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2021-09-18 02:22:02

    The amount of serotonin it gave me to watch this grandma react to her new galaxy light 🥺

    It’s dark in here- *gasps in excitement* OHH SARAH!

    OHH SARAH! *giggles like a little kid* OHhHhH!!

    My ceiling is filled with blue lights… and stars and everything!!

    OH Sarah! I can go to bed at night looking at this. OHHHH it’s beautiful!


    ppl forget the innocence of the elderly… if there was ever a glimpse of them as a child, this is it


    “I can go to bed at night looking at this! 🥺✨

    I love grandmothers. I miss mine every single day. This is beautiful.


    I have one! I’ll deadass be in my room with it on listening to music and disassociating for hours 😂

    It has a buncha colors but these are my faves

    Purple bc insanely gorgeous 100/10 just beautiful

    Then the light blue/green makes me feel like I’m underwater, 11/10 love to imagine I’m drowning

    And then dark blue bc it feels like I’m in space, 10/10 would love to go there and stop breathing


    @haileyhurts where did you get it?

    I would love to cry my eyes out in a room this pretty


    @yanderrre you can just go to or if you dont feel like typing:


    My cat trips balls when I use mine 😂 the stars are lasers so she goes nuts thinking it’s a 1000 laser light toys!! Still cracks me up every time


    Same energy