Gay Incest Fantasies
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2021-10-07 02:49:34


    I’ve been on the search for real fathers and sons, or brothers/brothers who are biologically related and enjoy bareback incest. I’m trying to form an incest orgy group and am having a hard time getting guys to “come out of the closet.’ I know it’s a very touchy topic and society puts fear and doubts into us all, but fuck that. It’s time to stand proud and if everyone admitted to incest, then we’d find it really is more normal than taboo. So please help me in this endeavor and message me back if your currently having bareback incest so we can get this group started. If you’re not having incest, but are a supporter and find it very hot, then please reblog this post as much as possible so that it may reach others. Spread the word, our legs, our seed, and bareback like theres no tomorrow my bros.


    My brother and I have bareback sex alk the time. He loves to breed me.