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    So,i have to close if tumblr doing it at the 17th of december 2018. Many thanks to all of you it was an awesome experience to share all the things we love... I need some suggestions where i can't build up our content on a other Page. Let us start again right after the breaking point... Seems to be the 12.18.2018.

    “I have something for you honey. It’s soft, thick and absorbent. Yes, it’s a diaper and it’s going to be replacing your boxers today. You see, whether you know it or not, I’ve slowly been beating you into submission. I’m what you call an alpha female and I take boys like you and bring out your beta qualities. Today I deliver the knockout punch by making you wear diapers. It might feel funny at first, but I think you will grow accustomed to the soft security that diapers offer. And by the way, there will also be no bathroom breaks for you today. We both know what that means… A diaper between your legs + no bathroom breaks = a wet diaper! That’s right baby, whether you want to or not… you’re going to flood your diaper for me; You’re going to feel your diaper get super warm and expand to twice it’s normal thickness as you helplessly wet yourself. There is no better way to dominate a boy than to train him in diaper dependence. Now take your pants off honey. This begins right now”

    Mean Sister Babysits

    Part I: I am so annoyed that I have to babysit you this weekend. I’d much rather be out partying with my friends than staying home and babysitting my stupid diaper-baby brother.  You’re way to old to be wearing diapers anyway, you should be ashamed that you still need me to take care of you and change your diapers.  If you just grew up and got your bladder under control I wouldn’t be in this situation.  You are SO annoying sitting there in your icky wet diaper whimpering.  No way, I’m not changing you yet.  I know mom just put you in that diaper and it’s already soaked with pee.  I’m not changing you til you wet a few more times.  The fewer times I have to change your yucky diaper the better.  And you better not mess it this time…you will be in so much trouble if you do.

    Part II: You’ve been awfully quiet in here, did your widdle pacifier shut you up?  Wait…what’s that smell?  Ew, is it coming from your diaper?!  Please tell me you didn’t mess.  Ugh, I specifically told you not to mess your diaper.  Now I have to be the one to change you.  This is so annoying.  Stop crying you’re giving me a headache, calm down I’m going to change that diaper even though I’m not happy about it.  I’m putting on gloves first, I don’t want to touch your disgusting diaper.  That smells so bad, this is going to be a big job.  Lets get you all cleaned up and into a fresh diaper.  You better keep this one clean or you’re in big trouble!


    Not so little Little: clothes, stockings and shoes

    This is a list of shops that I have collected that sell cute clothes for my fellow tall and plus size littles. This means these shops offer multiple sizes!

    Bodyline- The website can be hard to get used to but I have seen this name come up numerous times. It is hard to find the bigger sizes but they are there somewhere<3 This is the link for people living outside Japan!

    Kawaii Machine- Up to 3XL including tights!!! You will realise during this post how finding kawaii tights is really exciting for me! This store is amazing I can’t explain. In summary they have t-shirts with adorable designs, skirts and more!

    Kawaii Goods- Firstly the website is adorable! But also this store is perfect for plus size littles. My favourite section is the tights! I can never find cute tights for my size. 

    Roxie Sweetheart- UK store! This shop is mostly adorable accessories but there are some clothes which can be appropriate for curvy littles. Make sure to check the size conversions because the sizes don’t go very big. 

    Holley Tea Time- This shop is one of my favourites because there is so much choice and they do plus-size adorable (expensive) leggings! This store is clothes porn that goes up to 3XL!

    Sugar Coated Sprinkles- UK store! Loads of choice! Up to 3XL!~ It’s pastel heaven: if you like Holley Tea Time this is great too!

    Plus Cutie- If you are familiar with the beautiful clothes on spreepicky, this is their plus size branch store! Mostly j-fashion but it is hard to resist the pastel pink school uniform~!

    Syndrome- I love this store. It has a small plus size section but this store also sells kink accessories like kitty ears, collars and cuffs.

    Em & Sprout- This shop is really cute. The best clothing item in my opinion is this shirt. The jewellery is really cute so that is worth checking out~ As a tall girl my favourite part about the store is that they sell cute flat shoes that go into high sizes!

    Sock Dreams- Every one needs to know about this store. You can get a variety of awesome socks from knee length to super long thigh-highs. They even sell beautiful petticoats. The shop has a great feature where you can shop by colour, and they even have a pastels option!

    We Love Colors- Another sock/legging place. They have a plus size section where the size also accommodates for taller people. There are loads of colour choices too!

    My Lolita Dress- Tailored clothes, mainly lolita stuff but under the casual lolita” category there are adorable dresses perfect for DD/lg play time<3 For my big feet babes they sell shoes under the brand “Antaina” which offer large sizes up into high mens!~~

    And that is all for now! Please reblog for all littles to see, I worked really hard on this plus I’d like to help out~!


    Chubbycartwheels.com has lots of cute things! I think it goes 1xl -5xl!


    http://www.torrid.com goes up to a size 28 and they have a whole disney section!


    OMG! Thanks so much! I will organise an update soon!


    YASSYASSS this is a fab post, so many of my cute chubby little followers ask me where to get cute stufff, thankyou for making this post :*****


    http://www.modcloth.com/ is always a good place for plus sized cuties! tho it is a bit expensive

    Best Incontinence-Supplies for Heavy Incontinence and Night-time use

    When considering to get Medical diapers, they are largely a scam nowadays that exploit the stigma against diapers to make people who don’t know better waste money on subpar products that don’t actually function. (But hey, at least the marketing says they’re not diapers!)

    Be proactive and invest in protective products!

    So here is a long overdue list you won’t find at  your pharmacy, your frequently visited health-blog or at your doctors-office:

    These Incontinence-Diapers that will keep you truly safe and dry (especially at night!):

    1. Abena Abri Form M4


    2. Better Dry


    3. Rearz Inspire Incontrol


    4. Indaslip (Dermo)


    5. MyDiaper M4


    6. Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima


    7. MyDiaper White


    8. Easy-Slip


    9. ID Slip Expert Extra Plus


    10. Lil Squirts White


    More brands and in-depth-Reviews from various sources will be added soon!

    For more information on Incontinence-Care download our FREE guide:



    I ❤️ Diapers Because...

    1. I ❤️diapers because they make me feel cute. 2. I ❤️diapers because it’s like always getting a hug around your waist. 3. I ❤️diapers because I’m too little to begin potty training. 4. I ❤️diapers because the potty is scary. (There’s a monster in there.) 5. I ❤️diapers because they make me feel safe. 6. I ❤️diapers because they make me waddle when I put more than one on a time and/or when my diaper is full. 7. I ❤️diapers for diaper changes. 8. I ❤️diapers for the smell of baby powder. 9. I ❤️diapers because they take me back in time where things weren’t as chaotic as they are now. 10. I ❤️diapers for stress release.

    Reblog and spread the word. Why do you love diapers. Add your reason down below.


    1000 % true


    All of the above ^^^


    Yes it is


    I agree


    I agree 100% true all of the above 😘


    All that and more


    So true! They “relieve” me of certain responsibilities. 😋

    The Diaper Training Master Post

    Hey you! I hope you’re having a wonderful, diaper-filled day!

    I’ve organized a lot of the important articles I’ve written to make it easy for you to start diaper training yourself or your loved one, and I hope you love it! In addition to my posts, I’ve linked to some external websites that tell you how to start diaper training below.

    Different perspectives are very important, as some people may focus on one aspect of diaper training while others will focus on another part, so it’s best to read all about the subject matter as much as you can if you want to achieve diaper dependency!


    Why Become Diaper Trained? - Diaper Training Ashley

    Why Different Diapers are Important for Diaper… -  Diaper Training Ashley

    Why you Need to Wear Diapers! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Why Diapers are the Best! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Why I Diaper Trained Myself! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Diaper Training!

    How To: Diaper Training 24/7 - Diaper Training Ashley

    The Stages of Diaper Training! - Diaper Training Ashley

    How to Start Diaper Training the Easy Way! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Why you should buy Premium Diapers! - Diaper Training  Ashley

    Pros and Cons of Wearing 24/7 - Diaper Training Ashley

    Why Diapers Should Become Your Go-To Underwear! -  Diaper Training Ashley

    10 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Diapers! - Diaper  Training Ashley

    What I Love Most about being Diaper Dependent! - Diaper  Training Ashley

    Tips for those in Diaper Training! - Diaper Training  Ashley

    A Woman’s Life in Diapers: What It’s Like! - Diaper  Training Ashley

    Perks of Being Diaper Dependent! - Diaper Training  Ashley

    Signs That You Need to Wear Diapers! - Diaper Training  Ashley

    How to Dispose of Used Diapers Discretely! - Diaper  Training Ashley

    Pros and Cons of a Soggy Diaper - Diaper Training Ashley

    My Daily Diaper Routine! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Training Your Little to Become Diaper Dependent! - Diaper Training Ashley

    How to Guide Your Little into Little Space! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Pro Tips!

    Diaper Training Pro Tip #1! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Diaper Training Pro Tip #2! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Diapered Pro Tip #3! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Diapered Pro Tip #1! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Going out in Public!

    Going out in Public Padded! - Diaper Training Ashley

    How to Change in Public! - Diaper Training Ashley

    How to Wear Diapers to Work! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Leaking at Work: My Experience and Tips! - Diaper  Training Ashley

    How To: Wearing/Wetting in Public! - Diaper Training  Ashley


    Bedwetting Made Easy! - Diaper Training Ashley

    Quick Bedwetting Guide! - Diaper Training Ashley

    External Links!




    All of these links show older and different diaper training methods, but they’re basically the same. Like I mentioned above, each article may focus on one aspect while others focus on other aspects of diaper training, so be sure to read them all!

    Other Resources!


    Adrian was a huge motivator for me wanting to diaper train myself; her blog posts on her website was one of the main things that pushed me towards becoming dependent on diapers, and she has a ton of really informative articles! I really recommend checking out their website if you want to see what it’s like being incontinent. If I remember correctly, she didn’t start off liking diapers, but her incontinence forced her into it. She accepted that she needs diapers, and has grown to love them as much as we do.




    ADISC and Daily Diapers both have forums where people post about their experiences in this lifestyle. If you’re looking for more information about anything pertaining to this lifestyle, you’ll find it there!

    The ABDL subreddit is a great place to talk to like-minded folks. Reddit and the forums linked above are great places to talk to other people, and if you aren’t getting the help you need here, you can get it there! Any of these places allow you find a support group, which in turn shows you that there are thousands of other like-minded people who want the same things you do!


    This was an earlier version of this post, containing only my posts. Included in it are all of the links to the articles I provided above, plus a lot of extra ones that aren’t necessarily about diaper training, but about this lifestyle.


    This is a list of all of the awesome diapers out there!


    I run an ABDL Discord server where you can talk to hundreds of people who are into this awesome lifestyle of ours! You do have to be over the age of 18, and once you join, you have to read the rules then ask for a speaking role, otherwise you will not be able to see any of the channels or speak.

    There are a lot of other diaper training blogs on Tumblr, so if your blog is about diaper training, please feel free to link it in the comments below and tell us all a little about yourself! I will be checking each link for authenticity, so please don’t abuse this. I highly recommend following as many ABDL and diaper training Tumblr blogs as you can, as seeing posts such as these will no doubt reinforce your need to wear diapers and in turn, giving you the confidence you need to take that first itty bitty wittle baby step towards diaper training!

    Other resources, like stories and captions, can show you how awesome and fun it can be to become diaper dependent, so you should follow everyone who writes stories and captions; it’ll only help! I’ve started writing captions and stories, and I know a lot of other people on here write them as well! If you’d like to see my captions, please click here!

    In addition to all of the articles about diaper training I’ve written, I wrote up an 8200 word long diaper training guide that is much more detailed than any of my articles. It is based off of my own experiences in diaper training myself, and it has helped hundreds of people return to diapers.

    If you are struggling to achieve diaper dependency, this guide will show you the way and tell you exactly what to do and how to do it! It’s just $20, payable either through PayPal or an Amazon egift card, with my email address diapertrainingashley@outlook.com. Once you pay, please send me a message with your email address and I’ll send it to you ASAP! <3

    Lastly, I love helping the ABDL community, so if you have any questions about diapers, our lifestyle, or anything about ABDL, please do not hesitate to ask me! I accept everyone with open arms, so don’t be shy! I love answering questions and helping people, so all you have to do is message me! <3

    Stay padded, everyone!

    “That’s right babe. Diapers. This isn’t a debate. I want you to pick out one of each pack and take them to the lady at the front of the store. If anyone asks you why, I want you to tell them that your girlfriend is making you go back in diapers. I can’t wait to see you waddling around the house in nothing but thick, crinkly padding. Better grab a lot, because once you’re in diapers you won’t be using the toilet anymore. Or should I call it the potty? Come on, time to start your new life, diaper boy.”