Hairy Dads
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2017-03-01 18:43:25

    Ever since my dad took up weight training, he has been giving me a hard time for being such a lazy bum. He texts me often to get me to be more physically active, and I continue to ignore it while I browse around all the naked men websites on the ‘net.

    "Get off your lazy butt and job!" comes another of his text messages on my phone. He never fail to include a selfie of his muscular body just to make his point.

    "Come on, you fat slob! Lift some weights!" says another one of his messages. This time, it comes with a photo of him just in his underwear, showing his big, hairy, muscular, almost-naked body. That is when I just about had it.

    I copy the photo he just sent me, and uploads it to Tumblr. Since he likes to show off his body, let’s see how it likes it when the whole world gets to see it. So go ahead, ogle at my dad’s hot, sexy body!