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    Item #3

    Former name:        Joshua Rown
    :                       20
    Hight:                   182 cm
    Weight:                   79 kg
    Body:                      No tattoos or piercing;
                                  Two Earrings (Removed, will be sold together with him)
    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Way of acquisition:
    Chloroformed and kidnapped while sleeping in a train in the middle of the night

    Strong willed, adaptive, observing

    Pain tolerance:

    Oral skills: No skills, Untrained (Basic dildo exercises during training)
    Anal:         Virgin (No penetration during training)

    Numbers of ejaculations in one hour (Forced with a milking pump after being kept in chastity for seven days): 5

    Days in chastity (From the day of his capture to today): 48

    Special talents:
    High stamina (did several sports in his life), great drawing skills

    Recommended usage:
    Pleasure slave, Houseboy, Pup, under certain circumstances as pain slave

    Recommended master skills:
    Beginners and Advanced