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    Revenge Porn

    Revenge porn is hateful and harmful.

    “The term “revenge porn,” though frequently used, is somewhat misleading. Many perpetrators are not motivated by revenge or by any personal feelings toward the victim. A more accurate term is nonconsensual pornography, defined as the distribution of sexually graphic images of individuals without their consent. This includes both images originally obtained without consent (e.g. by using hidden cameras, hacking phones, or recording sexual assaults) as well as images consensually obtained within the context of an intimate relationship.Nonconsensual pornography transforms unwilling individuals into sexual entertainment for strangers. A vengeful ex-partner or opportunistic hacker can upload an explicit image of a victim to a website where thousands of people can view it and hundreds of other websites can share it. In a matter of days, that image can dominate the first several pages of “hits” on the victim’s name in a search engine, as well as being emailed or otherwise exhibited to the victim’s family, employers, co-workers, and peers.” - https://www.cybercivilrights.org/faqs/


    How I ride the cum out my boyfriends dick

    - wrap around him like a goddamn snake. squeeze my thighs up against his body and all that good stuff.

    -I slide my hand under the base of his neck so if I want to play with his hair or kiss his neck, I got control over that.

    -rhythm yo. Like when I masturbate, I like for there to be a certain pattern it works for dicks too. Dance on that dick.

    -don’t let him fuck you back. when I ride my bf, I’m in control. He isn’t allowed to thrust or move or anything. Just allowed to quiver and moan.

    -KEEP THAT RHYTHM. I don’t like speeding up. I like making him cum while I’m going slow. I feel like it makes his orgasm last longer and is more intense.

    -when I feel him clenching up his body and getting close I like to put my hands in his hair and rub his head while I ride him (at the same pace I’ve been going)

    -I like to kiss his neck too at this time it sorta just like builds everything up.

    -when he tells me he’s close, I squeeze him tighter like I’ll basically hug him while riding him (idk if that’s just a my bf thing but he really likes being held)

    -while he’s cumming I like to keep the rhythm I’ve been going at and then towards the end I slide that dick all the way back in and just sit on it and clench my pussy to make him all squirmy wormy.

    And that’s how I ride the cum out my boyfriends dick and I like to just make it all about him sometimes because I loveeeee pleasing him it makes me happy.


    Sounds fantastic.

    This blog did not and will not send requests for bitcoin donations.

    There seems to be a virus or some sort of malware going around causing blogs to “send out” chat messages to blogs that they follow asking for help with the purchase of certain items through donations of seemingly small amounts using bitcoin and adds a link to the message.

    The message goes as following (at least the first message I got went like this): “Hi there buddy. I need help, I’m trying to buy a laptop and I can’t afford it. I’m about 0.36$ short, and I’d really appreciate if you could help me and transfer some money to me via bitcoin using this *link*.”

    The small details in the message seems to have a few variations with the greeting, amount and purchased item showing up in different variations from formal to friendly, from 0.016 to 2$ and from a phone case to a laptop among others.

    The blogs that are affected send out the messages to blogs that they follow for a long time mostly, so you are most likely to receive the message from a long time, active follower whose name you might recognize or a mutual etc. The blogs that are affected are not spam bots but actual active followers who follow the recipient for months or years and most likely the blogger who “sent” the message is unaware of the message being sent.


    Opening up the link will cause the virus to spread even more and infect your computer/mobile with any sort of malware.

    If you have received a message of that sort from this blog please know that it was not sent by me or within my control and ignore/delete the message without clicking the link.


    To those worried because they received a message with a wallet code instead of a l8nk, there’s nothing to worry about. Tge wallet code is essentially tge equivalent of a bank account number. So unless you actually go and actively transfer from your wallet to theurs you’re safe. Opening the messages themselves is harmless.

    The best way to know if you were affected is to simply go into messages and see if you sent a message like that to anyone, it will appear in the chat.

    I personally recommend changing passwords just in case, even if you weren’t hit with the virus.


    IF YOU NEED TO CALL 911 BUT ARE SCARED TO BECAUSE OF SOMEONE IN THE ROOM, dial and ask for a pepperoni pizza. They will ask if you know you’re calling 911. Say yes, and continue pretending you’re making an order. They’ll ask if there’s someone in the room.

    You can ask how long it will take for the pizza to get to you, and they will tell you how far away a dispatcher is.

    Here is an example video


    Reblog to literally save a life


    I’ve done this.  I’m alive because of this. 

    My flat-mate’s date for the night was almost as drunk as her.  She had passed out in her room and locked the door.  He refused to leave because he wanted to have sex.  He also demanded food because he was dealing with “whiskey dick”.  He didn’t like the lack of food in the fridge.  I called 911, did the stuff stated above, and he was getting PISSED about how long the “order” was taking.  He took my phone, demanded they “hurry the fuck up”.  Police arrived two minutes later, arrested him, and helped me file a police report.  Pressing charges wasn’t necessary because he had warrants on him from THREE different states for the very thing he planned to do to me.  Several months after this happened one of the officers informed me he was charged with two felonies because he crossed stay lines, and will be serving no less than 35 years in prison.  The officer ripped into my flat-mate about her bringing home complete strangers, while drunk, knowing full well this shit could happen. 

    This was 14 years ago.  

    Do the pizza order, do it as calmly as you can.  The dispatcher I spoke to said things like this:

    “If he’s drunk say you want mushrooms.”  I said I want extra mushrooms.

    “If he’s threatening you with sexual assault say you want onions.”  I said I want onions.

    She went like this with different toppings and sauces for a description of him, like pineapple if he’s blonde, black olives if he’s tall, extra large if he’s tall, etc.

    They’ve heard this sort of coded call before.  They’re trained for it.  They will understand what you’re saying.  Order the pizza.


    @theropegeek I noticed an anon mentioned something about this the other day. I spent a few years working in emergency medicine and I know for sure that our dispatchers would fully pick up on what you were doing if you were to start ordering a pizza, or continuing on with any off topic conversation. If they answer and say they are 911 dispatch and you still say you want a pizza, unless you sound drunk off your ass, they’ll know what’s going on. Also, I believe any 911 call made needs to be followed up on by police. I heard about cops being sent out to homes for kids calling all the time, just as a welfare check. Tl;dr: if it’s your only option, sure as shit can’t hurt to try it.


    having a roommate that occasionally brings home girls when they’re both shit-faced from drinking all night is honestly scary as fuck


    Rope Tutorials

    These are a few of my *personal* favorite recommendations. In general, they get more challenging as you go down the list.  

    How to Coil Rope by @miniature-minx
    available for FREE download if you click the link for “get full v

    Twisted Monk How-to:  a set of videos including single/double column ties, basic chest harness, and hogtie

    Rope Corset by @ropebaby​

    Crotch Rope by Innovative Fiber Arts

    Futomomo by Degiotto Rope

    Crab Tie by Innovative Fiber Arts

    Karada  (aka hishi body harness, diamond pattern harness, tortoise shell)
    (I like this one because it keeps the lines doubled up, in contrast to most karadas which involved splitting them and using single lines

    Dynamic Hip Harness by Moco

    Gote Shibari by Esinem (aka takate kote, tk, box tie)

    Peach Tie by Tifereth 

    Three Rope TK  by Slaanesh and Ganraptor

    Hojo Hishi TK by Slaanesh and Ganraptor

    also shoutout to @camdamage who has lots of useful gifs at camdamage.tumblr.com/tagged/tutorial, with full videos available for $1/month on patreon


    Theme Thursday ideas!

    Why I Walk Bare-Chested "Where Men Don't."

    Why I Walk Bare-Chested “Where Men Dont.”

    Ocean City, Maryland, Summer 2016. One of the more common objections I hear to my bare-chested outings is to ask why I do so where men aren’t going bare-chested. The simple answer is that I don’t. Male bare-chestedness has become so normal we don’t see it anymore.  So for the last year I’ve been taking photos of bare-chested men in public places, often while I’m also bare-chested.   I’ve been…

    View On WordPress


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    1 Yes 4 Full body 6 You offer services? 7 Candids and pictures of you smiling and bring playful - note the name of my blog 😉 8 Old pictures are OK 9 Sharing others is fine, but try to reserve it for exceptional cases; most posts on this blog should be of or about you.


    Fun fact: According to Greek legend there was a famous prostitute who managed to avoid a death sentence by showing the judges her boobs and arguing that it would be a crime against the Gods to destroy something so beautiful. 

    Before you ask, yes there are paintings of this. And yes, they’re amazing.

    Read more.


    I love history.


    Role models tho.


    The gay one


    No, but this is one of my absolute favorite bits of history! 

    The courtesan named was named Phryne and she was indeed a renowned beauty, and was indeed was put on trial for a capital crime. And yes, the sum of her defense consisted of her stripping in court (helped by her lover/defendant) and asking the jury (all males) if they were prepared to destroy this. 

    But this is actually a very interesting case of Values Dissonance - the capital crime she was accused of was blasphemy. In Ancient Greek society, exceptional beauty was a sign of favor from the gods, and they took the idea that beauty indicated goodness with great seriousness. They even called their nobles Kaloi k'Agathoi, “the Beautiful and the Good.” 

    So by showing off her great physical beauty, Phryne was being very clever indeed, her argument essentially being“How could I possibly commit blasphemy if the gods have given me this body?“ 

    God, I adore history. 


    ”If these tits are legit, you must acquit.”


    If Jesus was born from a virgin birth, doesn’t that mean he has only an X chromosome. Wouldn’t that make him female?




    I have taken 3 years of Theology, 1 of Apologetics, and 1 of Anatomy and Physiology and I’m honesty stumped by this one


    Those species which are parthenogenic (i.e. self-fertilising, certain lizards, snakes, frogs and fish) the offspring is always genetically/physically female-typical. So yeah, if we were to take the nativity as a scientific story, a parthenogenic human pregnancy (still a scientific impossibility) would result in an AFAB child, and since that child has always been referred to as “he”, voila, trans jesus.


    Actually, I think that depends on species? Like, New Mexico whiptail lizards are an entirely female all-parthenogensis all-the-time species, but Komodo dragon parthenogensis always results in males because their chromosome determination is different.

    So clearly, to get to the bottom of this mystery, the first question we need to ask is what kind of reptile was Mary.


    Tumblr, asking the real questions


    Raptor Jesus born of a Raptor virgin.


    Merry Christmas, y'all.


    The things I find on Tumblr...


    Being with a Bi Girlfriend - Living the Dream?

    This past weekend I saw an old friend. It came up in conversation that his girlfriend, whom I’ve met, is bisexual.

    He said “Yeah, it’s pretty nice. She’ll ask me ‘Ooh, look at her. Do you think she’s hot?’”

    My friend says he wasn’t sure how to answer at first, but found out it was OK to agree with her.

    Plus “Sometimes we’ll just look at boobs together.”

    So I told him “Dude, you are living the dream.”

    Then I said “Plus, what an honor. After all, you beat all those ladies too.”

    Then everyone gave me shit for accidentally saying he “beat all those ladies.”


    Have any of my readers been in relationships with bisexual partners? Have you had an experience similar to my friend’s?


    I'm now with a bi girl; yes it really is this good.