people who walk out of the godfather arguing over which love interest was 'better' fr michael truly annoy me like no other you walked out of the GODFATHER and youre ARGUING about SHIPS? over which dysfunctional ass relationship was a 'better choice?' are you for fucking real?

    one of my favorite things about the godfather book is the constant use of the word empire/emperor/king/etc to refer to the corleone family & subsequent leader of the corleone family. this most specifically appears in vito's backstory chapter, where it talks about him growing the business as a king building his empire, & the chapters which deal with the idea of succession as next in line to the throne.

    additionally, what other term shows up repeatedly through vito's chapters is 'destiny' or 'fate' to detail how he built up & completed his life. this ALSO appears in chapters dealing with the issue of succession, but also more personal moments

    all of this culminates near the end, when kay observes michael receiving clemenza, rocco, etc. hes described as looking like a roman emperor, with the divine right of kings, natural in his place.

    this solidifies michael as not only the godfather, but also the perfect successor to his father--hes truly taken his place as the head of the family, & his head is that which bears the crown, so to speak.



    -empire/destiny theme in the godfather (with examples)

    -finish the rant i have in drafts & clean it up + add sources

    -fast & dirty parallels between the godfather & new world 2013 (will make a cleaner post later when i finish my rewatch with em)


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    in tears cause i couldve been his mafia trophy husband & we would have been such an ethically dubious power couple & made each other worse & have insane t4t gay sex & i would be getting dragged deeper & deeper into corruption and evil with him he couldve been my personal chewtoy but God (mario puzo) hates me and im here.


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