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    Time for another sample from my book:

    Anna’s breath caught in her lungs for a moment. She had touched countless pregnant women before, she’d even seen them naked while they had checkups or gave birth. Why was this so startling to her? She wasn’t a lesbian and had never felt any real attraction to women before, but something about Kate was making her decidedly uncomfortable, and that damned buzzing feeling wasn’t helping either. Kate was just so incredibly womanly now, her entire body and mind now optimized for doing the thing that women did best. Nobody could resist being attracted to this level of femininity.

    Anna reached out, preparing to touch Kate’s belly through the sheet. But Kate knew that wouldn’t make either of them happy and she threw it aside, her naked body exposed for the first time. Anna had seen glimpses of it through the frosted glass of the shower, and the contours of it had been visible through the fabric. Anna’s jaw dropped. She had seen bigger, heavier women in the hospital, but none of them had curves as pronounced like these.    Kate’s sat upright on the couch, her legs spread slightly so that her belly could rest on the cushion between them. Her heavy breasts, with little white dots of what must surely be milk at the tips, were so big that they splayed to either side of the prodigious womb. This was a real woman, Anna thought as she looked down now at her own pitiful physique, and she was but a girl in comparison. She knew having children of her own was her biggest wish, and yet here she was, still not carrying any babies inside of her, a disappointment in so many ways.

    At that moment Anna’s hand made contact, and the sensation was almost as wonderful as when she’d touched the statue’s belly.

    Kate sat there serenely, confidently, as Anna wordlessly rubbed her midsection in increasingly larger circles. She’d never had any lesbian thoughts either, and to be honest did not find Anna’s petite form all that attractive, but there was the voice of the goddess in the back of her mind telling her she should feel aroused, and that was enough for her. Now too she could start to see the green aura radiating out from her roommate, and she immediately understood what that meant. Anna’s hands had moved their ministrations beyond even the circumference of Kate’s big belly, and it was no surprise that they next began to gently massage her huge, pendulous breasts. Just then Kate felt a surge of dominance, and she pulled the smaller woman onto the couch with her, pressed her tiny body into hers, and they kissed.

    Meanwhile, Jack stared at the women, so radically different from each other in shape, and he felt his cock stir in his trousers. He wasn’t sure if he’d always had these desires and not known it, or if the goddess had subtly tweaked his preferences to feel this way, but after watching a woman grow massively pregnant with his seed it was very difficult to go back to being aroused by conventionally women like Anna. Females were attractive to males like him because of their curves, and who could possibly be more desirable than big, milky breasts, wide hips, and an enormous belly. In his old life he would have thought Anna, with her slender frame, was a knockout, but now in comparison to Kate she looked almost boyish in comparison. Still, he was entranced by that green aura, which seemed to pulse with the beat of her heart.

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