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2021-04-20 23:15:51

    you guys hate schizo-spec people so much and it fuckin shows


    literally like. i have mutuals putting this fuckin post on my dash

    and its like wow what is so funny about triggering someone who explicitly said they struggle with extreme paranoia and asked for basic consideration? like. how do you talk about your schizo-spec friends when they're not in the room? why are we always the laughing stock?

    you guys ~support mentally ill people~ until it's someone whose delusion is just a little too "out there" then it's lets laugh at how dumb this person is hahaha can you believe someone could be so ridiculous hahahaha. like.

    and i knoooow im gonna get people commenting about how we're Just Too Sensitive and that's exactly what im fuckin talking about!!! what is so funny to you about someone who genuinely struggles to keep touch with reality? what is so funny to you about a schizo-spec person asking for basic consideration in your interactions with them?

    and its so frustrating having to see this shit every single day and knowing exactly how my friends would talk about me when im not around if i was more open about my symptoms. you Very likely have schizo-spec people in your life who will never tell you because we absolutely see how you talk about us and what you think of us

    i know this isnt the most coherent post but im so serious when i say please examine why you think of us this way and why you think it's funny

    ok to reblog but if youre not schizo-spec do not comment on this post


    I hope black girls with depression have a good day today.


    I hope black girls with Anxiety have a great day today


    I hope my black girls with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have a great day


    i hope my black girls w personality disorders and PTSD have a good day today


    I hope black girls with ADHD and/or autism have a good day


    I hope black girls suffering from chronic pain have a good day


    I hope black girls with self image issues , and low self esteem have a great day .


    I hope black girls with terminal illnesses are having an amazing day

    So over on patreon Trevor asked for my take on the Addams Family and I grew up LOVING the Addams family movies so here we are. Instead of doing a straight up style interpretation, I decided to do a full on design challenge, using the characters as bases to make a black southern gothic Addams au. I actually drew the kids first, using the character bases of Wednesday and Pugsley to create some delightful kiddos I’m calling Sunday and Blanche. I of course then redesigned Gomez and Morticia into Carlisle and Mortesha.

    The Addams have a very specific high aristocratic goth aesthetic (they’ve got a butler and nobody really works among other things) so in this re-imagining I wanted to go with vibes that run a little more middle class/upper middle class.  I thought it would be interesting to think about what would be considered weird and off-putting in an entirely different culture, and how being a big ol’ goth is way less controversial than it used to be.

    I tried to keep this short (HAHAHAHAHAHA) so I didn’t spin off into an essay about villain coded families, black people in the horror genre, and normalcy as it pertains to social survival, but just…bits of that are in these designs and lore. Keep that in mind.

    Also I made the kids twins because they’ve flip flopped in age so much in different media and also twins run in my family (i’m the daughter of one). And let’s face it, I’m pulling a lot of their southern gothic traits from living as a southern goth so *shrug*.

    10 thousand pounds of lore incoming loooooooooool.

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