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2019-04-03 15:57:21



    Update on shipping to Canada: I’ve now reopened shipping to Canada. Please bear in mind before you order that due to the strike and backlog of mail Canada Post has announced that delays are likely to stretch until March 2019, so packages will take a significantly longer time to arrive.

    Happy 1st of December everyone! I’m back from my trip to Japan and today it finally snowed here in Finland ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    To get my festive spirit on, I’m throwing a Holiday Countdown event in my shop! I’ll be announcing a selection of sale items or a new product in my shop every odd day of the month until Dec 19th  Today’s theme is Animal Companions and a selection of my animal themed products are available for discounted prices for 48 hours! http://heikala.tictail.com/

    My shop will be on Holiday pause for shipping from 20th of December to January 3rd. Please be advised that my shop is based in Finland and from past experience I know that orders made from this point on will unfortunately not make it in time for Holidays. (even sometimes with tracked Exprés shipping)