he’s a christian martyr…….he’s a representation of trauma……..he stands for the loss of innocence………he is a forgotten saint……..he is a sacrificial victim……….his wounds parallel the wounds of christ……….he is a tragic hero……….he could kill a man…..….he’s never done anything wrong…………he is a girl……..he is the bestest boy………..he is a malewife………he’s a poor little meow meow…………i didn’t say his name but he popped into your head, didn’t he?


    funniest tags you could possibly add on to a joke post about jesse pinkman


    this is entrapment


    two equally delightful paths here:

    1) a very simple and genuine “i like your shoelaces”, which tells me that you are either a lesbian or a very cool ally

    2) “i like your shoelaces” followed by the pronounced grimace of one recalling their past sins, which tells me that you were a 2012 tumblr user. i now hold the power in this conversation and you are at my mercy.


    if you know about 2012 tumblr how do you hold any power in any conversation


    well, stucky fanfic url, the trick is to not let them know that you are also cringe


    this is the most poignant burn ive seen all year


    this is from an Australian youtube channel where they go to hat tower and drop things


    Water doesn’t compress very much, so once it hit it’s terminal velocity, it was basically a solid ball, not a liquid. This is why you can use water to cut things if you have a high enough pressurized jet of it.


    The reverse POV of “if you’re too high, hitting the water is like hitting concrete”


    Well that’s not in one piece anymore


    THIS is why I cringe every time movies act like jumping off a cliff into some water is gonna solve all your impact-related problems at the bottom.


    this image is probably the most accurate visual representation of the United States education system


    Oh boy.

    Do I have a story for you…

    So this is the iconic and beloved clock of Moszkva square in Budapest, Hungary. Or more precisely it was.

    It was a very popular meeting point for generations.

    „2pm on Moszkva, under the clock?” sure” It was in the middle of the square, so you could see each other pretty easily from anywhere.

    When they „renovated” (rebuilt) and renamed the square that is now called Széll Kálmán tér (only by youngsters and tourists who don’t know any better - it will remain for a lot of us „the Moszkva”) the old clock was removed.

    So. Removing the clock was very controversial, but it had to go, because someone dreamed about a new shiny one. Here it is. New, and weird and DIGITAL.

    The problem is, it stopped working. For days. (you see, fixing it was time-consuming) And they came and fix it. But it broke down in a couple of days again and again, so the lovely people around helped to fix it. Some of the best solutions:

    Graffity: ?Is this a clock? No" and Where is the old clock? Furthermore, on the clock it states that it shows the right time.

    An artistic rendition:

    But my favorite one is where people got enough of the breaking down abomination, and the heartless people taking down the actually working clocks (it is a very busy square with a lot of public transport connections), and things escalated quickly:

    I think this is the most of them we had taped on at once.

    The papers state: In memoriam of the unknown time. Rest in Peace

    So… I guess, Hungarians do.