So, a little context to my family… if you’ve read my blog for very long, you’re well aware of my sexuality and how it’s manifested with my father and my sisters. That said, there’s one aspect to my family dynamic that has been underrepresented so I figured I may as well address it now. I’m speaking, of course, about my brother and my mom.

    My brother is five years younger than me- which puts him at 19 now. He was always distant, when it came to the affairs of my father and myself but I always kept an eye on him; if nothing else, for his well being. I guess the reality was, I was so caught up in my own situations, that I didn’t pay much attention to his or my mother’s, for that matter.

    Now, a bit about my mother. She had me fairly young and she really had no direction in her life so it turned out she was an exotic dancer for most of it. It wasn’t until about fifteen years after my brother was born that she went back to school to try and make something more for herself. Not that I really have any complaints about her, growing up but it did lead to a rather unstable environment for myself and my siblings. In hindsight, I guess it was a perfect setup for us to explore all the forbidden delights we’d come to enjoy with our father.

    Now, with that context in mind, I suppose it should come as no surprise when I found out my brother had a few secrets of his own, specifically regarding my mom. You see, some of my brother’s earliest memories were of mom, drunk and high after dancing in the club all night. That undoubtedly led to his preoccupation with her as he grew older. He was thirteen when I realized just how my mother’s wild past had resonated with him.

    Mom was quite the sultry goth queen in her day. I remember some of her outfits she wore to the club- black fishnets were a common feature with Egyptian style eyeliner and leather corsets that accentuated her porcelain d-cups for all to see. Now that I think about it, had I lived with her consistently, the way my brother had, I probably would’ve had a hard time keeping my hands off her. Turns out, so did my brother.

    I had been out partying with friends that night and decided I’d walk to my mom’s apartment because it was so close. My plan was to crash on her couch but as I opened the front door, I realized mom had beat me to it. There she was, completely trashed and passed out with her legs open and her right tit flopped out.

    I moved to her and was about to cover her up with a blanket when I noticed her right nipple was gleaming with what looked to be saliva. Somebody had been sucking on my mother’s tit and I froze, fearing she might have brought some guy from the club home. Suddenly, my brother walks into the room and I’m floored at the sight.

    There was my brother, totally naked with his adolescent cock throbbing in hand. “Holy fuck, Aiden… what are you doing?” I exclaimed. My brother’s look of horror was priceless and I couldn’t help but laugh at this predicament he’d forced us into, following by saying, “Relax dude… you’re secret is safe with me.”

    The next few minutes were spent, easing my brother’s fears and getting him to explain what he was about to do and how long this sort of thing had been going on. As he described the fist time he’d fingered our drunken mother, my nipples visibly became rock hard. Then he detailed the first time he’d mounted her and penetrated her sex… my pussy began soaking through my panties.

    Aiden was becoming obviously aroused again as well, proven by the erection that had surged back to life. I looked over at mom and smiled as I whispered, “Let me watch you fuck her again.” My brother’s eyes widened and without hesitation, climbed between her legs and pulled her black lace panties to the side.

    I watched in glee as Aiden placed his cock to our mother’s entrance and slowly pushed through her folds. I moved next to them so I could get a better view, slidding my hand down my pants to sample my own arousal leaking from my sex. My brother started moaning softly as he began rocking his hips back and forth between mom’s thighs.

    Instinct on both of us kicked in as my brother hunched over mom and started sucking deeply on her exposed breast. I followed suit and pulled her other tit out and leaned in to suckle her puffy, pink nipple. Mom continued to lay sprawled for us as we kneeded the supple flesh of her full breasts, completely dead to the world and our forbidden pleasure.

    After a few moments, I was climaxing on my fingers and raised up, pulling my top down to expose my own bouncing tits. “Suck on mine too Aiden!” I commanded with a breathless pant. My brother reached up with one hand and took my left nipple into his mouth as he braced against me and fucked his long, smooth prick faster in and out of our mother’s gorgeous, wet cunny.

    Mom may not have been aware of our incest but you wouldn’t know it to see the spot her pussy was leaving on the couch. Aiden and I moaned loudly as his swirling tongue brought me to another orgasm. I recoiled from him, shaking and looked at him with my typical devilish grin.

    “So… you wanna’ fuck your big sister too?” I cooed as I ran my fingers through his hair. Aiden was dumbfounded by the suggestion as he paused, his cock pulsing inside mom’s tunnel. “For real… you’d let me?” he whimpered. I giggled, “Well duh silly… I’m helping you fuck mom. Why wouldn’t I?! Hell, you might even like being inside a girl who’s awake, for a change.”

    My brother blushed as he withdrew from our mother’s sex. Aiden now focused his full attention on me as I stood and began stripping down. His delicious, young cock bounced as he watched and I could see mom’s juices dripping from it. Even the faint patch of his newly grown pubic hair was matted with our mother I knew exactly how I wanted my brother to take me.

    Leaning down, I took Aiden’s cock in hand and licked up and down it’s length in order savour mom’s unconscious arousal. “Oh my God!” cried my brother, clearly never having a girl’s lips on his penis before. I moaned and sucked his boyhood into my mouth with a few quick and deliberate strokes. “You liked that, huh?” I muttered as I pushed him back to the arm of the couch. “We’ll revisit that one day but right now, I want that cock in my pussy.”

    With that, I bent down on all fours in front of my brother and lowered my head to our mother’s dripping slit. Aiden knew exactly what to do and as my tongue delved between mom’s juicy womanhood, I felt his cock thrust as deep as it could into my wet and eager canal. There we were, brother and sister joined at the sex while I devoured the one that created us both. It was providence and it was glorious!

    My brother grunted as he started fucking his cock deep and fast into me, gripping my hips tightly. I arched my back and bucked back and forth to meet his thrusts sliding my body along the length of his beautiful shaft. Using both hands, I spread mom’s labia wide and inserted my fingers inside her, scooping her fluids onto my lapping tongue. We both moaned and sighed in lust as yet another intoxicating climax rocked my body. Even mom was breathing heavily now, though she remained in her stupor.

    Aiden reached over me and firmly held my breasts as we ground our pubic bones together. “Oh fuck, I’m going to shoot!” cried my brother as he bucked wildly behind me. I looked over my shoulder to him and urged, “Yeah, do it! Fill your sister Aiden… give me all that cum!” My brother groaned and lost control and I felt his cock swell inside me. He shuttered on top of me as the jets of his incestous, young seed blasted down my quivering tunnel and sprayed over my spasming cervix.

    I kept sliding myself back and forth over his shaft, squeezing it’s length and milking every drop from his adolescent loins. Aiden’s body collapsed on mine, panting and heaving as his cock continued to pulse inside my sex. My eyes glazed over as I returned to eating our mother’s pussy for one last taste of heaven, now fully satisfied by our lust.


    My stepsister’s door was closed so I opened it and walked in. Abby was on her knees sucking the guy she liked and everyone else was watching. I couldn’t believe it. She definitely was having fun though. My stepsister kept telling her to look up at the guy while she sucks his cock. My stepsister’s boyfriend waved me over to him and I sat on his lap. Ot was bizarre all of us just watching. The guys were rubbing their cocks through their pants while they watched. I could see their buldges and I liked it. As I sat on his lap I could feel his cock grow under me and he started pulling my hips down onto him. It felt food but I was scared with all those guys in the room. They were all past college age but didn’t treat us like the little kids we were. I started to get really turned on watching Abby. I wondered if I looked as good as she does sucking a cock. My stepsister came over and asked me to kneel down so I did. She tied a bandana over my eyes and told me to not move. I could sense people moving around in her room. I was drunk but being blindfolded made it hard to keep my balance. Next think I knew a cock touched my mouth. It rubbed along my lips until I opened up and tasted it. It was already leaking precum which was hot. I assumed it was her boyfriend but it wasn’t. The cock was not as thick but longer. I could hear the slurping sound of Abby sucking that guy and soon we both were slurping cocks. While I sucked someone started rubbing my ass and pussy from behind and it made me instantly wet. He pulled back and a different cock entered my mouth. This one was about the same size but his balls were huge. After a few minutes someone helped me stand up and layed me down on the bed on my back. Someone straddled me and put his cock in my mouth while I was being undressed and my pussy fingered.

    I could hear Abby moaning and a slapping sound. I felt a tongue start to probe my asshole and pussy. It felt good having a cock in my mouth and my ass and pussy being played with.

    My legs were spread wide and a big cock pushed up against my pussy. The head barely fit so he rubbed my clit with it a little bit. I remembered what my stepsister taught me about how to relax so I did. Soon after the 1st cock slid into my tight wet pussy. He started pounding me hard right away which felt fucking awesome. A cock was fucking my mouth and pussy now. The feeling of my holes being full is the best. He started to moan and I could tell was going to cum fast so I called him Daddy and begged him to seed me like I was taught. He came inside of me almost immediately and it felt so good. I could feel the guy with the big balls probing my pussy because his balls hung down and I could feel them on my ass. He entered me next but went slow in the beginning. He kissed me and slowly pumped his cock in and out going deeper and deeper. I felt something drip on my face then a warm wet pussy sat on my face. It tasted so good. I’ve loved the taste of ass and pussy from the very first time. As the cock fucked me and got harder I licked the pussy as she grinded her hips on my face. She grinded so hard my jaw hurt but I didn’t care.

    I remember wondering if he would shoot a huge load because his balls were so big. I hoped it was true. He pumped me harder and harder and my hips were bouncing off the bed. He was ready to cum I could tell. He grabbed my throat and choked me as he spasmed and shot his load deep inside me. I passed out for just a second but immediately came. This was the beginning of my love of being choked during sex. My blindfold was pulled down and I saw my stepsister start to untie it. I looked up and it was Abby’s pussy on my face that I was licking. She wasn’t blindfolded and didn’t stop fucking my mouth. The guys had all cum and wached us with my stepsister. Scary thing was that they all looked like they were going to get hard again soon. Not scary actually.

    Maybe you can see why I am the way I am now?

    The night was not over….