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2020-07-13 06:07:51

    The moral of knives out was entitled rich people are the same. There were various types of political leanings in the Thrombey family: leftist, liberal, conservative, alt-right. However, none of that mattered when their money was threatened, whatever political opinions they held went out the window if it meant saving their lifestyle. 

    And, actually, when the power dynamic wasn’t them at the top. Meg is sort of positioned as the one nice one of the family, and the one who genuinely sees Marta as a friend - but the turning point for her is not when she loses the money (she even suggests to her mother that they should honour the will, at first), but when she tells Marta that she’ll have to drop out of school. Marta’s response is “No, Meg, that won’t happen. I’ll take care of you.”

    It’s a line that gets said to Marta repeatedly by the family, and she’s expected to be grateful for it. But when she uses it at Meg, Meg is so offended by it that she tells the family about Marta’s mother’s immigration status. Literally, this lovely, leftist, progressive white girl is so furious at the temerity of the poor Hispanic nurse offering her charity that she immediately lashes back by using her enormous privilege to put Marta back in her place. She risks Marta’s mother being arrested and deported, so that she can assuage her own ego.

    And she feels guilty about it, sure. She feels terrible afterwards.

    But in that moment, we see what she really is, and just how dangerous wealth and privilege make a person to everyone else around them.


    I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add that I read the screenplay today and the comment above is true. 

    “Horrified, mortified, barely comprehending what she’s just heard.” It’s the fact that Marta offered her charity that really causes Meg to panic. She can’t stomach the tables being turned that way. She betrays Marta, not to get the tuition money, but to put her world back the way it’s always been. She can’t imagine a world where she has to take generosity, not give it.