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Names Spencer im bi 23, wanna be a dad, kinda awkward I like anime, and I tend to be a romantic, I like to make friends and don't mind if you want to message me. Please message me on here first if you wanna add me on something else

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    That's not.....I .....


    Don't do this, ladies.

    This is gross.


    I think this is against the Geneva convention


    I don't know if you can call these ladies considering they're the biggest batch of dicks I've ever seen.

    Seriously, how far up your own ass do you have to be to think being emotionally abusive is gonna fix the problems of random coutnries?


    You’re the town’s superhero. Your greatest enemy is the town’s supervillian. However, secretly, your both brothers. This isn’t anything tragic, as your whole destructive rivalry is actually just a massive prank on your third brother, the mayor.


    finally, a realistic sibling relationship in the media


    Why do I feel like I’ve seen this actually used in something?


    if you actually believe the "queer is a slur" terf movement, then you aren't allowed to let people identify as gay or lesbian in peace either because those were and still are used as slurs

    1.) terf means trans exclusionary radical feminist. If something is not trans exclusionary radical feminism, it is not terf rhetoric. If terfs say queer is a slur, it’s not because they’re terfs. Often it’s because they’re gay/bi women who don’t want to be called a slur.

    2.) there’s a difference between words that can be used as insults and words that are used as slurs. Gay and lesbian can be used as homophobic insults, mostly towards people who are not gay/lesbian. Examples being “that’s so gay!” And “what, are you a fuckin lesbian?”. These are used towards straight people as degrading insults because people see calling somebody a homosexual as an insult, because they see homosexuality as an inherently bad thing. Nobody uses them towards lgbt people, unless they don’t know they’re lgbt. They use them towards people they think are straight to tell them a certain behaviour is undesirable and “gay”. So they’re insults towards straight people, not slurs against homosexuals.

    Queer is a slur used towards lgbt people. It isn’t used towards straight people in the same way gay/lesbian are. It’s used to tell lgbt people that they’re weird, odd, freaks, etc. For being lgbt. They’re used by homophobes who directly want to degrade lgbt people for being lgbt. They aren’t using the word because it means homosexual and they think that’s a bad thing (which again, is why they insult straight people with gay/lesbian), they are using it because it means weird/odd/freak/etc. And want to let people know that’s how they feel about lgbt people.

    Basically, one is used as an insult because it means homosexual and that’s seen as bad enough to be an insult, one is used because people want to let lgbt people know they think being lgbt is weird by using a word that means exactly that.

    As I’ve said before, reclaim queer if you want. But don’t push it on me, don’t push it on other lgbt people, don’t use it as an umbrella term. Use it for yourself and others who have said explicitly that they’re okay with it.

    Also there’s a difference between “identifying as (I don’t like the term identify when talking about sexuality, sexuality is not an identity and I do not identify with my sexuality. It’s just something I was born as) gay/lesbian and as queer. Labels are supposed to describe something specific, that’s why we use them. When somebody says they’re gay/lesbian you know they’re homosexual and like the same gender. When somebody says they’re bi you know they’re bisexual and can be attracted to anyone. When somebody says they’re trans you know they were born a different gender than they actually are. The labels exist to describe a certain experience. Queer however, doesn’t do that. It doesn’t tell me if you’re gay, bi, trans, or demisexual flowerromantic elfgender. It’s a useless label. Maybe it says “I’m not straight” or “I’m not cis”, but that’s really something you don’t need to clarify unless you see something wrong with being straight/cis. And sorry to break it to you, but myself and other lgbt people may be distrustful of you when you come up to us and call yourself queer. Because we don’t know if you’re lgbt, or if you’re a straight and cis person who thinks being attracted to people only sometimes makes them “queer”. Which is often the case.

    Honestly I’m just repeating what I’ve said on my blog multiple times.


    There’s also the fact that the other meaning of gay is “happy” and lesbian comes from a sapphic historical figure. There’s nothing inherently offensive about gay and lesbian even if people used them negatively in the past or as an insult now.

    “Queer” on the other hand has all sorts of awful meanings - freak, weird, unnatural, sick/ill, and the list goes on. It was also used as a derogatory word before it was applied to LGBT people, especially gay men. And it’s been used against us for 150-200ish years.

    It’s just not the same. Not even close.


    Yeah, gay literally comes from Latin "gaius", aka "happy". Lesbian means "inhabitant of Lesbos", the same Greek island in which Sappho lived (that's why lesbians and bi women are also called "sapphic", referencing her poetry)

    I'm so sorry I don't want to be called a freak, I don't care if it's in a "woke" way, the girls in middle school already told me that I was abnormal enough :/