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    Sew on patches are now available in my <>shop<> (BluebonnetFemme on Etsy)!

    Each patch is hand embroidered ❤️

    <>Shipping is open to the US, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe. This is subject to change depending on USPS shipping restrictions due to the pandemic.

    <>New items up on my shop, y'all! 💕 Reblogging to my cottage blog to let all of you know❤️

    I'm watching Old Guard and if I wasn't a raging lesbian before by golly I sure am now

    I need a sequel immediately



    “We are a Native American owned fashion & accessories brand that specializes in storytelling through wearable art.

    Our clothing is designed by Northern Cheyenne & Crow fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail, while our #byellowtailcollective accessories are 100% handmade by a collective of Native American artisans whom hail from Tribal Nations throughout North America.

    With tradition and culture at the heart of what we do, we’ve set out to share authentic indigenous creativity with the world, while providing an empowering, entrepreneurial platform for Native peoples”.

    oh jesus someone finally took the capslock kettle discourse into Actual Condescending City 



    I saw this post initially and went and checked online to see if Keurig’s had suddenly gone on a massive sale that I was unaware of and got the same results as you.

    Where do you people live where you’re magically finding Keurig machines for less than $50?? Send me a link! Hook me up!

    This was a gift commission from @guardians-of-las-vyxen for my birthday. The character is Zercey from Illthdar: Guardians of Las, and the artist is Qure on Instagram

    Link to the artist page is below. Please share the love for this great work.

    As a reminder, the fundraiser for Gendered Intelligence is still on and ends at midnight on the last day of August 2020.

    Gendered Intelligence works to improve the conditions of trans people in the UK through direct youth work, education, training and effecting meaningful change.

    In response to JK Rowling's transphobic comments, all profits from the sale of Guardians of Las will be donated to Gendered Intelligence. Because there's no excuse for what she said and she's absolutely wrong - trans women are women!

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