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    Here is what happens when you get in this truck, I take you back to my farm, we burn your clothes, on the table will be a power of attorney form, you sign it, I chain you in the barn, I spend the next week dissolving your life, selling you possessions, selling your identity to people who will buy it. Then I will come home, you won’t have eaten for about 4-5 days by then, don’t worry the other farm hands come in and rinse their muddy boots off each day in there, so you will be able to slurp the water up from that, and hey, maybe if you are hungry enough you will find something to eat as well. I will put a ring though your nose, and then chain you in the stable with the other work animals that have hopped in this truck before you. Each day you will be taken out, whipped, then shackled to a plough, you will spend your days pulling a plough through the fields, all day, every day. You will sleep on a cold wooden stable floor, and what you will be fed could barely be described as food. But once a week I will come in and choose one of you animals to suck me off. You never know, one week it might be you. Whatya say?


    Yes Sir.


    No social media. No phone. No friends. No “weekends off.” No personal time. Slaves are property. End of story.


    Ownership becomes entitlement when the owner adopts the attitude that they have possession of captive LIVESTOCK that they can literally make use of in any ways that suit their needs, satisfy their desires, or serve their purposes.

    THAT is what Objectification and Ownership is about.


    Help expose this faggot. This fags been begging me to be exposed. I made it send me the unedited SS card and a piece of mail to prove to me it’s really this fag.

    Craig Vigrass

    370 Canfield street

    Milan, MI 48160

    (810) 357-5768

    DOB: 10/4/87

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    I lived in Kirksville Missouri would have lived to met up with this faggot and fucked


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