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    Describe ur best oral experience...

    I've been so busy lately and didn't want to give an answer that I didn't put some thought into and of course because I think you guys love it when I answer these kinds of questions in detail. You didn't specify if it was receiving or giving, so I'll do both. 😊😊😊 So many to choose from and that is so true. I've given a lot of incredible blow jobs to guys and wish one of them could share with you how it felt. I'll go with when I gave a blow job to a boyfriend prior to my husband. It was in the sauna and we were the only ones in there. It was late at night and I decided to take my robe off and I opened his robe and started rubbing him. He was a little nervous because anyone could come in at any moment, but he didn't stop me and his cock got so hard. He said, "Are you going to suck it or just play with it"? I asked him, "Is it okay? Can I suck it"? He nodded and so I went straight to his balls first and licked him while still stroking his cock. He had precum on the tip of his cock and I worked my way up the shaft and then put him in my mouth. I started to bob my head up and down and he was about to cum and I pulled off him and said, "Unh uh, not yet". He looked nervously over at the door and I went back down on him and started sucking, this time he was about to cum and I pulled off again and told him not yet again. He was dying. I went back down again, but this time I was a little too late pulling off him since I ruined his orgasm and he started streaming cum out and I giggled, and then put him in my mouth and finished him good. It was like a ruined orgasm followed by a second surge immediately in which he filled my mouth so full. I got up to go spit it out and rinse my mouth out with water and sat back down. He started to put his robe back on and I said, "Unh uh, your turn". He looked over the door again and I urged him on. I knew I would be so embarrassed if someone came in and we would get kicked out, but I was so on fire and wanted to dare to continue. He went straight between my legs and I held his head while my other hand helped me stay kind of in an up position. My heels were on his back and he licked me really good and I came so fast and so hard. I wanted more, but I knew I was pressing our luck. I pushed him off because he tried to keep going to make me cum again. We just barely got our robes on when another couple entered and my boyfriend reached towards the edge of my lip and said, "Missed a spot". He rubbed it and stuck it in his finger and sucked it off. I have to also include this one too. I've shared this before so I won't go into much detail. My husband and I were dating and we went to this place called Lotte World which is kind of an indoor/outdoor amusement park. I am deathly afraid of heights, but I agreed to go up in the balloon ride that goes all away around inside the indoor portion of the park. It's about a 7 or 8 minute ride. As soon as we got in and started to go up to the roof before it goes all the way around the park, I got on my knees and unzipped Mr. C's pants and I pulled it out. He was in shock, but no one could see except for the CCTV cameras but I was on my knees and they couldn't see me inside the ride because you stand up in it. My goal was to make sure I made him cum before we got to the end. I sucked his cock so good and he was dying and he came completely all of it in my mouth and I when he was done I spat it out on the floor of the ride. I hadn't started swallowing cum at this point yet. I had a bottle of water in my purse and swished it out and he just got his pants buttoned up when we got to the ride operator. We stepped out and I pulled my husband's hand because I didn't want the guy to look at me after seeing the mess on the floor. Mr. C was extremely impressed. Now for best oral experienced I received. There is one that is too intimate for me to share at the moment and I'm saving that for either one of the books I'm writing or as a separate story to share. I have gotten some oral sex from women and consistently they are the best. I want to share one that I got from a

    guy that I met at a hotel bar who gave me the best head I've ever gotten from a guy and that includes my husband which is saying something. For those of you who may not know, yes it can be called giving or receiving head to a woman too. That was your PSA from yours truly, Lisa. Now on to what happened. I was at the hotel bar and this guy approached me and he was kind of short and not handsome looking but not ugly either. He kind of had that average Joe look and he told me that he knew it was a waste of time, but he would regret not approaching me and seeing if I wanted to have a drink at least and head to his room afterwards. I was surprised by how forward he was even though he was showing some lack of confidence. I smiled and looked at the bartender and told him to keep my drink fresh and tab open and grabbed this guy's hand and headed to the elevator. The look in his eyes was priceless and he was kind of shaking a little. We got in the elevator and he asked if this was really happening. I smiled and nodded my head while putting my finger on his lips to shush him. I reached down and could feel how hard he was. He wasn't small but he wasn't overly big either. I knew that I could have some fun with him. I also knew I was going to have to make him cum with my mouth first because there was no way he was going to last at all trying to fuck me because of how nervous he was. He was shaking so bad that I squeezed his hand to calm him down. We got off the elevator and headed to his room. I texted the room number to my husband as I always do and then called him and locked the screen as usual too. We went into the room and I set my purse and phone down on a night stand and approached the guy. He asked what should we do. I put my finger on his mouth again and shushed him. I kissed him deeply and then I got on my knees and started to undo his pants. He was shaking so bad and I made him sit on the bed because I was afraid he would pass out lol. His cock was nice looking although he needed a trim. I took off my top while he peeled off his shirt. I rubbed my breasts against his chest and kissed him again. I reached down with my hand and put his dick in my fist. That was all it took. He shot so hard up towards my under boobs and through my cleavage and it hit him on his chin. I kept jacking his dick until he was done while he showered our stomachs and chest with his cum. There was so much of it too. Usually I would just get up and get cleaned up, but for some reason I put him in my mouth and sucked him clean which brought another immediate eruption of cum straight into my mouth. He kept saying, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!", until he finished completely in my mouth. I looked up at him and showed him his cum in my mouth and then swallowed him. I got up and made him lick the cum off my belly and breasts while he apologized profusely for cumming so fast both times. He asked to make it up to me and guided me on the bed onto my back. He pulled my skirt off and got so hard again so quickly and then pulled my panties off. I saw how hard he was and wanted him to fuck me and I made the cum here motion with my finger and he started to say something and I shushed him again. He got between my legs and then again, as soon as his dick touched the opening of my pussy he started to cum and I put my heels on his ass and pulled him in me. He finally made it in me and came the rest of the way in me. I normally use condoms, but I felt safe enough given how things were going. He stopped humping when he was done and then I pushed him down and he didn't even hesitate. I opened my legs wider and OMG, immediately his mouth and tongue were like magic. I reached down and grabbed his head while he expertly used his lips, mouth, tongue and even got his hands and fingers in there for what was an incredible experience. I was humping his face so hard and he didn't let up. I tried to face fuck him with my pussy. He wasn't trying to clean me up. He was literally giving me the best head a guy has ever given me in my entire life and I was shaking so much from the

    amount of orgasms I had that eventually I had to push him back. His mouth was so wet from my pussy and his cum. I looked down and saw his cock was rock hard again and I reached up and pulled him down on top of me and started to kiss him deeply and sloppily. I wanted to taste myself and him all at once. He slid right into me perfectly because of how wet and open I was. I locked my legs on the back of his thighs and started humping him from the bottom while kissing him. I knew he wasn't going to last long, but I needed him to last long enough to cum which I love doing after getting eaten so well. He managed to last just long enough for me to cum really hard as he emptied his nut sack deep inside of me. I continued to hump him long enough to get orgasm number two before he started to get soft. He collapsed on me and we both were breathing so hard. I had moaned so loud throughout that, that I think the whole hotel heard me. He started to pull off me and say something when I reached up and shushed him again. He smiled and helped me get up. I was so messy and sweaty. I knew I was done for the night the way he made me cum with that magic mouth and tongue of his. I got up, and dressed. He stayed naked and watched me dress. He was stroking his cock because he got hard again. I grabbed my panties and stuffed them into his mouth and knelt before him to make him cum one final time. I put his cock into my mouth and sucked him good. He only needed a minute before he was emptying his load into my mouth. I caught all of it and showed it to him. I stood over him and made him lean his head back while pulling my panties out of his mouth. I then drooled his cum into his mouth and closed it for him and then I said, "Swallow". He did as told and then I gave him a little kiss on the lips. He started to say something and I put my finger on his lips for the last time and shushed him. I started to walk away and grabbed my purse and phone while flicking my panties over to him to catch. I didn't even look back at him as I left his room, but I knew his eyes were locked on me as I walked away... 😈😈😈