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2020-10-28 14:49:05

    Mother of mothers, Mother of daughters, Mother of all the children who choose you and commit themselves to love - Mother of life and bleeding, Mother of courage and transformation, Mother of choice and balance, Mother of pain and nurturing, Mother of creation and change: give strength to all those who need you now, be they daughters or sons or simply children of the great creation. give us patience to keep going and the love to keep supporting each other, in burning endless solidarity. give us courage to march and health to stay safe among these uncertain times.

    Mother of death, Mother of rebirth, Mother to all the children who dare to transgress and transform - Mother of difficult decisions and heavy burdens, Mother of pain and anger, Mother of blood and revolution, Mother of mourning and grief: give wrath to all those who need it now so it might burn within them yet leave them unharmed. give us the necessary bravery to make difficult choices and bring the reckoning upon those who wronged us. steady our hands and voices as we fight for our freedom and let us bring true fear into the hearts of the oppressor.

    Mothers who transgress our mortal ideas of motherhood or womanhood yet who bravely guard all your children, keep us safe and guide our anger. Mothers to those who bleed and those who don't, those who wish they did and those who wish they never had; Mothers to those who bear children and those who don't, either by choice or circumstance or by the unfair dealings of the fates.

    give us love that will burn them all.