you just wait sunshine, you just wait
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2023-01-28 15:46:20

    what made you decide to come back to tumblr?

    I miss talking to you guys and sharing things in a space that doesn’t have such potential to turn into tabloid-fare. Here I can write a poem about being a terrible evil murderous vampire, and people will be like “oh cool!”. On other platforms that would end up conspiracy or a psychological evaluation lol.


    Op is denying us the fucking golden replies to this tweet omg


    When i had breast reduction surgery, i got into the OR and got put on this table that looked like a flat crucifix (arms out so they could get to the girls), and i said ‘god, don’t nail me down’

    they put the mask on my face and the nurse said ‘no jesus treatment today’

    and the last thing i said to her was ‘jesus with some big ass titties’ and then passed out. 


    Post complete. We can all go home now