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    I know some people need to hear this so here we go: If your insecurities make you completely unable to reach out to your friends, your friends will eventually get tired of doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship and move on to people who are capable of meeting them halfway. This doesn't make them fake friends - it simply means that you're not the only one who has a need to feel wanted and appreciated. So if you never initiate anything and aren't working on changing that, then you don't get to complain if people don't stick around. "If they cared they'd come to me" is a two way street - and this means that sometimes you're the one who has to text first or send out an invite. Cause if you never step up and return the favor, you can't expect people to keep reaching out to you.




    I want to live by myself when I move out of my parent's place but I'm really afraid of money problems? I'm afraid that the only place I can afford will be in the ghetto and it'll all be torn apart and I'll only be allowed to eat one granola bar a week. I'm really stressing out about this. I don't know anything about after school life. I don't know anything about paying bills or how to buy an apartment and it's really scaring me. is there anything you know that can help me?

    HI darling,

    I’ve actually got a super wonderful masterpost for you to check out:


  • what the hell is a mortgage?
  • first apartment essentials checklist
  • how to care for cacti and succulents
  • the care and keeping of plants
  • Getting an apartment
  • Money

  • earn rewards by taking polls
  • how to coupon
  • what to do when you can’t pay your bills
  • see if you’re paying too much for your cell phone bill
  • how to save money
  • How to Balance a Check Book
  • How to do Your Own Taxes
  • Health

  • how to take care of yourself when you’re sick
  • things to bring to a doctor’s appointment
  • how to get free therapy
  • what to expect from your first gynecologist appointment
  • how to make a doctor’s appointment
  • how to pick a health insurance plan
  • how to avoid a hangover
  • a list of stress relievers
  • how to remove a splinter
  • Emergency

  • what to do if you get pulled over by a cop
  • a list of hotlines in a crisis
  • things to keep in your car in case of an emergency
  • how to do the heimlich maneuver
  • Job

  • time management
  • create a resume
  • find the right career
  • how to pick a major
  • how to avoid a hangover
  • how to interview for a job
  • how to stop procrastinating
  • How to write cover letters
  • Travel

  • Traveling for Cheap
  • Travel Accessories
  • The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase
  • How To Read A Map
  • How to Apply For A Passport
  • How to Make A Travel Budget
  • Better You

  • read the news
  • leave your childhood traumas behind
  • how to quit smoking
  • how to knit
  • how to stop biting your nails
  • how to stop procrastinating
  • how to stop skipping breakfast
  • how to stop micromanaging
  • how to stop avoiding asking for help
  • how to stop swearing constantly
  • how to stop being a pushover
  • learn another language
  • how to improve your self-esteem
  • how to sew
  • learn how to embroider
  • how to love yourself
  • 100 tips for life
  • Apartments/Houses/Moving

  • Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 1: Are You Sure? (The Responsible One)
  • Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 2: Finding the Damn Apartment (The Responsible One)
  • Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 3: Questions to Ask about the Damn Apartment (The Responsible One)
  • Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 4: Packing and Moving All of Your Shit (The Responsible One)
  • How to Protect Your Home Against Break-Ins (The Responsible One)
  • Education

  • How to Find a Fucking College (The Sudden Adult)
  • How to Find Some Fucking Money for College (The Sudden Adult)
  • What to Do When You Can’t Afford Your #1 Post-Secondary School (The Sudden Adult)
  • Stop Shitting on Community College Kids (Why Community College is Fucking Awesome) (The Responsible One)
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  • Marriage: What the Fuck Does It Mean and How the Hell Do I Know When I’m Ready? (Guest post - The Northwest Adult)
  • How Fucked Are You for Moving In with Your Significant Other: An Interview with an Actual Real-Life Couple Living Together (mintypineapple  and catastrofries)
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  • How to Winterize Your Piece of Shit Vehicle (The Responsible One)
  • How to Make Public Transportation Your Bitch (The Responsible One)
  • Other Blog Features

  • Apps for Asshats
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  • Apartments (or Life Skills) - How Not to Live in Filth (The Sudden Adult)
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  • Adult Cheat Sheet:

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  • how to know if you’re eligible for food stamps
  • throwing a dinner party
  • i’m pregnant, now what?
  • first aid tools to keep in your house
  • how to keep a clean kitchen
  • learning how to become independent from your parents
  • job interview tips
  • opening your first bank account
  • what to do if you lose your wallet
  • tips for cheap furniture
  • easy ways to cut your spending
  • selecting the right tires for your car
  • taking out your first loan
  • picking out the right credit card
  • how to get out of parking tickets
  • how to fix a leaky faucet
  • get all of your news in one place
  • getting rid of mice & rats in your house
  • when to go to the e.r.
  • buying your first home
  • how to buy your first stocks
  • guide to brewing coffee
  • first apartment essentials checklist
  • coping with a job you hate
  • 30 books to read before you’re 30
  • what’s the deal with retirement?
  • difference between insurances
  • Once you’ve looked over all those cool links, I have some general advice for you on how you can have some sort of support system going for you:

    Reasons to move out of home

    You may decide to leave home for many different reasons, including:

  • wishing to live independently
  • location difficulties – for example, the need to move closer to university
  • conflict with your parents
  • being asked to leave by your parents.
  • Issues to consider when moving out of home

    It’s common to be a little unsure when you make a decision like leaving home. You may choose to move, but find that you face problems you didn’t anticipate, such as:

  • Unreadiness – you may find you are not quite ready to handle all the responsibilities.
  • Money worries – bills including rent, utilities like gas and electricity and the cost of groceries may catch you by surprise, especially if you are used to your parents providing for everything. Debt may become an issue.
  • Flatmate problems – issues such as paying bills on time, sharing housework equally, friends who never pay board, but stay anyway, and lifestyle incompatibilities (such as a non-drug-user flatting with a drug user) may result in hostilities and arguments.
  • Your parents may be worried

    Think about how your parents may be feeling and talk with them if they are worried about you. Most parents want their children to be happy and independent, but they might be concerned about a lot of different things. For example:

  • They may worry that you are not ready.
  • They may be sad because they will miss you.
  • They may think you shouldn’t leave home until you are married or have bought a house.
  • They may be concerned about the people you have chosen to live with.
  • Reassure your parents that you will keep in touch and visit regularly. Try to leave on a positive note. Hopefully, they are happy about your plans and support your decision.

    Tips for a successful move

    Tips include:

  • Don’t make a rash decision – consider the situation carefully. Are you ready to live independently? Do you make enough money to support yourself? Are you moving out for the right reasons?
  • Draw up a realistic budget – don’t forget to include ‘hidden’ expenses such as the property’s security deposit or bond (usually four weeks’ rent), connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Communicate – avoid misunderstandings, hostilities and arguments by talking openly and respectfully about your concerns with flatmates and parents. Make sure you’re open to their point of view too – getting along is a two-way street.
  • Keep in touch – talk to your parents about regular home visits: for example, having Sunday night dinner together every week.
  • Work out acceptable behaviour – if your parents don’t like your flatmate(s), find out why. It is usually the behaviour rather than the person that causes offence (for example, swearing or smoking). Out of respect for your parents, ask your flatmate(s) to be on their best behaviour when your parents visit and do the same for them.
  • Ask for help – if things are becoming difficult, don’t be too proud to ask your parents for help. They have a lot of life experience.
  • If your family home does not provide support

    Not everyone who leaves home can return home or ask their parents for help in times of trouble. If you have been thrown out of home or left home to escape abuse or conflict, you may be too young or unprepared to cope.

    If you are a fostered child, you will have to leave the state-care system when you turn 18, but you may not be ready to make the sudden transition to independence.

    If you need support, help is available from a range of community and government organisations. Assistance includes emergency accommodation and food vouchers. If you can’t call your parents or foster parents, call one of the associations below for information, advice and assistance.

    Where to get help

  • Your doctor
  • Kids Helpline Tel. 1800 55 1800
  • Lifeline Tel. 13 11 44
  • Home Ground Services Tel. 1800 048 325
  • Relationships Australia Tel. 1300 364 277
  • Centrelink Crisis or Special Help Tel. 13 28 50
  • Tenants Union of Victoria Tel. (03) 9416 2577
  • Things to remember

  • Try to solve any problems before you leave home. Don’t leave because of a fight or other family difficulty if you can possibly avoid it.
  • Draw up a realistic budget that includes ‘hidden’ expenses, such as bond, connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Remember that you can get help from a range of community and government organizations. 
  • (source)

    Keep me updated? xx


    Reblogging for myself


    reblogging for those that follow me that may be starting to move out

    H E L L O   T U M B L R !!!

    I’ve seen the fanart, the ship battles, the edits and yes, the fanfics and I AM HERE FOR IT. Why a Tumblr page for the 911 shows you may ask? To celebrate you, the fans!

    So as we patiently* wait for the hiatus to be over, let’s chat and get to know each other.

    In the meantime, here are some of my favorite gifs.


    *not so patiently because let’s be real we all want the second half of the season already

    gif 1 | gif 2 | gif 3 | gif 4 | gif 5 | gif 6 | gif 7


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    Going to Master List my 911/911 Lone Star fics because I think I have enough to accumulate a decent list!


    - this one here has good, ole Buck cutting his arm on a call and not realizing until he’s half naked and Eddie looks like he’s about to have a heart attack

    - this one has Buck coming down with a cold after a water rescue, and whOOPS the cold gets worse because he doesn’t know how to pace himself ever and winds up with pneumonia

    - this one takes place after that damn well/Eddie almost drowning episode that was dangerously close to ruining me and has Eddie ending up sick because bro’s been through a lot okay

    - this one happens after we learn Eddie’s been fighting for sport because his boyfriend Buck hurt him realy badly. Basically, Buck finds out and he’s nOt happy about it

    - this one has Buck meeting Eddie at a hospital bc Christopher’s been sick, but he finds out that Eddie’s also sick and has to take care of both his boys 

    - this one has Buck feeling anxious, sad, and insecure and just overall not having a great day and boyfriend Eddie’s the only one who really picks up on it and goes to help

    - this one is a little Valentine’s Day fic where Eddie and Buck have dinner plans but dinner plans end up not being dinner plans because Buck’s sick and tries to ignore it bc [cue heart eyes] Eddie

    - this one has Buck getting stuck in a burning building a little too long and he gave his oxygen mask to someone else bc of cOURSE he did and he’s a little woozy and Eddie’s a lot not happy and gets him out despite his shoulder being a little not great at the moment (dislocated; his shoulder’s dislocated bc the two can’t just keep themselves together)

    - this one has some Buck and Eddie sleeping quarantining together and just being too cute and it’s really not allowed

    - here’s just a little, domestic Buddie where Buck’s retelling a riVETING story about his call today to Christopher, and Eddie didn’t sign up to have two children in his house tonight

    - here’s a little one where Buck’s a little sick (he’s a lot sick bc he doesn’t do things halfway literally every) and he spirals a little, so he drives to Eddie’s house and Eddie looks after him bc we stan soft in this household

    - (crying) this was my first 911 fic wowowow so this one has Buck throwing himself back into work once he’s back (and we just don’t fucking discuss the lawsuit bullshit okay?) and he’s pushing himself way too hard and ends up being really not okay at Eddie’s house while he’s playing games with Christopher

    - this is a sequel to the fic above so my second first 911 fic lmao it’s a continuation. Eddie’s worried. Bobby’s worried. Buck’s “fine,” grown men watch cartoons– it’s really a whole thing lmao

    - this is my most recent 3-chapter child that i spent an embarrasing amount of time on and it’s set after the crossover episode and has Buck driving to Texas right after a 24-hour shift to confide in TK about his feelings he’s having (feelings of the sexual preference nature) bc as said above he really doesn’t do things halfway and of course Eddie gets involved, proving Buck’s not the only one who’s overdramatic 

    911 Lone Star

    - here we have a little drabble of how I imagined TK would react finding out about Owen’s diagnosis in Season 1 bc I was having feelings, okay

    - this is just a little Valentine’s Fic in season 1 setting where TK and Carlos are striclty NOT on a date (are they doing date things? Yes, but for TK purposes, it’s not a date)

    - this one is a little drabble where TK’s v upset and might be having a break down, and Carlos is there (too soft, very sharp on the cheese in this one)

    - this one’s a little drabble where someone spray paints something not nice at all on TK’s locker, and TK’s all whatever shit happens about it and his Team + Carlos is NOT HAPPY (as they should be)

    - this one is a little deep dive into that whole comment TK made in season 1 where everything’s gray and he just wants to feel so, in the tornado episode, he goes toward the tornado and Carlos takes care of him after

    - this one has TK getting trapped on a call and Carlos pANICS bc of feeLINGS and goes in to save him and there’s some after hopsital revelations to be made

    - this one’s a little role reversal where Carlos gets hurt on the job, and TK seems like he’s the last person to find out and he’s 100% not happy and is 100% going to take care of Carlos

    - this one has TK thinking he picked up a small cold from Carlos so he goes about his business but gets worse and passes out while on a call bc his single brain cell is stretched a little thin

    - this one is season 1 setting (catching a trend here? lmao) that has TK kind of running himself into the ground trying to be the perfect son after he learns about Owen’s diagnosis but he disregards it bc Owen is more improtant and ends up at Carlos’s house later in the night, where Carlos very quickly learns he’s not here to vibe with fever sex

    - this one has Carlos working too hard to catch a dangerous man and he ends up collapsing after they finally catch him so Michelle brings him to TK, and TK’s left to deal with a feverish, tired, yet still very much on edge Carlo


    apparently this is a thing in Japan too, and it gets translated as “Mundane Halloween.” There are so photos online and they’re all so good?????

    “Person going to work on a windy day"

    “Woman who’s having her bang cut but the hairdresser is nowhere to be found"

    "Zookeeper in charge of the pandas"


    Here are two more:

    "Not pregnant lady when someone yield seat to her on subway"

    And my favorite

    "Person on thermal infrared camera"

    Might share more tomorrow.


    Influencers taking selfies at a gym

    Starbucks barista working her ass off on Halloween but gotta keep up that smile

    Person who sits on wet paint

    Person who's still loading

    Boyfriend carrying girlfriend's shopping bags


    I love these so much


    Well seeing as you're now doing Genshin, we should get the basic one out how do the main characters + Paimon encounter House Isekai

    House Isekai AU Masterlist


    Byleth and Paimon

    (Byleth) “So...What are you? Are you a god or...?”

    (Paimon) “Nope, Paimon is Paimon! The tone-deaf bard is one, though.”

    (Byleth) “Bard? You mean that green kid?”

    (Paimon) “Yeah, but I don’t wanna talk about him! He’s a big ol’ jerk! By the way, you got any food?”

    (Byleth) “...I suddenly feel grateful for Sothis.”

    (Paimon) “Huh? What do you mean?”

    Aqua, Sothis, and Venti

    (Venti) “Hello, pleased to meet you!”

    (Sothis) “So, you’re a god in your world too?”

    (Venti) “Well, I don’t like to brag but yes. I am Barbatos in my world. And you two are?”

    (Sothis) “I am Sothis. Goddess of Fodlan.”

    (Aqua) “Aqua, Goddess of water! Though in my own world...Hm, you don’t look like much.”

    (Sothis) “To be fair, neither do you.”

    (Aqua) “Hey! I can do stuff like party tricks, healing magic, and I’ve even kicked some ass in the other worlds we’ve been in! Venti, what can YOU do?”

    (Venti) “Um...I’m a very good bard player!”

    (Sothis) “...Is that it?”

    (Venti) “...Y-Yes...”


    (Sothis) “That’s nothing to be celebrating.”

    (Venti) “HUH?!”

    Yuki, Megumi, Towa, Kazuma, and Lisa

    (Towa) “Hello, miss Lisa! I’m Towa Herschel, student council president of House Isekai! We welcome you!”

    (Lisa) “Aw, thank you! But no need for formalities with me, sweetie. My, you all look like such cuties!”

    (Towa) “I suddenly feel in danger.”

    (Megumi) “Huh? Why? She looks like she can handle herself in a fight but I don’t think she looks hostile.”

    (Towa) “I’m just...Getting Angie vibes, Megunee.”

    (Kazuma) “She kinda reminds me of Wiz, actually.”

    (Yuki) “You look so pretty, Lisa!”

    (Lisa) “Hah, I’m going to blush! I don’t look nearly as pretty as the three of you. Especially you, Megumi.”

    - Lisa winked at her.

    (Megumi) “T-Thank you...?”

    (Kazuma) “What about me?”

    (Lisa) “Oh, did you not hear me last time? Let me say it clearer.”

    - She got extremely close to Kazuma.

    (Lisa) “You’re a real cutie.”

    (Kazuma) “HURK?!”

    (Towa) “Oh goddess, she’s worse than Angie. She’s a cougar!”

    (Yuki) “But Angelica is nice though. And Lisa is a human right?”

    (Towa) “You’ll...You’ll get what I mean when you’re older.”

    Yu, Akira, and Kaeya

    (Kaeya) “So, I’ve been told by some little birdies that you guys have broken the law in pursuit of justice in your worlds.”

    (Akira) “...Is that going to be a problem?”

    (Yu) “If we hadn’t done what we did, then all of the people I call my friends would be dead.”

    - ...

    (Kaeya) “Hah! Your faces! Nah, it isn’t going to be a problem. Quite frankly, I respect it.”

    (Yu) “I see.”

    (Kaeya) “Apologies, just wanted to see how you kids are myself. We’re gonna get along just fine.”

    (Akira) “You won’t hit on everything that moves right?”

    (Kaeya) “I...What?”

    (Akira) “S-Sorry, you’d look like the type who would.”

    (Kaeya) “Do people in your groups do that?”

    (Yu) “Oh you have NO idea. If they get up to shenanigans and you’re there, hit them over the head for us?”

    (Kaeya) “Hah, can do.”

    Cocytus, Ainz, and Jean, Amber

    (Amber) “WOAH!”

    (Ainz) “Oh, here we go...”

    (Jean) “You are part of House Isekai?”


    (Jean) “Oh, I did not mean to offend! If anything I am amazed.”

    (Ainz) “Amazed?”

    (Jean) “People of all shapes and sizes have united under a single class. It is...inspiring. It makes me wish I could do the same for the people of Monstadt. A-Apologies. I am the Acting Grand Master of Monstadt but please just call me Jean.”

    (Amber) “Name’s Amber! Hope we get along!”

    (Ainz) “Huh. You are the first humans to say that besides our House.”


    (Amber) “You guys seem pretty cool!”


    (Ainz) “No, Cocytus. It is not necessary for them. If the Acting Grand Master wants us to refer to her casually, then I will do the same.”

    - Jean stuck a hand out for Ainz, which he shook it.

    (Jean) “Here’s hoping to a lasting friendship between your class and my knights.”

    (Ainz) “Kazuma and his group will push that to the limit.”

    (Amber) “...What?”

    BONUS: Sharon and Noelle

    (Noelle) “Excuse me, are you Sharon Kreuger?”

    (Sharon) “Indeed I am, how may I be of assistance?”

    (Noelle) “I am Noelle, I am the maid for Lady Jean. I was told you are House Isekai and Class VII’s original retainer?”

    (Sharon) “I am, they are all like family. I assume the same can be said of your charge?”

    (Noelle) “Y-Yes! I was just wondering if...Um...C-Could I have you as a mentor?”

    (Sharon) “Oh?”

    (Noelle) “From what I have been told from Lady Alisa, you are like a super maid! You can do anything while also being able to fight with the best combat instructors in your class!”

    (Sharon) “My oh my, I never would have expected Lady Alisa to have said such things about me. Regardless, you wish to achieve the same heights in service to your lady?”

    (Noelle) “Yes, ma’am!”

    - Sharon kept her smile as she nodded.

    (Sharon) “Come along now, young Noelle. I have much to teach you.”


    (Rean) “This can NOT be good...”

    (Sara) “Okay, this is getting out of hand, now there’s two of ‘em!”

    (Rean) “...Sharon doesn’t have a daughter right?”

    (Sara) “Psh, hell if I know. Though...that kid does look like hers, doesn’t it?”

    BSD Manga Translations

    Since I’ve gotten several asks where I read the newest BSD manga chapters, I decided to make a masterpost with all the people who make translations in this fandom.

    I don’t know if someone has already done this before, but I’m making my own, so I can update and link to that whenever needed.

    So, here are the people who translate, typeset or provide scans of the latest manga chapters (main story, anthology and wan) for us losers who can’t read Japanese:


    (last update: 08.01.2021)

    @akai-koutei​ -> [translations]

    @akutagawaprize​ -> [RAWs & scans]

    @awkwardbsd​ -> [typesetting]

    @buraihatranslations / @samsa19 -> [translations]

    @caffeinatedseri -> [typsetting]

    @ce-la / @yokohama-drip​ -> [translations]

    @chazukekani -> [translations]

    @popopretty​ -> [RAWs & summaries]

    @shinjuu-is-never-lonely -> [translations]

    @sj4iy-> [RAWs & translations]

    @slugtranslation-bsd -> [translations]


    Please, let me know if I made a mistake somewhere or if you wish to be removed from or added to this list!


    My personal hopes and wishes for the upcoming novel Storm Bringer:

    - Much much much more info about Q! Where did they come from? How did the PM find them? How did the incident Dazai and Chuuya talk about occur? How exactly is their ability connected to the doll?

    - Odasaku’s and Dazai’s first meeting

    - The whole and complete story about the infamous “Chuuya and Dazai once wiped out a whole organization in one night”, please

    - Much much much more interaction between Kouyou and Chuuya




    Dead Apple aka the Shibusawa incident starts during the Dragon’s Head conflict, where different organizations fought for several days. I never thought that the “destroyed an organization in one night” is supposed to mean the Dragon’s Head conflict’s outcome, since it already lasted several days.

    Dead Apple also doesn’t seem to be really canon in the manga/novel universe. At least Shibusawa and the events of Dead Apple have never been mentioned there in any way, only the Dragon’s Head conflict, which could’ve taken place without Shibusawa there. But please correct me if I’m wrong with this.

    But welp, I could be wrong and Storm Bringer is going to connect the Dead Apple story with the novels and that they really just mean the Dragon’s Head conflict ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I would be dissapointed though, because I thought there would be a story before that with Chuuya and Dazai.

    Paul Verlaine IS Chuuya’s “brother”. But who exactly is Paul Verlaine and why does he refer to Chuuya as brother? That’s what I mean.



    Yes he did, and I also don’t think that he meant it as being an actual brother. But he must have his reasons why he calls Chuuya like this, even if it is just metaphorical. Maybe they share the same/similar ability. Maybe Verlaine has some god-like existence inside him, too. Maybe Chuuya has only one half of Arahabaki and Verlaine has the other or something like that.


    True. It isn’t discussed often (or I haven’t seen much posts about it) but we never did find out why Verlaine betrayed Rimbaud and why Chuuya was there.

    Was Chuuya already Arahabaki’s vessel before? Did Verlaine know Chuuya before and intentionally attack the place so he could free him?

    Or was Chuuya with them for some other reason and the Arahabaki entered him when it was freed?

    Feel free to correct me, since I haven’t read the novel. All my knowledge comes from the fifteen anime and some summaries I’ve read of the novel. It’s really weird that the anime didn’t include the final part with Verlaine saying he’s coming for him at the end, it seems important for continuity.

    Strom Bringer will most definitely show Verlaine since Asagiri did tweet pics of Verlaine’s book while tweeting he was working on it..


    Let’s hope all these question will get answered in the next novel.

    > It’s really weird that the anime didn’t include the final part with Verlaine saying he’s coming for him at the end, it seems important for continuity.

    Well, given the fact that they also completely left out the Surviving Guild Forces scene with John Steinbeck that’s… an anime thing. They like to do this for some reason.


    Yes, that’s what I mean with “DA doesn’t seem to be really canon in the manga/novel universe”, because all those scenes happen anime-only, like you mentioned. I also believe that Dazai eating an apple was a hint to the movie, no doubt about it. He doesn’t do that in the manga.

    In the episode with Fyodor and Ace the DA events also get mentioned. Something along the lines of that Fyodor was involved in the Shibusawa incident. Again, anime-only, that line doesn’t appear in the manga.

    “Of course, as I am now... I only wish that she could have lived in a gentler time.”

    You know what I love? Zhongli’s character development.

    Everytime you learn something new about Rex Lapis and the Archon War it is more clear that he was simply a warrior and that was it. He tells us that in war time things were not easy and let’s be honest, he does judge Havria for choosing to run away and hide -he may understand her now and he did only retell facts…but there IS a sublte judgement of her action.

    Because at the time he was the one throwing spears the size of mountains at other gods. How could he understand a weak good simply trying to keep her people away from harm? 

    And then…Guizhong happens. She dies and Zhongli finds himself taking care of the people living in the Guili plains and Liyue Harbor is founded. And then Havria’s people join too after their betrayal.

    After the war Zhongli found himself in this new role of guide, one that was really never his, never fit him. And he grows with his people (gosh the mental image of Zhongli teaching people how to build houses using models made of mora is so so sweet) he learns as much as they do, in a way. And he learns from them that he can, indeed, step down from this role.

    The Zhongli we meet is so so different from the one that won the Archon War and everywhere there are signs of how much he changed and grew. And I think it’s pretty damn cool.