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2021-07-08 21:08:14

    In case u missed our little teaser for Lisette’s newest video that just hit our website. Follow us on IG @headturnerzent_official and subscribe to the website for all full length videos.


    That huge ass is about to burst out of those fucking jeans!!! Could follow her around all day! Dont miss this sexy video!

    Full video available on our site. Sign up at www.headturnerzent.com


    The complete video is 14 minutes of pure BIG BOOTY bliss! If you haven’t already, Go watch the full trailer to this HUGE ass on our blog. Our website is still under maintenance but should be ready within the week.

    Official Trailer for this BIG INCREDIBLE ASS!

    “Lisette’s Introudction” - Available next week on our website.

    If you guys REBLOG THIS enough we’ll drop a trailer for all the vertical format footage!

    Sound off in the comments, you guys wanna see more of Lisette?