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2020-10-21 14:24:02

    gordon ramsey: is the food good here?

    underpaid server: 


    My favourite thing about that show is how he treats servers. It was also the source of some very intense fantasies when I was a barista of him busting into my cafe, calling my boss a fucking idiot, then taking me against the broken dishwasher.


    Let me tell you bout my best friend, he’s a warm hearted Straight person who’ll love me till the end.


    Who would have thought he was bi and we were going to be together going on 6+ years now ♥


    Wait, is there a thread where I can read all about this development?!?!!


    We met in 2012 when I came to Uruguay for the first time after leaving when I was 5. I was in my junior year and he was in his senior. We were in the same friend group with his friends and his girlfriends friends. I always saw him as a friend and knew that he was straight. Anyways I came back to the US to finish my senior year and graduate. We always stayed in touch. After my senior year ended I came back to Uruguay and the DAY I got Back his girlfriend admitted to him that she cheated on him and she was dumping him. He was depressed for months and we hung out every day since we didn’t work and still lived with our parents. I always knew he was straight so I never even saw him as an option. One night we were in my room at my parents watching a movie, and he turned around and kissed me. We started kissing every day for months after that. Then got more serious and then eventually became best best friend and partners. I love him with everything and love seeing him grow every day.

    Sorry for the long post, but that’s love