, and caused a much larger gush of fluid than planned. It sprayed so powerfully Nakadai claimed it almost lifted him off the ground. His heart sinking, as he believed the delay and over-pressure had ruined the effect, Muraki nervously glanced at director Akira Kurosawa, but Kurosawa only nodded in approval.


    “oh god i fucked this up”



    And to think this is so iconic that “two dudes clash, there’s a beat, then one dies incredibly violently” is just a must-have for action in anime


    Its crazy to think that this iconic visual that has been so ubiquitous in pop culture for so long despite that the source material barely being known by people all came from actors staying in character thru an FX malfunction.


    "Many species of polychaetes undergo epitoky whereby sexually immature worms transform into pelagic morphs capable of sexual reproduction. After fertilization, they release their gametes through rapid disintegration." worms are out here having insane sex we can't even comprehend


    "what do they mean by disintegrate?" "oh yeah no he fucking disintegrated"


    This skips the best part! The epitoke isn't the "real" or "original" worm. The worm grows an extra body with a simpler brain that only knows how to swim and cum (by exploding) so this part breaks off and the rest of the worm just stays home.

    In some species the epitoke, or what I think should be renamed the cummunculus, is advanced enough to have its own eyes and everything, though only so it at least knows the right direction to swim (up) because it's so stupid and all


    i refuse to leave this in the tags


    I know, I know, gatekeeping the outdoors, that's supposedly bad, right, but I think if you show up to do a hike and you brought a portable speaker with you to play music while you hike, I think, like hear me out, there should be a gate, and someone at the gate should keep you from doing the hike.


    playing music in public should get strong social disapproval


    Recorded music, anyway. Live music is different rules. If you want to lug an entire cello up a mountain you can do whatever the hell you want.


    Carrying a speaker on a hike to make everyone listen to your bullshit, and simply sitting under a tree and playing a fiddle in the woods, are two activities so different they may as well not exist in the same world.


    im fucking losing it dude


    Yeah, there's footage of the marines having joined the high school party, including one of them passing a bottle of whiskey with a teenager. Then the drunk marines started sexually harassing the underaged girls, and the kids demanded that they get the fuck out. As they were leaving, one kid smacked a marine, then immediately backed off. The marine stopped, turned around, thought about it for a moment, then charged at the kid to tackle him onto the concrete... and landed directly in the middle of the group of teenagers, who rightfully stopped this grown ass adult from beating a child to death.

    News source

    Footage of the fight breaking out (don't read the thread, it's just people demanding the kids be murdered in cold blood for protecting themselves)

    That being said, four boys and one girl have been arrested and charged for assault with a deadly weapon, and they may be tried as adults, so... yeah, this isn't just something to laugh about. These kids might have their lives ruined for defending themselves, especially since I have a horrible suspicion that the only girl that's been arrested and charged was probably one of the ones being sexually harassed. This isn't just funny meme material guys.