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    “Hello honey, I’m busy with the new maid, so you be a good boy and go make dinner for us.”

    “Don’t worry about my husband sweetie.  I have him well trained and he knows better than to try any funny business.”

    “Now come to mama.  You’re job is to pleasure me, and hubby takes care of the domestic chores.”


    Re-blogged from original site, and I hope to expand on the Lady & Maid theme.


    Running a large lesbian household take a lot of work…and requires a lot of discipline!


    Many girls recall fondly their 18th birthdays remembering when Mistress Helen would sweep them off their feet, carry them gently in her villa to the bed and romantically take their lesbian virginity over a period of several hours with candles and incense burning. Those girls would forever feel pity for the poor girls whose first sexual experiences came fumbling around with a clumsy, pimple-faced boy who would cum prematurely after five minutes in the back of an old Chevy smelling of stale beer and old pizza.


    “This is really excellent work Marie, well done indeed. You deserve a reward. Can you stay a little later tonight?”

    “Yes Ms Johnson.”


    Pretty Associate: “I will call my boyfriend and let him know I will be late.”

    Mistress Johnson:“Let him know you might not be home at all…”

    Pretty Associate: Really?! (Smiles) Okay, I will!




    Cleaning the lovely Lady Luisa’s shoes


    “Apologies for my chastity-boy cuckold’s tongue sullying Your Ladyship’s new high heels with his nasty saliva.  He really does worship you for taking me from him, as do I.  He got carried away and I’ll tell him to keep his nasty tongue in his mouth for next time, and give him a good sound whipping for his indiscretion if it pleases Your Ladyship.  Thank you, Your Ladyship…”


    “I will forgive him for your sake … but he will have to watch you lick my pussy for one hour in punishment…”