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    the reason you were able to read more and do more activities in a day when you were a kid than you do as an adult isn’t because you got stupider, it’s because as a child you generally had your base needs taken care of and your schedule provided to you, so you didn’t have to use as much of your mental and physical energy on planning, life maintenance (ie food and administrative tasks), and general executive function. of course you could focus on reading a novel in two days, somebody else made your lunches and you never thought about phone bills and you didn’t even have to decide for yourself when to take a bath. c’mon

    Mark Romanek, video director of “Hurt” on making the video with Johnny and June:

    The sadness in the ‘Hurt’ video is genuine.  Johnny said that “Hurt” was the best anti-drug song he’d ever heard. The rage you see when he pours the wine on the table or starts to weep is a direct result of having lost people to addictions – and almost having lost himself.  But he was playing a role.  On set, when we yelled, “Cut,” a very different, very funny, much more energetic Johnny Cash emerged.  When we were shooting the piano scene, he said, “Maybe you want June to dance naked on the piano there.”  June said, “Oh, John!” and the crew broke up.  He was playful with June – the degree to which they were in love with each other was palpable after all these years.  Johnny was also extremely generous —he autographed about thirty-five vinyl copies of The Man Comes Around as a parting gift to the crew, who were in awe.  That had never been done by any of the forty artists I’ve worked with.