The Best of YOU

    It might not seem like it, especially if you’re anything like me and surrounded by friends, employees, community leaders, church-folk, etc., but there are extremely wonderful people in this world who are ready for you to be YOU.  And that’s not to say that the people who surround you are bad people.  I like looking for the best in people and I choose to believe that most people are usually better than we give them credit.  Yet, our circles of people are like fences on the toddler playground.  They keep us “safe” and contained.  The trouble is for us girly boys is that we want to play on the big girl swings.  We’d like to expand our options beyond the Little Tyke slide.  So, it might be that your circle will never accept your femininity.  It might be that you need a new circle or an extension to your circle.  And of course, it could be that your circle is not as restrictive as you think.  Maybe someone else wants to join you outside the rubber mulch playground.

    I have to believe that there are incredible people near me, somewhere close, somewhere out there with whom I can connect in all my girliness; that it’s not just me skipping down this road in a little skater skirt and keds; that there’s someone who claps for me in my pink yoga pants and adores my feminine gate as i work on my more feminine tones.  That someone could be male or female.  That someone could identify with traditional gender roles and life, or like me, understand that traditions deserve some better color and fragrance.

    I hope you feel this way.  I hope that you truly believe that there are indeed people, opportunities, and groups, who are ready for you to stop hiding, stop fretting, stop wallowing in guilt, and start being YOU.  I completely understand if you have a hard time thinking that this could be true.  But they’re out there, and the number is growing.

    I can tell you this, “I believe in YOU and I’m ready for you to be a true girly YOU.”


    “I Will be Girly Today”

    I don’t have to tell myself to be girly all the time.  It simply happens.  At the same time, it doesn’t always flow naturally into my typical day, even if I’m partially dressed for it.  So, there is definitely a need to remind myself and push myself to be girly. 

    My life, as well as yours, is filled with choices to follow, many of which need an extra personal boost of encouragement.  Even for those things like girliness (which need very little urging) it helps to convince ourselves to be and act a certain way.  So, from time to time, I find myself chanting these words in my head: “I will be girly today.”  Or to put it to a question: “How can I be girly today?”  It helps to start the morning that way and makes for some interesting aspects throughout the day.

    So, let me challenge you to say these words: “I will be girly today.”  God ahead and say them…now.  Don’t wait.  God ahead girly boy; say them.  If you can, say them out loud.  Does it surprise you how good it feels to say them?  I know it felt good because it felt so freeing for me this morning.  I even snuck a pair of my wife’s pink, lacy, panties to wear for the day.  No worries, she knows. ;)

    Now, let me challenge you to take it a step further.  I’ll do this for the next four days and I’d like you to do the same.  Go into some type of “reminding” app in your phone and set a timer for the next few mornings.  Have the reminder send you a notification. for example, at 7:00am, saying, “You will be girly today.”  Can you do that?  Join me and go ahead and do it.  It’ll be fun.

    Have a great girly day, my friends.  I hope the rest of your week is filled with feminine thoughts and actions.



    National Men in Panties Day

    I subscribe to a few email updates that let me know what national day is being celebrated.  There are usually about five National Day of (fill in the blank) each day.  There certainly should be one for men wearing  panties, or for men wearing bras.  And why not?!  A few days ago was “National No Bra Day.”  And I couldn’t help but think, “What’s the fun in that?!” 

    I don’t know how to make it happen, but there should definitely be a day where even the manliest of men could be encouraged to wear girly underwear.  We might even end up recruiting a few more girly boys. LOL


    I can’t recall when i first posted this one.