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2023-06-01 04:24:23

    It’s finally happened.

    After almost a decade on this site, I found another Tumblr user in the wild. I stopped to tie my shoe with rainbow laces this morning outside the silversmith at Colonial Williamsburg, and I heard it.

    “I like your shoelaces.”

    Oh. Oh no.

    I responded the only way I could. “Thanks.” And then I reluctantly added, “I stole them from the president…and if that makes sense to you, I’m very sorry.”

    The poor man, in full Colonial dress, stared at me for a long moment. And then burst into laughter. And said, “I haven’t thought about that in YEARS and this has never happened to me before.”

    Yeah. Me neither. Not until today.

    Tumblr rite of passage. Achievement unlocked.


    @victoriansecret I found your friend!!!