90 s costumes
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    Seymour the Shark is swimming the coastal seas with aplomb. You can see his fin peak above the water line, and you're sure to be a little frightened. But you can rest assured that this is one shark who's not looking to take a bite. Nah, he's looking for a snuggle!

    Seymour is inclined to snuggle indeed and he's even got his next target in his sights. Your child! Do you think they'd be up for a cozy hug from a Comfy Critter? We hope they are! Seymour is counting on it!

    This authentic Comfy Critter Blanket comes sized just right for a child, and it's made with 100 percent polyester microfiber fleece. The signature hood is soft sculpted for 3D effect, and it's printed with the cool facial features of a slick shark. His name is Seymour, of course, but we already knew that. We're all about Seymour the Shark!

    With folds for hands in each upper corner to secure a secure and comfy wrap, this blanket is sure to be a treasured possession for snuggling on the couch. And when nap time is over, this blanket wraps up into a fun plush bundle. Wrap it up to take this Shark on the go, and he'll be ready for any adventure!

    Hello Upside Down, Is That You?

    The Stranger Things kids have become household names at such a young age because their courage, wit, and strong bond makes watching and rooting for them exciting, plus they're stinkin' adorable. With dreams of making it big in Hollywood, these talented breakout stars and their respective characters can rest assured they'll be around for many years to come. Mike, Will, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, and the entire gang are well on their way to pop culture infamy. Well, almost the entire gang. There's one important character in the Netflix series who often gets the cold shoulder and that's the alphabet wall. Well, we're on a mission to change that. The alphabet wall is a dynamic and entertaining force in Stranger Things so when amassing your group costume, don't forget to add this costume tee. How else will your crew communicate with the Upside Down?   

    Product Details 

    This officially licensed shirt is made from cotton, polyester, and spandex so it feels extremely comfortable. Pair it with your most comfortable pair of pants to form a convincing and convenient costume.   

    It's Lit!

    Just kidding, this t-shirt doesn't light up but it's "lit" in the sense that it's ah-mazing. Make it actually light up by draping yourself in some battery operated string lights.