Irritable Bitchboy Syndrome
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2021-02-28 03:30:36

    i love that cis people just, always assume every trans guy is a PiV-loving weak crybaby bottom and therefore incompatible with like, anyone… somehow… as a person? or they’re so scared of any idea that threatens them they go so far as to desexualize my experiences completely however they can rationalize?

    dude my dick is not only bigger than yours, it’s reliable, it vibrates, it glows in the dark & it isn’t attached to someone whose masculinity is as fragile as a sheet of wet paper. just admit you’re threatened by my vastly superior dildo mastery and go! 

    or if that’s not the problem, you’ve got some weird fetish shit to work out. i’m so done with you uncreative tools writing and drawing boring content after boring content of trans guys being living penetration sex dolls and that’s it. draw more trans guys with strap-ons and dicks. i know you can’t comprehend that because you’re weird tumblr virgins who think PiV missionary is the end all be all of sex but i fuck hard and i fuck large and i want my representation! my equality! and i want it now!