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    Warning: do not delete any sideblogs

    I’ve been seeing it happen to a handful of people, but apparently if you try to delete your sideblog you will end up deleting your MAIN tumblr account entirely as well I don’t know if this is a bug or something, but I’ve seen it happen to ~4 people now, so until this possible bug gets worked out do NOT delete any of your sideblogs unless you want to risk deleting your account entirely


    the origin of the letter 🇦

    (from the documentary The Odyssey of the Writing, 2020)


    Documentary is called “The Secret History of Writing” done by BBC


    this has always fascinated me. I first learned it about 25 years ago, and ever since, every time I see a capital letter A  a tiny voice inside me goes “bull!” 


    Fun to see an actual scholarly version of this, because I first read it as explained (-ish) by one of Kipling’s “Just So Stories” a very, very long time ago…


    The “Might as Well” principle for people with ADHD means leaning into your urge to take care of needs immediately when you notice them, and take that task-hopping tendency as an opportunity to “clean as you go”.

    You were probably raised to think there’s only 1 “right” way to be productive. This is false. You don’t need to (and honestly you CAN’T) become neurotypical, but you’ve probably spent a lot of your life striving to achieve success in a neurotypical way. This can be detrimental to your mental health. You have to learn what works best for YOU.

    You don’t need to feel guilty for not keeping a strict routine and an aesthetically pleasing home. Your goal should be keeping your environment (minimally) livable and safe.

    This principle is intended to help with chore struggles, but it can also apply to personal care, and other areas of the ADHD struggle.

  • Going to the kitchen? Might as well bring as many dishes/cups as you can carry.
  • Going to the bathroom? Might as well wipe down the counter while you’re in there (or for me personally, scoop the litter box while I’m there).
  • Taking a shower? Might as well scrub the shower walls while you’re there (Be safe! I keep a utility sponge nearby for spot cleaning, but I don’t use chemicals during my showers).
  • Forgot to brush your teeth in the morning? Might as well brush after lunch. No need to wait until the next “designated” teeth brushing time at bedtime (minimally, keep some floss picks, tooth wipes, or mouth wash at work/school).
  • Stuck in decision paralysis in front of the fridge? Might as well hydrate. Drink water!
  • Mount doom (laundry pile) giving you anxiety? Might as well pick one category, such as shirts, and sort them out. You don’t even have to put them all the way away, just separate them so your doom pile looks smaller and less daunting.
  • Please feel free to add more!!


    Waiting for the microwave to beep, or the pasta water to boil? Might as well see if you can get a few dishes done. You can’t empty a full sink in two minutes, but you can set the dirty stuff soaking, or wipe and rise some of the stuff that was already soaking.

    Sometimes this leads me to actually finish cleaning the kitchen, sometimes it doesn’t, either way I have a few less dirty dishes in my life.


    yeah uh... don't do this :)


    as a fanfic writer! who has a few semi-abandoned fics! if you do this i will personally bite you with my teeth. you are disrespecting art and the love people put into their work by pretending that an AI can even compare to it


    great way to convince your favorite authors to delete their abandoned wips instead of leaving them up for people to still be able to read :/