i've only ever cared for you
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2023-03-01 23:42:05

    do you think that sam’s like “hey it’s february 14th, you know what that means?” and dean’s like “yeah of course I do” and dean’s staring at cas all smitten and at the same time sam says “it’s valentine’s day” and dean says “it’s our wedding anniversary” and dean blows cas a lil kiss and then turns around to glare at sam and is like “my wedding anniversary to cas is far more important than valentine’s day. get your priorities right, sam” and then cas walks over to dean and says “happy anniversary dean” and dean pulls cas into a kiss and says “happy anniversary, my handsome husband”

    dean snags cas’ hand and slides the wedding band off of cas’ finger slowly, pressing the warm band into his palm. “what are you doing?” cas asks, head tilting in that adorable way that has dean’s heart skipping beats in his chest. dropping down onto one knee, dean holds the ring out to cas and murmurs, “be my husband? marry me again?” and cas immediately slides the ring back onto his finger- where it was meant to be- and draws dean into a long lingering kiss. “of course. always. happy anniversary, dean,” cas says, warm and soft and utterly in love. “happy 2nd anniversary, husband,” dean replies, kissing cas between each word to emphasize how much he really truly devastatingly loves cas