A lot of adulthood is shouting “AUGH MY LAUNDRY” hours after you put it in the washer/dryer and running to go fetch it

    oh shit my laundry

    reblog to save someone’s laundry


    this is a companion post to the “don’t forget your made tea and its getting cold” one

    Augh, my tea!

    Also, look up and check the time? Are you supposed to be somewhere right now? School? Work? Bed?

    Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi and not data!!!

    Don’t forget that food you warmed up in the microwave and left there.


    When was the last time you had water?

    Ooops, I forgot to take my meds and drink water. Thanks, Tumblr.

    I was on my phone’s data all day…🤦

    Have you taken your meds today?

    Oh shit my meds

    Okay but actually Ace!Jake who was very confused and tried to be the normal hetero dude, dating around and having one night stands that emotionally messed him for a long time because that’s what he was expected to do.  And he’s tired, tired, so fucking tired of pretending, and the expectation to even have sex has soured him on relationships

    Then, he gets to the Library and decides that he doesn’t have to put up the act anymore. He could just be into art. If he never looks for another relationship no one here seems like they’ll question it. Except well holy fuck Ezekiel Jones is gorgeous and sweet and pushes all the right buttons, and Jake realises that he’s really not done pretending.

    Besides, it’s not like Jones would be into men, and even if he is, he’d want sex, and Jake doesn’t want sex ever but he doesn’t want to trap someone in a relationship with him either. So he tries his level best to push Ezekiel away, to be a dick to him, but he kind of fails because it’s hard to not touch Ezekiel or want to be in his space.

    So when Cindi comes in, Jake is delighted, because Cindi would be good for Ezekiel. She’s sweet and nice and yeah she may have her issues but she’s not Jake with his million issues who’s been dealing with his growing attraction to his colleague by being a fucking jackass. Except Ezekiel never dates Cindi, keeps insisting she’s not his type, or anyone they meet for a matter of fact is not his type. Not that Jake doesn’t try despite the fact that he’s usually an increasingly jealous mess over whoever Ezekiel pays any attention too in any light which could be mistaken for romantic.

    It finally comes to a head and Ezekiel confronts him about it, and Jake would take a page out of Flynn’s book and flee but Ezekiel has obviously planned for that. So he confesses waiting for any sign of disgust from Ezekiel but Ezekiel looks relieved and then happy and then much to Jake’s utter confusion, Ezekiel proceeds to ask him out to dinner.

    “Jones, I’m not going home with you.”

    “Who said anything about that? Did you actually expect me to put out on the first date, cowboy? You gotta work for it. We’ll just do dinner first and see how that goes.”

    “No Jones, I don’t want sex.”

    “Yeah I got that.”

    “No Ezekiel, I do not want sex at all.”

    “Oh, okay cool, you’re ace. Noted. We can still go for dinner right?”

    And Jake is still confused but yeah they do go for dinner, and start dating. And end up a lot at Ezekiel’s place watching movies, or Ezekiel straddling him and kissing him long and hard and lazy most evenings. And it’s all good but Jake keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop because one day Ezekiel will want se and Jake really doesn’t.

    Except weeks turn into months, and he’s moved in with Ezekiel. They share the same bed. They bathe together. Jake fills Ezekiel’s living room with all his art books, and Ezekiel has a horrible tendency to steal his scarves for inspiration while he’s hacking, and a lot of opinions on movies Jake never knew he was a media student. And they save the world twice before Friday. And they get dogs who also share their bed, and Ezekiel kisses him good morning every goddamned day and…

    Ezekiel never has sex with him.

    Jake is happy

    Narcissus taking a selfie is the ACTUAL best.

    “Most autistic people who are capable of formulating questions have frequently experienced the following scenario: We ask for information that we need in order to prepare ourselves for a new experience. Instead of answering our questions, NT people tell us that we don’t need to ask these questions at all. We just need to relax and stop being so anxious. The fact is that being able to ask questions, and getting clear answers to our questions, and thus knowing what to expect, are often the very things autistic people need in order to be able to relax and not be anxious. Asking a lot of questions about the details of a situation is usually not a “maladaptive behavior” that increases an autistic person’s anxiety. More often it’s an adaptive strategy that an autistic person is using to reduce anxiety or to prevent being in an anxiety-provoking situation in the first place. It’s very important for us to have thorough explanations and ample opportunities to ask questions.”

    — Jim Sinclair, “Cultural Commentary: Being Autistic Together”

    In other words, people are more relaxed when they know how to do things.

    How is that not an obvious statement?

    Or as I once put it, “I don’t like people who refuse to give step two.”

    How and What are very important. And sometimes equally vital is WHY.

    Fred Rogers wrote a song about that, way back in <>1968:

    I like to be told        When you’re going away,        When you’re going to come back,        And how long you’ll stay,        How long you will stay,      I like to be told.

    I like to be told        If it’s going to hurt,        If it’s going to be hard,        If it’s not going to hurt.        I like to be told.      I like to be told.

    It helps me to get ready for all those things,        All those things that are new.        I trust you more and more        Each time that I’m      Finding those things to be true.

    I like to be told        'Cause I’m trying to grow,        'Cause I’m trying to learn        And I’m trying to know.        I like to be told.        I like to be told.       

    I once heard him say in an interview about his show that what he said to the camera wasn’t just aimed only at the kids who were watching, but also t<>o grownup care-givers who might be in the room, or in the next room over, but still within earshot. Because maybe they, too, had difficult childhoods, and never had a good parenting model. So he was giving advice and permission to grieve their own unmet needs without saying “You Should.”

    (source: The Fred Rogers Neighborhood Archive)

    Truly a man who lived by his principles.

    Things like “because I told you so” are stupid. Why not stop treating your child like they aren’t capable of reason and thought.

    Teachers do this too. There’s a reason why you’re not supposed to do things.

    Tell them, they are capable of learning.

    it sucks to be taken away from whatever you were doing before–probably something you knew how to do and were used to and were having a decent time–and dragged off to a situation where you don’t know what’s going to happen or what will be expected from you. 

    i really wonder how much of an issue switching tasks would be for me today if i hadn’t been trained to prepare myself for the very likely probability of pain, frustration, and humiliation from having to change venues according to someone else’s direction. 

    odin is like “when thor was born the sun shone bright upon his beautiful face. i found loki on the sidewalk outside a taco bell”

    Oðinn spake:

    Bright the sun shone | at the time of Þor’s birth, And bathed his count'nance fair. Loki, wolf-father, | the trickster, the liar, I found on the cold pavement While returning in glory | from a grand hunt For a 3 AM quesadilla.

    I need this framed on my wall it’s so beautiful. 

    ay @systlin hmu


    My husband complained that this was more Shakespeare than Eddas, and I challenged him to do better.

    Solen sken, skönt gyllene

    Dagen Tor föddes

    På trottoaren, vid Taco Bell

    Där låg Loke


    My translation:

    The sun shone, sweet golden

    The day of Tor’s birth

    On the tarmac, by Taco Bell

    There lay Loki

    (For poetry reasons, Thor needs the Swedish spelling.)


    ay yo show ur husband 

    @bold-sartorial-statement no but hang on this should be in runes: 

    (oops spot the typos)


    i wanna translate this into icelandic so imma do it 

    Sólin skein, björt og gullin við fæðingu Þórs á stígnum við Taco Bell Þar lá Loki

    The amount of quality going into these shitposts is amazing

    This is not shitposting, this is transformative work!

    And in Danish because why not:

    Solen skinnede, skøn og gylden

    På dagen for Tors fødsel

    På asfalten ved Taco Bell

    Dér lå Loke



    When Thor born

    He hair shine brite

    A very very

    Magical site

    But then I see

    A bab from hell

    I pik up loki

    From taco bell

    the rosetta stone of shitposting

    Now THIS is the best post on this hellsite

    @petermorwood your jam, I think

    Thor fine, hair shine, bright lad, wits not bad.

    Loki dark, full of snark, found in sack like stale Big Mac.

    Ye gads. :)