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2021-04-30 20:02:19

    Since I'm sick and tired of the Hange Erasure some shippers tend to do...

    During my break these past days, I've been lurking on Twitter (a very bad decision, i must say) and I keep on seeing terrible takes on my tl. But this one ticks me off entirely.

    Back in 132, we all know that Hange sacrificed themself for the rest of the alliance to get on the plane and escape. They fought four Colossal Titans before they were burned alive and went to the afterlife where they met their late comrades again.

    However, before Hange's death, they shared a theory that must be the way to stop the rumbling: And that is killing Zeke. Levi acknowledged and stated this in 133. In later chapters, Zeke sacrificed himself also by letting Levi decapitated him, which, as Hange said, did stop the rumbling and save the rest of humanity that were yet to be trampled by Eren's Colossals.

    Now, this fact can coexist with Levi's promise to Erwin.

    In the time of the rumbling, it has been four years since the Battle in Shiganshina happened. Erwin, Moblit, Marlo, and other brave soldiers had already died to retake Wall Maria. And their sacrifices never had been in vain as Levi fulfilled his promise and at the same time, stopped the rumbling per Hange's theory.

    The question now, what if Hange was deleted from Levi's final arc, would it just be the same?

    Obviously, it's a big NO.

    I'm a Hange stan and I will not just shut up by how my favorite character has been constantly butchered in the latest chapters of the manga and by those people who worn their shipping goggles too tight that made their oxygen - a necessary ingredient for the brain - lack in supply.

    Since some of y'all might have forgotten, I would enumerate some of Hange's accomplishments before and after they have become Commander.

  • Without Hange, the Survey Corps wouldn't have enough knowledge about Titans. If it wasn't for them being inquisitive and curious, they wouldn't be capturing Titans, experiment on them to know if they have other weaknesses aside from their nape.
  • Without Hange, Eren wouldn't have complete control of his Titan Powers. Through their experiments once again, Hange helped the boy to have a full grasp on his powers which is necessary in retaking Wall Maria.
  • Without Hange, Thunder Spears wouldn't exist. This technology was capable of piercing right through the Armored Titan's thick skin.
  • Without Hange, the year after the Battle in Shiganshina, the rest of the Titans outside the walls wouldn't be eradicated. This enabled them to go to the ocean and discover that there are humans (enemies) on that other side of the vast body of water.
  • Without Hange, improvements in Paradis wouldn't happen. In the time skip, they were almost acting like the Prime Minister of the Island just by how hands-on they were on being the Commander and the modernization. But i'm not saying that they have done this alone. The rest of the SC helped them, of course.
  • But back to the screenshot. This might be controversial af and I might get hate on this. But sorry, take it or leave it. I rest my case.

  • Without Hange, some of your favorite characters would have been dead by now. And yes, including Levi. Most importantly, Levi.
  • If not for them, he would've been killed by Floch or in other circumstance, died due to infections he got from the Thunder Spear.
  • If Hange wasn't brave enough to dive into that river, Levi wouldn't have survived.
  • And lastly
  • Without Hange, a promise wouldn't have been fulfilled.
  • So if you're one of those people who are shitting on Hange, fix your reading comprehension because it seems like we haven't been reading the same manga.