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    Shane Meadows

    June 13 at 1:10 AM


    “Here is another long post, I promise you it will be a good read.

    I went out today with the intention of protecting my friends business, because of threats made on Twitter. Precautionary me decided it was time to embrace my inner Roof Korean and party like it was 1992.

    When I pulled up, I saw some of my GØØNS by the river, and decided to see what was up. Of course, quickly being embraced by the gun guys, I felt right at home. I’d like to say I’m a bit more stylish than most of them, aside from my boy David who was rocking a killer ass Hawaiian shirt and his Gold AKM. The crowd was almost entirely stereotypical rednecks, bikers, really really cringe Militia guys, and average Kentuckians.

    One guy stood out, I saw him as I pulled up. Pink hair, probably around 130 soaking wet. Had a skateboard, and a shirt that said “Black Lives Matter”. My first thought was “Alright so there’s one, where’s the others?” There weren’t any. He was alone, heading back up the hill. Some Boomer in a truck yelled out “Black Lives Matter… in the bed of my truck!”. Screw that guy. I figured the young Alt kid had had enough and headed home. I couldn’t blame him.

    I start walking around and mingling with the crowd, some awful jokes, ignorant comments, but friendly faces. Masking is something I’ve gotten very good at around these people. Many referenced the guy, and jeered about how they removed the posters he was putting up. *what did those posters say?* (as far as I know, it was all Black Lives Matter, and Breonna Taylor’s story)

    I maneuvered around and was stopped by some of the worst equipped “militiamen” I have ever seen. Cheap Chinese fake multicam, shitty tac vests, shitty rifles, nothing quite fit on them correctly. *yikes* they asked me to take a picture “It’s the Boogaloo Boys!” they said. Very excitedly talked with me for a minute.

    About an hour in I was ready to get some water, headed to the car, and then back toward the monument. Then I noticed the Alt Kid again. He was sitting alone on the side of the hill. Nobody engaging him other than passing jokes, like high school bullies. Being bullied my entire life, I have grown to despise them.

    I decided to cross the road, and talk to him and at first, he was incredibly hesitant. When I asked his name, he said “Why?”. That really hurt, but I completely understood. I instead offered a handshake and gave him my name, and told him I didn’t like seeing him out here alone. I took a seat next to him on the hill. Rifle slung and all. Just chilling

    He asked me who I was with and why I was out here. I told him, I’m just a dude who wants to protect my friends livelihood. I agree completely that Black Lives Matter and that the situation at hand is bullshit. What happens to some PoC in this country is disgusting, and what happened to Breonna Taylor needs to be answered for. I personally don’t even like that there is a Confederate general on display in one of the nicest places in my area. I’m a self designated AnarchoCapitalist and I’m tired of government inaction and overreach. I skate too, and I liked his BLM deck.

    I was interrupted when I hear the words “traitor”. I look, and sure enough, here comes a loud mouthed representative of the shittiest Militia in the State of Kentucky.

    Tactitard Karen: “what are you doing?” Me: “What do you mean?” TK: “I just took pictures with y’all” Me: “Yeah and? I’m talking with a friend. Am I not allowed to be here?” TK: “What do you stand for?” Me: “The Constitution and individual Liberty ma’am is that a problem?”

    At this moment TK realizes that she can’t hang, so she starts walking back to her group, to likely lie about how she stood up to… that doesn’t matter, I don’t try to spend time thinking about bullies empowered by groupthink.

    Me and Dawson, continued our conversation. Hooked the guy up with a Capri Sun. (You know I keep that THANG on me) I thanked him for coming out. I learned about his story, he learned about mine. We both sighed at the realization that we may very well be the only people there with some semblance of rational thought. I gave him my Insta handle and told him if he needed help, to let me know. Seek me out in the crowd. I just don’t want anyone getting hurt. That was a great 30+ minute conversation.

    I am disgusted by the lack of compassion and the ignorance of so called “patriots”. I will likely be in some pictures you see walking around today. I will probably look like everyone else, and be categorized as an extremist… something. Some media organization will inevitably label me and that will sow further divide. I refuse to be silent and allow groups of intellectually retarded adults to define me.

    I am a fucking GØØN and I want everyone to be free.”

    Sic Semper Tyrannis


    Well worth the read.


    Hey Enrique!

    The guy with the Mk.18 is a friend of a friend I know! The guy who took the picture of those two is a bud by the name of David Wayne Garret - The man with the Golden AKM.

    Small fucking world.


    First off, stop poking the Feet People Enrique. Second off, I'm the guy who told you I love the M3 Grease Gun waaaaay back. Third off, Roast Canada?

    Until they pay I won't stop.

    Man what horrible taste.

    Canada? More like can a individual of indigenous descent not be murdered by the Canadian government? Seriously, at least the US finally stopped doing that shit as a government policy over a century ago, meanwhile it seems like an unwritten rule in Canadian law is "wipe out them Indians", because holy shit is the country hellbent into pulling a state-sponsored genocide against them!

    Besides the plight of those brave people, Vancouver, just Vancouver.


    Nevermind, found the other one. Lovely responses.


    I was always a fan of symbiotic-like creatures from like, the get-go. I love the idea of something like the Venom symbiote bonding with me, and just generally having a good time with it, as well as other sentient things like the Kamui from Kill la Kill. And of course, there's always vampyres for my bloodletting kinks.

    I’m with you on the symbiotic-like creatures, I absolutely am 👌👌

    Just imagine how much fun someone like Venom could have with you, bonding with you and making you jerk off yourself while you can’t stop it from happening; you can just see your hand move and feel raw pleasure course through you. The deep, grating laughter in your head as you try to fight it, but eventually let yourself succumb to these new sensations…


    It’s not even that.

    It’s when you’re trying to go through your mundane life at work - God forbid if that ever occurs again - and it’s just teasing you. The entire day. Stroking you at your desk, giving you playful nips on your neck and shoulder as a turtleneck, that sort of thing.

    The best kind of exhibitionism.


    This is the campaign manager for Peter Mckay, encouraging gun violence against peaceful protesters… in the name of god?


    Oh, that's Alex Nuttal! He was the MPP for the Simcoe-Barrie area for like, a year. I don't know if he did anything, really. He quit and reited to take care of his family just be fore the election of Ferd.

    But he's a PC, so I don't fuckin like his smug ass anyways.