So many adaptation of Dracula make Mina the reincarnation of Drac’s wife, because of COURSE they do, and try to force a romance between mina and Drac.

    Dracula Daily has made me realize that Mina has pretty much *hated* Dracula on sight. Took one look at his rancid vibe having ass and said “take even one more look at Jonathan and I will not be held responsible for what happens next…”

    Which made me realize, if you HAVE to make Mina and Dracula connected through reincarnation and shit, then make it accurate to the source material: make Mina the reincarnation of Draculas greatest enemy.

    Mina was a peasant girl who got tired of Drac’s lizard bullshit, rallied the peasantry, besieged Castle Dracula, burnt it to the ground, and then chased dracula into the wilderness with an army of pissed off serfs behind her.

    Everytime she reincarnated, Dracula lives in absolute fear that she’ll show up and beat him up before shoving him into a locker again.

    He takes one look at her in London, shrieks like a banshee, and just hightails it back to his lair. Jonathan is confused but happy, Mina feels pleased and isn’t sure why.

    More Mina as draculas greatest enemy please and thank you.


    you know i'm just thinking about back in may when we were laughing about Jonathan and "his friend Count Dracula" and the way it almost seemed comedic - we know he's a character in dracula but he has no idea

    and now it's been weeks since i've seen anyone make a joke about the novel being a comedy. it almost feels like watching a train crash in slow motion, as the characters keep trying to prevent the tragedy from happening when we know their attempts must be futile. the horror comes from the exact same place as the comedy at the start - we know they're characters in dracula but god, they have no idea

    oh. lucy was so scared. she was so scared but she was still helping. her mother died on top of her, she lost her garlic safety blankets and she was still trying to comfort the maids even with a broken window and a house full of horrors. and then the maids went down and she was alone and so she wrote out a final goodbye and hid it on herself, determined, like the captain, to finish her story on her terms. oh lucy


    Joy is stored in the wildly inaccurate Halloween skeleton


    these are a: so horrendously wrong to the point where they clearly don’t know what a bone is and b: labeled as “realistic” animal skeletons that I am just. Utterly delighted


    Spell: Conjure Bone-Bastard; summons d4 wildly inaccurate skeletal creatures


    In this image from a store near me, I give you, a SKELETAL. PUMPKIN. Not a hollow pumpkin. Not a pumpkin carved with the image of a skeleton. No, this is the SKELETAL REMAINS. OF A PUMPKIN.

    clone OC’s are great because they could exist. i mean, there are how many clones out there? with endless possibilities and designs?

    so, yes, your clone OC is canon.

    fuck it. your Jedi OC is canon, too. again, there are endless possibilities out there for Jedi!

    fuck it. fuck it. all your OC’s are canon. Mr. Lucas told me himself. theyre all canon. well done, everybody. great work


    Writing is a process that often undergoes heavy edits… that includes responding to feedback. 


    I had no idea this post would resonate with so many people. I let my vitriol surrounding several comments I received on a recent update get to me and it spilled out into .gif form and it’s now morphed into the most widely shared thing I’ve ever posted. So many comments and tags have said things along the lines of, “This was why I quit writing” or “This is why I hate writing fanfic.” And that’s soul crushing to hear, but I can relate. 

    But while there are some crappy and entitled readers, there are also many brilliant ones and I’m so grateful for them. The huge response to this post made me go back and skim through the comments on my old stories, and comments like the one below are about half the reason some of those stories got finished, even if it was months later. 

    Comments like these are so rare, but when they do come up, they leave me staring at my computer screen, drumming my fingers on the keyboard, struggling to convey my feelings about how their words have touched my heart. These are the comments that take the longest amount of time to respond to and the ones that cause me to wear out my backspace key the fastest. 

    It’s easy to complain, but it’s literally just as easy to praise, so I just wanted to take a moment to recognize all those dear and dedicated readers who have propped me up when I wanted to quit. Readers like you are why I keep writing, and why I even feel honored to do it on rare occasion. 

    And fellow writers, keep your heads up if you can. :) 


    The first type of comment breaks my heart, both as a writer and a reader. It’s why I’ve been tempted to quit a few times, in the rare moment when I’ve gotten them.

    The second type is seriously the best and I try to leave comments, even short positive ones, for almost every fic I read and enjoy.


    Now that I've heard the news about Phantom closing, all i can think about is WHAT ABOUT THE ORCHESTRA?! What about their stable 30 year jobs filled with resentment?! Are they happy? How many of the originals are out of jobs for the first time in decades? I'll be honest that I haven't checked in on the state of the orchestra since seeing the one post on them but I need to know how they're feeling about this


    "Because I've done it for so long," Hershey says, "I know in my body when I'm supposed to be playing. When I'm not playing, I read books, I study languages, and when I pick up the instrument again — it's a little like Tourette's syndrome — I drop the book and blat out a few notes on trumpet, and pick up the book again."


    “Hello.  My name is Luke Skywalker.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.”

    “Never go up against a Mandalorian when death is on the line!” *immediately falls into Sarlacc pit*

    “Bye, boys!  Have fun storming the Death Star!”

    “Wampas Of Unusual Size?  I don’t think they exist.”

    “Do you want me to send you back to where you were?  Unemployed, on Hoth?”

    “It just so happens that Obi-Wan here is only mostly dead.”


    “Give us the access code.” “What access code?” “Chewie, tear his arms off.” “Ohhh you mean this access code!”

    “I could give you my word as a Corellian…” “No good. I’ve known too many Corellians”

    “Why can’t I see?” “You’ve been mostly-frozen all day.”

    That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying “I know”, what he meant was, “I love you.” 

    “Why do you wear that black mask? Were you burned on Mustafar, or something like that?” “Oh no, it’s just that they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

    “Luke doesn’t get eaten by the rancor at this time. ”What?” “The rancor doesn’t get him. I’m explaining to you because you look nervous.”


    “The Fowce is what bwings us togevver today. It suwwounds us, and penetwates us. It binds the gawaxy togevver.”