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    This is the Maiden of Llullaillaco, an Incredibly Well-Preserved Child Sacrifice from the Incan Empire around 500 years ago.

    The Maiden of Llullaillaco, sacrificed at around the age of 15, was discovered with the other “Children of Llullaillaco” which includes a 6 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.

    These mummies are so well preserved due to their position within a tomb atop a mountain within the extremely dry Atacama Desert. They are so well preserved, that their internal organs are intact, individual hairs on the arms can be seen and even one of the heart’s still contains frozen blood.

    The deaths of the three children occurred by drugging the children with alcohol and coca, then placing them in the tomb where they eventually died in their sleep. This appears to have been a very well prepared process, as hair samples dictated that the children had extremely rich diets leading up to their deaths. The tombs were also adorned with elaborate dress and trinkets.

    The boy however, faced a different death that could’ve indicated struggle or a different burial process. The boy was very tightly bound, and had dislocated hips and ribs and it appears he died under stress as the clothing contains both vomit and blood. Suffocation is the likely cause of his death due to the way he was bound.


    Yes! These are the niños del volcn, or vulcano kids, found in 1999 in the Salta Province here in Argentina, near the Llullaillaco volcano. They’re so “very well preserved”, “mummified” because of the height, temperature and pressure, more than 6739 meters above sea level, or around 22000 feet above the sea level. I’ve heard that when they were found, the people who found them got the scare of their lifetimes because they just looked alive.

    The indigenous diaguita calchaqu communities there in Salta have already made clear that taking the children away from the volcano was disrespectful as hell, since they were sacrificed back in the day, and that was their burial site (they had many offerings and more) and our belief is that they are to remain there, up the apu (major spirit of the volcano or mountain) to connect with other ancestors and protect us. Even if this kind of offerings aren’t done now, obviously, there is absolutely no valid reason to take them from their resting place. And it’s much more disrespectful because they’re in a museum exhibition and people are even paying to see them, and our indigenous communities get a grand total of 0 (cero) profit nor remuneration for being taken away. So theres that. Quick reminder that these are indigenous children and indigenous people should have been given, and be given now too, the right to choose what to do with our people’s remains.

    Another quick remark: you can’t drug someone with coca leaves. The coke plant is commonly chewed all day in the argentinean northwest, it helps cope with great pressures in height and doesn’t have any bad side effects, it’s even good for your teeth. It’s also a sacred plant (kokamama’s spirit resides in the coke leaves) and that’s why they were ingesting it. Kokamama is a spirit of divination and communication with apus and other major ancestral spirits, which is what the children were meant to do. The alcohol, on the other hand, was very likely chicha, a sacred drink aswell. So yeah, they weren’t “drugged”, they had ingested coke leaves, for both it’s spiritual and biological functions, and chicha or other sacred alcohol as well. Coca and chicha are both common offerings in our indigenous communities to this day.


    Had a big talk with this about finding Aztec sites in the past but “It’s for science!”

    Shut the FUCK up and respect us.


    The idea of putting the bodies of indigenous children on display for the fucking public to gawk at after removing them from their sacred ancestral resting place is insidiously disgusting