Survival Of The (Un)Fittest
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2021-05-10 16:14:05

    That moment when the scale reads out to you “seven hundred pounds” for the first time. You look at me in mock surprise, asking “How did this happen???” As if gorging yourself eighteen hours a day for four years was something that could just slip by you.

    “Look at my body — I’m enormous,” you say, lifting your immense belly as if noticing it in shock for the first time. “What did you do to me???”

    I just smirk and give you that look you know so well. I press myself against your blubbery rolls and silence you with the jumbo eclair I begin helping into your mouth. “Sorry, baby. But this is just the beginning.” You moan as I trace the bulging curves of your distended belly and love handles.

    “I hope you’re not going to miss being this skinny too much.”

    “Hey buddy, how’s it going? I’m Dr Ryan. Having trouble getting up? That’s okay, man. Sorry I had to take my shirt off, but you’re pretty messy right now, aren’t you big guy? Wow, you managed to get food everywhere, didn’t you? Do you know how much you ate before you passed out? Your stomach is absolutely massive right now, so I’m gonna guess it was a helluva lot, right? Okay, so I’m just going to massage all the fat in your big belly for a while and then we’ll get you off the floor. I hate to ask, but so I get the right hoist, you’re WAY over 650 lbs, aren’t you big guy? That’s what I thought.”

    “The distended stomach is obviously a result of the sheer quantity of food you’re eating. And when you’re gorging yourself to that extent the lining of your stomach stretches to accommodate it all. You’re overeating so much that of course your body is turning all that food into fat. So much fat. Keep going like this and you’re gonna be tipping the scales at over 600 lbs real soon, big man. Is that what you want for yourself; to be that obese? Is it turning you on to be getting so immensely fat? That’s fucked up, man.”

    “Yeah, I’m working on your neighbor’s property. Hey, you mind if I ask you a question? Yo, how much you weigh, big man? Shit, for real?? I was thinking maybe 450 lbs but you for real over 600? Whoa! That’s fuckin’ heavy, man! Dude, you are so fuckin’ fat! So, you . . . uh, you mind if I come back tomorrow and maybe bring some homemade chilli with me? Couple of gallons or so, I reckon? Hehe. We gonna have us some fun, big man.”

    “What are we going to do with you, huh? Fatter and fatter, heavier and heavier, piling on the pounds, constantly overeating. Are you a pig, is that it? A gluttonous fat pig? Haha, I’m just messing with ya, big guy. Your weight gain is seriously turning me on. Every time I write the numbers - and those are some BIG fucking numbers, man! - in your weight chart, I get a massive hard-on.”

    “Look how tight the skin is on your gut. Can you see these pink lines? That’s because your belly is so immense it’s literally tearing the skin apart. If you carry on overeating like you’ve been doing you’re just going to get fatter and fatter and this disgusting gut is going to swell up even bigger. Do you want to carry on gorging yourself like a greedy pig at the trough until you’re so fat you can barely move? Cause that’s the way you’re heading, fat boy.”

    “Yeah, I know this is unorthodox, but I want you to see what a real man’s body should look like. Lean, hard, muscular. See how fucking hot I am, dude? I’m fucking gorgeous! And you sit there weighing almost 500 lbs with your massive fucking stomach hanging down. You’re a fat fuck, man. A greedy fat fuck who can’t stop eating. And the sickest part is, I think you like it when alpha bros like me tease the fuck out of you for being such a fat pig. I think it turns you on, you fucking fat hog.”

    “Two muscular feeders in Speedos - that’s your fantasy, right bro? So how about we go back inside and get started? I hope you’re hungry, fat man, cause there’s enough food in there to feed a fuckin’ army! You waddle your fat ass onto the bed and get comfortable, big guy. Maybe take that tight shirt off and let that huge belly really bulge out, huh? Buddy, it’s time to get stuffed like you’ve never been stuffed before. Nope, we don’t do ‘gentle’ - you’re gonna gorge like a hog till we tell you to stop, okay fat boy?”